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50 Famous Tattoo Artists on Instagram to Follow in 2024

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Famous Tattoo Artists
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Are you a fan of body modifications and love tattoos? Then you have come to the right place. Today, we have gathered some of the best tattoo artists on Instagram. If you enjoy looking at stunning tattoo designs then you should check out these artists and follow them if you like their style.

These tattoo artists on Instagram are quite skilled as they have taken their inking style to the next level.

50 Famous Tattoo Artists on Instagram

If you are looking to follow famous tattoo artists, here is the list of the top 50 tattoo artists then let’s get started.

1. Katherine Von Drachenberg (@thekatvond)


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A post shared by Kat Von D (@thekatvond)

Kat Von D is one of the most recognized tattoo artists. She became quite popular by starring in the reality show LA Ink. Kat has over 9.8 million followers on Instagram making her one of the most followed tattoo artists on Instagram. Since she is much more than just a tattoo artist you will see a mixture of posts on her profile.

9.8 Million Followers

2. BangBangNYC (@bangbangnyc)

One of the most famous tattoo artists of our times is Keith Scott “Bang Bang” McCurdy. He is a celebrity tattoo artist who has inked the bodies of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Justin Bieber, and many more celebrities.

2.4 Million Followers

3. Docta Woo (@_dr_woo_)


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A post shared by Docta Woo (@_dr_woo_)

The LA-based tattoo artist Brian Woo, better known professionally as Dr. Woo has been in the game for a long time. His tattoos usually consist of thin lines which are used to convey very intricate details. He has tattooed Drake, Miley Cyrus, Cara Delevingne, etc.

1.7 Million Followers

4. Ryan Ashley DiCristina (@ryanashleymalarkey)

Ryan Ashley DiCristina is a celebrity tattooer who has appeared on many shows. She is an Instagram influencer and tattoo model as well. She has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram. Many of her tattoos look like pieces of jewellery with realistic details.

1.7 Million Followers

5. Katrina Jackson (@kattatgirl)

Katrina Jackson is a famous Tattoo artist. She has 1.2 million followers on her profile. She owns the Enigma Tattoo Studio at Beverly Hills. Her tattoos have an artistic flair to them that gives off an intense and stylish vibe.

1.2 Million Followers

6. Mr. K (@mr.k_tattoo)

Mr. K is one of the tattoo artists at Bang Bang NYC. Like many tattoo artists in that studio, Mr. K also has many high-profile clients whom he has inked with his unique style of tattooing. His tattoos look faint but they are filled with intricate details.

782 K Followers

7. Ozcar Cruz Tattoo Anime (@ozcarcruz_z)

Ozcar Cruz is a Colombian tattoo artist who creates unique tattoo designs based on Anime. If you like Anime and Manga style tattoos then you should definitely follow him. If you want a sexy anime character inked on your skin then he is your guy.

682 K Followers

8. Sasha Unisex (@sashaunisex)

Sasha Unisex is probably one of the tattooers in this list whose style is easily distinguishable. She can ink quality tattoos on the skin that look like someone has created a watercolor painting. You can follow her to fill your feed with incredible tattoo designs.

677 K Followers

9. Hannah Pixie Snowdon (@hannahpixiesnow)

Hannah is an English tattoo artist. She started inking at an early age and is known for her unique designs. She is currently working from Nepal. Her posts will keep your feed fresh. Her profile is more than just tattoos. It’s about art and life in general.

640 K Followers

10. Jonathan Valena (@jonboytattoo)

Bang Bang NYC is one of the most popular tattoo studios in the world. Some of the most popular celebrities have gotten themselves inked at this studio. JonBoy is a tattoo artist at this studio who has inked the likes of Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. His mini tattoos and script designs are some of the most well-known works in the industry.

579 K Followers

11. Dasol Kim (@soltattoo)

SOL is an LA-based tattoo artist who has gained a lot of popularity on Instagram. His tattoos are highly detailed and give off a realistic feel. If you like colorful and realistic tattoo designs follow this profile.

544 K Followers

12. Rit Kit (

Rita is a tattoo artist that mimics nature and inks it on her client’s skin. If you bring her a plant she will ink its physical essence on your skin. Just look at the hundreds of tattoos she has designed for her clients and how realistic they look.

537 K Followers

13. Chaim Machlev (@dotstolines)

The way Chain Machlev can create wonderful pieces of art using black lines is just amazing. He is one of the most popular tattoo artists and that is due to his amazing skill of inking some of the most intricate and beautiful patterns. He has inked the likes of Machine Gun Kelly and many other celebrities.

470 K Followers

14. Susanne König (@suflanda)

Susanne “Suflanda” König is one of the best tattoo artists on Instagram. If you are looking for great tattoo artists to follow then Susanne makes the cut by a huge margin. She is from Germany and currently works as a tattoo artist in Manchester where you can find her at the Redwood Tattoo Studio. She inks in black and grey and her designs vary from caricature-like designs to intricately designed ones.

409 K Followers

15. Melody Mitchell (@melodytattoos)

Melody Mitchell is a parlor tattoo artist who can ink a beautiful painting on the canvas of your skin. She has 367k followers on Instagram and it is for a very good reason. If you want to be fed well-inked bold tattoos that look more like an art piece then you should follow her.

367 K Followers

16. Anthony Michaels (@antmikes)

If you have to describe Anthony Michaels style in one word it would be quite tough. But one thing that you will notice when admiring his work is the amount of depth and detail that he can ink on a person’s skin. He has set up shop in Los Angeles and is known for his pop-culture-inspired designs.

354 K Followers

17. Curt Montgomery (@curtmontgomerytattoos)

Curt Montgomery is a leading tattoo artist with thousands of followers on Instagram. His designs are very different and follow motifs of sex, death, and humanity in general. His tattoos are very stylish and elegant. He is based in Toronto. Follow him on Instagram to be greeted with delightful and stylish tattoo designs on your feed regularly.

348 K Followers

18. Miryam Lumpini (@miryamlumpini)

Miryam Lumpini owns a private tattoo studio in Los Angeles. Her tattoos are colorful and have a mystical style to them. Miryam calls herself the witch doctor. She works with a group of women who help her with her business while she focuses on creating amazing art. You can follow her on Instagram where she has 299k followers as of now.

299 K Followers

19. Pony Wave (@ponywave)

Pony Wave is in a league of her own when it comes to tattoo designs. If you love realistic tattoos then Pony is one of the Instagram Tattoo artists you should follow. She came to the US in 2012 and only had a few hundred dollars left. She even lived in a car for a month. Today, she is a famous tattoo artist and musician with over 271k followers on Instagram.

271 K Followers

20. Tukoi Oya (@_____tukoi_____)

Tukoi is a popular tattoo artist who is popular on Instagram and the tattoo scene. One of her specialities used to be UV tattoos. Unfortunately, she doesn’t design UV tattoos anymore but doesn’t be put off by that. She is an amazing artist who can ink anything from minimal tattoos to intricate designs on the skin. Tukoi has 235k followers on Instagram currently.

235 K Followers

21. Dillon Forte (@dillonforte)

Dillon Forte is a world-renowned tattoo artist whose tattoos give off a stylish vibe. His style is very modern and his designs consist of contemporary takes on sacred geometry. He is a native of California and he often ventures in art photography, painting, fashion, and tech design as well. He has 232k followers on Instagram.

232 K Followers

22. Mira Mariah (@girlknewyork)

GirlKnewYork is the handle of tattoo artist Mira Mariah. She is a famous tattoo artist who is highly skilled in creating amazing designs to ink on you. Her designs are very unique. They look more like caricatures and doodles giving them a funky and abstract feel. She has designed some of the tattoos of Ariana Grande. Her tattoos celebrate the female form. You can follow her if you like abstract tattoo designs.

203 K Followers

23. LaurenWinzer (@laurenwinzer)

Lauren Winzer is based out of Australia and currently works as an artist in Sydney. Her skills with ink and pin are very visible. Lauren has worked with many clients and some of her notable clients include Melanie Martinez, Post Malone, Miley Cyrus, etc. She has 188k followers on Instagram.

188 K Followers

24. Ghinko (@ghinkos)

Bang Bang is a tattoo studio located at Grand Street in New York. This is an awesome place to get inked and has talented and skilled artists. Ghinkos is one of the amazing artists that work in this studio. She specializes in realism and fine line. She has been fascinated with art therapy and loves engaging with clients as she inks them so that she can create something unique for each of them.

184 K Followers

25. Reese Hilburn (@theartofreese)

Reese Hilburn is a multi-talented woman who also happened to be one of the most skilled tattoo artists. She is very popular on Instagram, having over 177k followers. She is also an entrepreneur and business coach. Reese helps tattoo artists all over the world set up shop and expand their business using the power of Instagram. If you want to be hit by a daily dose of gorgeous tattoos and wanderlust then you can follow her on Instagram.

177 K Followers

26. Jess Chen (@__jesschen__)

Jess Chen is an inspiration for any tattoo artist looking to make it in the industry. She is an awesome tattoo artist to follow on Instagram. Her work is awesome. She used to be a graphic designer and now she works as a tattoo artist at Seven Eight Tattoo parlour in Toronto. She is definitely a top choice for tattoo artist Instagram.

176 K Followers

27. Amanda Wachob (@amandawachob)

If you like colorful tattoos that are unique in design but give off a beautiful vibe then you should check out the works of Amanda Wachob. She is a New York-based artist who is creating work of art on people’s skin day in and day out.

Doesn’t matter whether it is a small design or a big full-body design Amanda can whoop up something truly breathtaking with her skillful hands. She has over 138k followers on Instagram. So, give her a follow if you are looking for a tattoo artist on Instagram.

138 K Followers

28. Lara Jurkoweit (@laramaju)

Lara Maju is a German-based inker who can create amazing designs on your skin. Her tattoos are very minimal in design and she mainly creates ornamental and floral patterns. The technique she uses to create these amazing pieces is the hand poke technique. You can follow her on Instagram to beautiful tattoo designs on your daily feed.

130 K Followers

29. Zaya Kai (@zaya)

If you like tattoos that are nature-driven or have designs that are inspired by nature then Zaya is an awesome tattoo artist to follow. She is also a musician and often uploads her songs on Spotify. Her designs are very minimal but they look so stunning. She is based in London and her work consists of some of the most gorgeous tattoos you will see on Instagram. She currently has 121k followers on the ‘gram.

121 K Followers

30. Stephanie Brown (@feralcatbox)

What makes an artist different from the average is the unique style that they bring to the plate. Stephanie Brown is an amazing tattoo artist who knows her stuff. Her tattoos are a work of art. She can create literal paintings on a person using her skills. She uploads a bunch of stuff on Instagram. So, you can follow her there if you are looking for an Instagram tattoo artist.

112 K Followers

31. Lisa Orth (@lisaorth

Lisa Orth is a skilled tattoo artist that creates original art for her clients and then inks them on their bodies. During her grunge days, Lisa used to design album covers for Sub Pop Records. She worked as a tattoo artist in Los Angeles for over 5 years until the pandemic hit. Currently, she works out of Seattle which is her hometown. Her style is very unique. Her designs contain natural scenery and landscapes which are inked in bold black lines.

96.9 K Followers

32. Joanna Roman (@joannamroman)

Joanna Roman is a tattoo artist whose designs are simplistic. Script tattoos are some of her specialties. She can turn a simple word into a unique design with minimalistic details while increasing the impact. If you want something sober but unique she can create quality designs for you. She owns the Chronic Ink Tattoo studio that is located in Toronto and Vancouver. Joanna has 91.1k followers on Instagram. You can check out her work on Instagram.

91.1 K Followers

33. Tea Leigh (@tealeigh)

Tea Leigh started tattooing in 2014. She started by inking herself and gradually moved on to inking her friends. Soon, she realized her talents and took her skills more seriously. Her tattoos often have a minimal design. She is an entrepreneur and started Welcome Home Tattoo Studio along with another tattoo artist Kelli Kikcio whom we have also featured on the list.

99.1 K Followers

34. Steven McKenzie (@mckenzietattooer)

McKenzie is a London-based tattoo artist who owns the studio Yours Truly London. This is a tattoo studio located in Curtain Road, London. The studio aims to provide you with an experience that is more than ordinary while at the same time being truly yours. The majority of Mackenzie’s work is in black. Check out his full-body tattoos by visiting his Instagram profile. He is worth a follow.

88.6 K Followers

35. Neo (@neotattoos)

Neo’s tattoos have a modern vibe. He can come up with designs that look completely surreal. His works range over mechanical motifs, animal themes, geometric motifs, tribal style, and Japanese style. He can ink in black and grey as well as create amazing designs using colors. If you want to have a bunch of awesome tattoo designs on your feed then you should follow him on Instagram.

71.4 K Followers

36. Expanded Eye (@expandedeye)

The next entry on this list of best tattoo artists on Instagram is a duo. Jade Tomlinson and Kevin James are skilled artists who bring some of the most amazing designs that you can find out there. They have over 64.8k followers on Instagram. Their work mostly focuses on “steampunk-ish” design mixed with abstract geometries. The tattoos have a unique look. They are funky and gorgeous. Check out their work on Instagram.

64.8 K Followers

37. Marine Perez (@marineperez)

Another talented tattoo artist you can follow on Instagram if you are looking for a tattoo artist Instagram is Marine Perez. Her style looks very different and designs seem to have a sort of softness to them. Her artistic vision for each of the tattoos that she designs is just amazing. She uses a bunch of different colors and shades to ink down amazing tattoos with soft lines. Her work revolves around animal-themed designs with a mystical flavor.

64.4 K Followers

38. Kelli Kikcio (@kellikikcio)

The way that Kelli Kikcio can conjure up fascinating designs is just amazing. She is a traditional tattoo artist who uses the hand and pokes method to create amazing designs that look engaging without being overwhelmed with details. She operates in Brooklyn, New York and you can visit her Instagram profile to check out her work or to make any bookings. Marine Perez has over 63.2k followers on Instagram.

63.2 K Followers

39. Tamara Lee (@tamaraleedot)

Tamara Lee Dot is one of the tattoo artists working at The Good Fight Tattoo Studio. The studio was started by Nick Whybrow in 2018 and is located in Camden in North London. Tamara specializes in tattoos that follow geometric or botanical designs. She is an expert in the dot work method of tattooing where the ink is applied in the form of small dots. This gives a sort of gradient effect.

59.9 K Followers

40. Franki Tattoo (@franki_tattoo)

Franki is a French tattoo artist who works at the Black Ship Studio in Barcelona. He was always interested in painting and drawing but it wasn’t until he came to Barcelona that he found out his love for tattoos. Having met a friend who worked as a tattoo artist, Franki soon learned all the techniques and developed his skills in blackwork. He designs animal-themed tattoos emphasizing the smallest of the details and bringing out amazing contrasts.

42.1 K Followers

41. Brittany Alexandra (@humblebeetattoo)

Britanny Randall is a tattoo artist who specializes in tiny scripts and intricate portraits. Her designs often feature nature, animals, and people. She even combines them to create unique designs based on the needs of her clients. She currently has 36.1k followers on Instagram. So, check her work out.

36.1 K Followers

42. Doreen Garner (@flesh_and_fluid)

Doreen Garner is a Brooklyn-based sculptor and body modifier. Her work is just amazing to look at. She is a highly skilled artist who can ink interesting and stunning designs on you. Most of her work seems to follow a minimalistic approach. The designs don’t have a huge amount of detail but they are so impactful. She does much more than tattoos. Check out her website to see some of the amazing stuff that she has done.

34.4 K Followers

43. Krissy The Butcher (@thexbutcher)

Krissy The Butcher is an award-winning tattoo artist who has been very active in the tattoo industry due to her amazing skills and awesome visions. She is very well adept at black and grey realism as well as using saturated colours. She is comfortable working in any style. You can easily book her through the website. The studio is open from Monday to Friday from 12 to 9 and is located at Farmington Hills, Michigan.

28.4 K Followers

44. Angel Zimik (@angel_inkylicious)

Devil’z Tattooz is a tattoo studio in New Delhi that has inked various celebrities. Angel Zimik is one of the talented artists that work in that studio. She is originally from Manipur in India and has over 4 years of experience. Her tattoos have geometric designs which heighten her patterns of flora and fauna and the themes of mysticism and spirituality that she adds to them. She specializes in the single needle technique.

28.2 K Followers

45. Ellie (@shantitattoo)

Ellie is a professional tattoo artist who has been quite active in London and works out of her studio there. Her brand is Shantitatoo and she has garnered over 22.7k followers on Instagram. Her work has a distinctive style in which you can see inspirations from South Asian culture. You can find tribal motifs, themes related to pirates, animals, sensual, etc. She also has a shop for stickers.

22.7 K Followers

46. Kandace Layne (@kandacelayne)

Kandace’s tattoo designs are inspired by henna-style and Mehendi-style designs. She is very good at inking tattoos that have a geometric design. She is based in Atlanta and has 22.2k followers on Instagram. You can visit the website for more info and bookings.

22.2 K Followers

47. Atelier Do No Eko Tebori (@atelier_do_no_eko_tebori)

Tattoos have originated independently across multiple cultures. Japan is one of the popular countries whose artistic style has been revered all over the world. Atelier DoNoEko Tebori is a tattoo shop setup in Paris that uses traditional Japanese tattooing methods to create designs inspired by that culture. So, if you are interested in traditional Japanese tattoos done with the hand and poke method then check out the work they do.

15.8 K Followers

48. Ans Pham (@anspham)

Tattoo Machine is a tattoo studio in Dixon St, Wellington. One of their top-tier tattoo artists is Ans Pham. He has over a decade of experience and specializes in traditional and geometric tattoos in both only black and colored fashion. Ans is very skilled as you can see from his list of works. He often uploads his stuff on Instagram and you can follow him @anspham.

12 K Followers

49. Dion Kaszas (@dionkaszas)

Dion Kaszas is a popular tattoo artist. Known for his skills of precision and his designs Dion is an acclaimed tattoo artist in Nova Scotia. Whether you want an ancient design or want to go for a more modern look Dion has you covered. He has been in this field for over a decade.

7 K Followers

50. Wiremu Bariball (@wiremubarriball)

If you are looking for tribal tattoos then Wiremu Bariball is one of the tattoo artists in this field who has been showcasing his skills. He focuses on Maori-style tattoos and has set up shop in Porirua, in New Zealand. You can easily see the quality of his designs by checking out his Instagram.

6 K Followers


Did your favorite Instagram tattoo artist make the list? Let us know if we missed any tattoo artists that you think to deserve more attention. If you like the work of the artists we mentioned, follow them on Instagram. We hope you have found some amazing tattoo artists active on Instagram.

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