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Top 40 YouTube Channels In The United States (2024)

Ever wondered who rules YouTube in the USA? From tech gurus to pet whisperers, uncover the stars that millions can't stop watching!
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Top USA YouTube Channels
Table of Contents

Explore the “Top YouTube Channels in the US,” featuring the most engaging and popular creators. MrBeast leads with millions of subscribers and thrilling challenges. Cocomelon and Baby Shark captivate young audiences with educational videos. Tech enthusiasts follow Marques Brownlee for expert reviews, while food lovers turn to Tasty for quick, delicious recipes.

This curated list highlights the diverse and dynamic world of YouTube, showcasing top YouTube channels that entertain, educate, and inspire millions every day.

Channel Name Subscribers Niche
1. MrBeast 248 Million Entertainment
2. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes 173 Million Education
3. Like Nastya 114 Million Entertainment
4. 5-Minute Crafts 80.6 Million How-to
5. Baby Shark – Pinkfong Kids’ Songs & Stories 79.7 Million Education
6. Movieclips 61 Million Film
7. Dude Perfect 60.1 Million Sports
8. LooLoo Kids – Nursery Rhymes And Children’s Songs 56.4 Million Music
9. BillionSurpriseToys- Nursey Rhymes & Cartoons 56.1 Million Entertainment
10. Masha And The Bear 47.2 Million Entertainment
11. Katy Perry 44.9 Million Music
12. Mr DegrEE 26.6 Million Entertainment
13. Collins Key 24 Million Entertainment
14. 5-Minute Crafts PLAY 20.2 Million Education
15. FailArmy 16.9 Million Comedy
16. 5-Minute Crafts DIY 20.5 Million Education
17. The Slow Mo Guys 15 Million Entertainment
18. Beast Philanthropy 23.2 Million Organization
19. Apple 18.8 Million Product
20. Marques Brownlee 18.6 Million  Tech
21. CrazyRussianHacker 12 Million Product
22. YouTube Viewers 10.8 Million Tech
23. 9.27 Million Education
24. JerryRigEverything 8.59 Million Tech
25. EverythingApplePro E A P 8.07 Million Tech
26. That Little Puff 30.01 Million Food
27. Zach Choi ASMR 26.8 Million Food
28. Tasty 21.3 Million Food
29. Good Mythical Morning 18.6 Million Food
30. Albert_cancook 18 Million Food
31. ViralHog 22.5 Million Pet
32. The Dodo 15.7 Million Pet
33. Pets Swag 15.4 Million Pet
34. Maymo 11.7 Million Pet
35. Chef Cat ChangAn 10 Million Pet
36. Oscar’s Funny World 10.2 Million Pet
37. AaronsAnimals 7.8 Million Pet
38. Life of Sammie & Summer 6.7 Million Pet
39. The Pet Collective 6.81 Million Pet
40. Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel 5.44 Million Pet

📺 Entertainment

1. Mr. Beast

248 Million Subscribers

Mr. Beast, led by Jimmy Donaldson, is a philanthropy-focused entertainment channel known for its extravagant challenges, large-scale giveaways, and creative videos. The channel has captured a massive audience by pushing the limits of generosity and innovation in content creation.

2. Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes

173 Million Subscribers

Cocomelon stands as a titan in the children’s content niche with hundreds of nursery rhymes, educational songs, and 3D animation videos. Its engaging and colorful content makes learning fun for toddlers and preschoolers, securing its place as a go-to channel for parents worldwide.

3. Like Nastya

114 Million Subscribers

Featuring Anastasia Radzinskaya, Like Nastya blends vlogging with imaginative play and educational content. The channel captures the adventures of Nastya and her parents, offering stories that encourage creativity, positivity, and family values in multiple languages.

4. 5-Minute Crafts

5-Minute Crafts is a powerhouse of DIY content, giving you a vast array of life hacks, crafts, food solutions, and quick solutions to everyday problems. Its videos are designed to inspire creativity and make life easier using simple materials and techniques, appealing to a wide audience looking for fun, practical projects.

80.6 Million Subscribers

5. Pinkfong Baby Shark – Kids’ Songs & Stories

Pinkfong is the home of the global phenomenon “Baby Shark” song. This channel delivers an extensive range of catchy songs and stories designed to educate and entertain children, making it a beloved brand among young families.

79.7 Million Subscribers

6. Movieclips

Movieclips is the must-see YouTube destination for film enthusiasts with the largest collection of movie clips, trailers, and mash-ups on the platform. It serves as a digital archive where fans can relive their favorite moments from films spanning various genres and eras.

61 Million Subscribers

7. Dude Perfect

Comprised of five friends and former college roommates, Dude Perfect specializes in sports entertainment, featuring trick shots, stunts, and friendly competitions. The channel combines humor with incredible athletic feats, appealing to a wide audience of sports fans and casual viewers alike.

60.1 Million Subscribers

8. LooLoo Kids – Nursery Rhymes And Children’s Songs

LooLoo Kids is a channel with colorful animated nursery rhymes and children’s songs, promoting early learning and development through music and storytelling. Its engaging content is designed to teach basic concepts and values to young children.

56.4 Million Subscribers

9. BillionSurpriseToys- Nursey Rhymes & Cartoons

BillionSurpriseToys creates vibrant and educational 3D animated videos, focusing on nursery rhymes, children’s songs, and stories. The channel aims to entertain while teaching life lessons and fostering creativity in young minds.

56.1 Million Subscribers

10. Masha And The Bear

Based on a popular Russian folk tale, this animated series follows the adventures of a little girl named Masha and her friend, a bear. The channel features episodes and clips that charm children with tales of friendship, creativity, and discovery.

47.2 Million Subscribers

11. Katy Perry

As one of the leading music channels on YouTube, Katy Perry showcases her music videos, live performances, and behind-the-scenes content. The channel highlights the pop icon’s hit singles, visual storytelling, and artistic evolution, connecting with fans across the globe.

44.9 Million Subscribers

12. Mr DegrEE

Mr DegrEE includes a mix of entertaining and thought-provoking content, including experiments, life hacks, and challenges. The channel’s diverse range of videos is designed to engage and amuse viewers, while occasionally educating them on various scientific principles and life tips.

26.6 Million Subscribers

13. Collins Key

Collins Key combines magic, comedy, and family-friendly entertainment, creating engaging content that includes challenges, pranks, food content, and DIY projects. His charismatic personality and creative videos have earned a loyal following among younger audiences looking for fun and laughter.

24 Million Subscribers

14. 5-Minute Crafts PLAY

This channel targets children and families, featuring a variety of crafts, experiments, and educational content. It provides a creative outlet for young minds to explore, learn, and play through engaging and safe DIY activities.

20.2 Million Subscribers

15. FailArmy

FailArmy is a comedy channel that specializes in compilation videos of funny fails, pranks, and mishaps. It has built a vast audience by curating clips that showcase the lighter side of human error with tech, making it a go-to source for a quick laugh.

17 Million Subscribers

16. 5-Minute Crafts DIY

A sister channel to 5-Minute Crafts, DIY focuses specifically on DIY projects, showing viewers endless ideas for crafting, decorating, and personalizing their space. Its quick and easy projects are tailored for those looking to add creativity to their daily lives without spending a lot of time or resources.

20.5 Million Subscribers

17. The Slow Mo Guys

Hosted by Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy, The Slow Mo Guys create visually stunning videos that capture various phenomena in extreme slow motion. Their experiments and demonstrations, ranging from everyday activities to complex scientific principles, reveal the beauty and detail of moments often missed by the naked eye.

15 Million Subscribers

👨‍💻 Technology

18. Beast Philanthropy

Beast Philanthropy is the charitable arm of Mr. Beast, focusing on philanthropic efforts and community projects. With a relatively small number of videos, the channel has made a significant impact by documenting large-scale donations and initiatives aimed at improving lives and supporting various causes, all while engaging and inspiring viewers to contribute to positive change.

23.2 Million Subscribers

19. Apple

Apple’s official YouTube channel showcases the latest in technology from the iconic brand. It features product launches, detailed tutorials, and promotional content highlighting the innovation, design, and functionality of Apple products. The channel serves as a primary visual platform for Apple to reach consumers and tech enthusiasts worldwide.

18.8 Million Subscribers

20. Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, is a tech reviewer known for his in-depth analyses, honest reviews, and sleek production quality. Covering everything from smartphones to electric vehicles, Brownlee has established himself as one of the most trusted voices in technology.

18.6 Million Subscribers

21. CrazyRussianHacker

12 Million Subscribers

Taras Kulakov, the CrazyRussianHacker, combines entertainment with education in his demonstrations of “life hacks,” product reviews, and science experiments. His approachable demeanor and curiosity make learning fun and accessible, often with a side of humor.

22. YouTube Viewers

The YouTube Viewers channel is the ultimate place for fans and users of YouTube’s vast ecosystem, including YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, YouTube Kids, and YouTube Music. It’s designed to keep viewers informed about the latest features, updates, and products. This channel gives valuable insights and guidance directly from the source.

10.8 Million Subscribers


The channel has comprehensive tutorials and courses on web development, coding, and programming languages. Aimed at beginners and experienced developers alike, the channel is a valuable resource for anyone looking to improve their coding skills or start a career in tech.

9.27 Million Subscribers

24. JerryRigEverything

Zack Nelson’s channel is famous for its durability tests, teardowns, and DIY repair videos, primarily focusing on smartphones and gadgets. JerryRigEverything provides insightful content on the build quality and repairability of the latest tech, promoting consumer awareness and self-reliance.

8.59 Million Subscribers

25. EverythingApplePro E A P

EverythingApplePro E A P delivers in-depth reviews, news, and leaks related to Apple products. With a focus on iPhones, the channel also explores software updates, jailbreaking, and comparisons, making it a valuable resource for Apple enthusiasts seeking the latest information and tips.

8.07 Million Subscribers

🍴 Food

26. That Little Puff

That Little Puff captures the adventures of an adorable cat with a penchant for cooking and mischief. The channel combines cute and funny pet content with simple, visually appealing recipes, creating a unique niche that entertains and delights viewers of all ages.

30.1 Million Subscribers

27. Zach Choi ASMR

Zach Choi ASMR specializes in high-quality autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) content, focusing on eating sounds and mukbang videos. His work is renowned for its exceptional sound quality, providing a soothing and immersive experience for viewers seeking relaxation and sensory satisfaction.

26.8 Million Subscribers

28. Tasty

21.3 Million Subscribers

Tasty, Buzzfeed’s flagship food network, is a culinary haven for food lovers, offering quick, visually appealing recipes and cooking tips. The channel has revolutionized online food content with its top-down instructional videos, making cooking accessible to novices and experienced cooks alike.

29. Good Mythical Morning

Hosted by Rhett and Link, this comedy talk show is a blend of absurdity, humor, and internet culture. With segments ranging from taste tests to deep discussions and guest interviews, GMM has become a daily ritual for fans seeking entertainment with a side of wit.

18.6 Million Subscribers

30. Albert_cancook

Albert_cancook stands out with his charismatic personality and innovative cooking videos, often featuring Asian cuisine with a twist. His approachable recipes and engaging storytelling have garnered a dedicated following, making culinary arts accessible and enjoyable for all skill levels.

18 Million Subscribers

🐶 Pet

31. ViralHog

22.5 Million Subscribers

ViralHog is a treasure trove of viral videos with an extensive library of content ranging from heartwarming moments to unbelievable captures. It’s great for viewers seeking to experience the breadth of human and animal antics, natural phenomena, and captivating occurrences from around the globe.

32. The Dodo

The Dodo is a heartwarming channel dedicated to animals and their incredible stories. It focuses on showcasing the emotional bonds between animals and humans, rescue and transformation stories, and the everyday joys and challenges of animal care. The Dodo inspires empathy and awareness for animals in need through its compelling storytelling.

15.7 Million Subscribers

33. Pets Swag

Pets Swag celebrates the quirky and endearing world of pets through a variety of content, including pet care tips, fun facts, and heartwarming clips of animals. It’s a vibrant community for pet lovers looking to enjoy and learn more about their furry, feathered, or scaled friends.

15.4 Million Subscribers

34. Maymo

Maymo is a channel starring a lovable Beagle with a knack for getting into amusing situations. The channel’s content includes cute antics, creative pranks, and adventurous escapades with Maymo and his friends. Expect pure entertainment and laughter for viewers of all ages.

11.7 Million Subscribers

35. Chef Cat ChangAn

Chef Cat ChangAn brings a delightful twist to the cooking genre, featuring a talented cat “chef” preparing various dishes. This unique channel combines culinary creativity with adorable cat content, capturing the hearts of foodies and cat lovers.

10 Million Subscribers

36. Oscar’s Funny World

10.2 Million Subscribers

Oscar’s Funny World is dedicated to sharing the humorous and delightful moments of Oscar the cat. The channel is filled with videos of Oscar’s playful antics, a lighthearted and joyful viewing experience to cat enthusiasts and those in need of a smile.

37. AaronsAnimals

AaronsAnimals features the imaginative and comedic adventures of Aaron and his animal friends, primarily his charismatic cat Prince Michael. The channel combines clever visual effects with heartwarming storytelling, creating engaging and family-friendly content.

7.8 Million Subscribers

38. Life of Sammie & Summer

Life of Sammie & Summer documents the adventures and daily lives of Sammie the Golden Retriever and Summer the puppy. This channel offers a glimpse into their playful interactions, showcasing the joy and companionship pets bring to our lives.

6.69 Million Subscribers

39. The Pet Collective

The Pet Collective is a channel for all things pet-related, featuring a wide range of content from funny pet videos to heartwarming animal compilations. It serves as a joyful escape for viewers, celebrating the unique and amusing aspects of pet ownership.

6.81 Million Subscribers

40. Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel

Hope For Paws is dedicated to animal rescue and rehabilitation. The channel shares emotional and inspiring stories of rescues, highlighting the transformation of animals from dire situations to loving homes. It raises awareness about animal welfare and encourages viewers to support rescue efforts.

5.44 Million Subscribers
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