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Trollishly Review (2023): Avoid it or Go For it

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  5. Trollishly Review (2023): Avoid it or Go For it
Trollishly Reviews
Table of Contents

Is Trollishly.com a Scam or Real? A Review of the social media growth service. Trollishly.com is a social media growth service that claims to help users grow their online following through real and organic means. This website promises to help users increase their follower count, likes, and views by providing paid followers, likes, and views. But is this service legitimate? In this review, we will take a close look at Trollishly. com and provide an objective review of the service to help you determine whether it is worth your time and money.


Trolishy.com is a website that helps people in social media maximization through paid followers, views, and likes. The site offers a variety of tools, such as an email service, to make this process easier. The website is advertised as being easy to use and comes with a number of benefits, such as increased traffic and business opportunities. However, there are some concerns about its legitimacy that you’ll want to take into account before signing up.

In order to determine whether their service is good for you, they further assert that they provide a free trial of their services. This business claims to offer blazing-fast service. They also assert that they offer “the greatest service in town.” You probably know how it works if you’ve ever purchased engagement or followers to expand on other social media platforms. The possible danger to your account that is associated with it may also be known to you.


  • With their easy-to-use platform, you can get started immediately and see results within minutes. They also offer a money-back guarantee so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible value for your investment.
  • The team of writers in trollishy.com is experienced in providing quality services and will match you with an appropriate manager. With years of experience in the industry, their team is equipped to provide you with the best possible service. Real and genuine services for your social media profiles and 24/7 customer support are just part of what they offer.
  • One of the biggest reasons to choose Trollishy is its low and cheap prices. You can easily pick an affordable option that meets your needs for more paid followers, views and likes. Another great reason to use Trollishly is its customer service. They are always quick to respond to any questions or concerns you may have.
  • When it comes to increasing your social media following, there are a lot of options out there. But be careful – not all of them are created equal. Trollishly claims they can increase your following without needing your password.
  • They also say they’re 100% trustworthy when it comes to providing quality followers and views. Is this too good to be true? Perhaps. But it’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to boost your social media presence.

Pricing Policy

The pricing for Trollishly varies quite a bit because it offers so many various packages for all kinds of social media engagements. We’ll examine the most well-liked social media package deals to see how Trollishly prices their customers.

Followers on Instagram

100 Followers on Instagram: $2.59
500 Followers on Instagram: $9.59
1000 Followers on Instagram: $16.59 and so on

It’s unclear why they offer cryptic pricing for their packages that includes pennies. They just mention that they are “high-quality” followers, not that they are “genuine” Instagram users. This isn’t encouraging and shows that Trollishly exploits keywords to fill their website with content that sounds interesting but contains little reality. 

Instagram has a variety of laws governing how outside parties can use their platform, so using a service where it’s unclear what you’ll actually get is not ideal.

Views on YouTube

1000 views on YouTube: $4
5000 views on YouTube: $20 and so on.

At these fees, how is Trollishly able to give you actual YouTube views? Why don’t they have a large clientele and explain to you how they carry out these services? They make the claim that their YouTube views are 100$ genuine user views that are free of bots, but they don’t explain how they can prove it.

This isn’t encouraging and shows that Trollishly exploits keywords to fill their website with content that sounds interesting but contains little reality.

Pros & Cons:-

People are more worried than ever about their online safety. It is essential to your reputation and credibility as a marketer, influencer, brand, or company. It might be dangerous to buy engagement in order to expand on any social media platform. On any site, there is never 100% assurance that each following or admirer is real. It’s impossible to guarantee that.

Trollishly Review asserts that they are completely safe and secure since they employ social media profiles created by actual people. Remember that although some businesses purchase dormant profiles, we are not implying that Trollishly does. You simply need to be aware that it occurs. 

Trollishly offers pros and cons, just like every social media growth tool:


  • Security

Trollishly has succeeded in implementing HTTPS, one of the most fundamental levels of security, on their website. This means that all information transmitted will be protected from interception and tampering, making it much safer for users to input sensitive data on your website.

In addition, businesses that implement HTTPS tend to rank higher on search engines like Google, so it’s a win-win situation all around.

  • Affordable rates

Trollishly offers cheap price for new and experienced users. It allows you to grow your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts at affordable rates without any hidden charges or complicated procedures.

Trollishly also provides helpful tools such as advanced scheduling features, powerful analytics reports, and helpful tutorials which make it easy to use the platform effectively.

  • Testimonials

The testimonials on Trollishy are from real users who have used the platform to successfully increase their online visibility. The FAQs section provides useful information about using social media for business, as well as tips for growing your account and increasing engagement rates.

And finally, the trust score provides an overview of how trustworthy each individual or company associated with Trollishy is. All in all, Trollishy is a helpful tool that can help businesses improve their social media presence quickly and easily. 


  • Authentic reviews

At first glance, it seems that Trollishly has not made much of an effort to include customer reviews on their website. However, upon closer inspection, it is clear that these reviews are not authentic. They are brief and lack the detail and originality that would come from real customers.

It is most likely that Trollishly either wrote these reviews themselves or paid someone to write positive reviews about their products or services. Neither option reflects well on the company.

  • Payments

We advise against sharing personal information with Trollishly Review, such as your credit card number.
Their website does not seem to be sufficiently secure to give you the peace of mind that doing so won’t compromise your credit card information.

Even if PayPal was an option, they are not the best people to correspond with and provide your personal information.

  • Customer care services

We have serious doubts that Trollishly can provide good customer assistance as they claim. Having 24/7 customer assistance is expensive and requires a very high standard of accountability with your client.

We don’t believe that these individuals can keep their claim to give you help around the clock because they haven’t made this clear at any point in the process thus far.


Just like Trollishy, Get Viral and Followers Package are two alternatives that provide the same services in their own uniqueness. Let’s get an insight about both of them:



Get Viral is a social media growth platform. They claim to help you build your real followers. Their principal landing page focuses on Instagram growth, but below it lists options for Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook as well. They claim to be the greatest true Instagram growth service in the market and guarantee that they can increase their clients’ Instagram followings organically.

This indicates that they make the promise to only work with actual people and to avoid using bots and phoney identities. Although this could seem like a promising strategy to you, the truth is that many businesses out there are making similar claims but few are actually delivering on them.

Follower Packages

Follower Packages

Follower Package, just like the two platforms mentioned above, is a social media growth company. According to Follower Packages, you may obtain assistance with any online platform through their features and website, which will help you build your business.

According to them, SoundCloud, Instagram, and YouTube all have maximum engaging rate, so you can expand them all at once without trying too hard. On their website, they have an email address that we assume you can use to try to contact them. If you wish to pursue this further, they advise contacting them.


Overall, though it does seem like a scam at first glance, there are still many people who have been seeing great results from using this tool. That being said, it is recommended that you do your own research before trusting Trollishy.

The truth of the matter is out there and not everyone has been scammed by this “digital assistant”. Just make sure that you don’t end up wasting money on something you can get for free. If anyone knows about success stories with this tool, please share in the comments below.

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