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Trollishly Review: Prices, Quality, Support, & More (2024)

Trollishly claims that their social media engagement services can help grow your Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, or YouTube account. But do they really work? Find out in our honest review of Trollishly based on their prices, customer support, and more.
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Trollishly Review
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Trollishly is an online provider of social media likes, followers, comments, and other engagement metrics. According to their homepage, they are a “one-stop destination for 100% high-quality social media services.” We decided to test that claim by buying one of Trollishly’s Instagram followers packages and assessing their prices, quality, customer support, and more.

Below, you’ll find our comprehensive review of Trollishly, including our final verdict on whether it’s smart to invest part of your marketing budget in this site.

Overview of Trollishly

Background: Trollishly is a subsidiary of Rise Up Digital FZE, a company based in the United Arab Emirates. Rise Up Digital FZE was founded in 2019. It’s not clear from their website what year Trollishly was launched.

Products: As of 2024, Trollishly provides the following social media engagement services, which vary from platform to platform.

Followers/Community Members
Likes/Auto Likes

Free Tools: Trollishly offers several free trials, called freebies. Some of them include free likes, followers, and views on Instagram and TikTok. They also have a free TikTok Counter.

Supported Social Media Platforms: Trollishly currently only supports Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.

How Trollishly Works

When we purchased an Instagram followers package from Trollishly, we documented the entire experience. Now, we’ll take you through our buyer experience, so you can see how Trollishly works in real life.

Step #1: Selected the Instagram followers service.

Select the service

Step #2: Selected the package.

Step 2 (Select the package)

Step #3: Added our Instagram account details.

Step 3 (Added our instagram account details)

Step #4: Entered our payment details.

Step 4 (Entered our payment details)

Step #5: Received a notification that our order was successfully placed.

Step 5 (Order placed)

Step #6: Received an email confirmation of our order.

Step 6 (Mail confirmation)

Step #7: Tracked our order by clicking the Track Order link in our confirmation email.

Step 7 (Track your order by click on the link given in the mail)

Pricing, Plans, and Key Features

Trollishly offers a large number of different social media engagement plans, all with different prices.

Since we purchased an Instagram followers package to evaluate, we’ll now share with you the prices, plans, and key features available for that particular service. This will help you envision what the prices, plans, and key features are like for the rest of their products.

Trollishly offers two kinds of Instagram followers: Standard followers and Premium followers. The differences will become obvious when we compare their prices and features below.

Standard Instagram Followers

Prices: $1-$245 for 50-30,000 followers

Key Features:

  • High-quality followers with profile pictures, but no posts on their account
  • No password requirement
  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 customer support

Premium Instagram Followers

Prices: $1.25-$306.25 for 50-30,000 followers

Key Features:

  • Real, active followers “who are truly interested in your content”
  • No password requirement
  • Fast delivery
  • 24/7 customer support

Customer Support

Trollishly’s customer support quality is sub-par. More accurately, it’s non-existent.

Trollishly provides two ways to contact their “24/7” customer support team. Those methods are email and Telegram. But when we attempted to reach out to them, we received no response. This was discouraging since they claim to be available round the clock to help their customers.

Pros and Cons

As with every social media growth service we review, there were things we liked and things we didn’t like about our experience using Trollishly. Our pros and cons list is laid out for you below.


Website features a clean and attractive UI.
Checkout provided several payment options.
Prices were cheap.


The followers we bought had obviously fake usernames, with numbers and misspellings.
All the accounts that followed our account had stock photos on their profiles, making them look inauthentic.
The bots started to unfollow within 72 hours of our purchase. By day four, only 25% of them remained on our Instagram account.
Customer support was non-existent and did not reply to our queries for help with our disappearing followers.

What Customers Are Saying About It

Unlike other engagement providers we’ve reviewed in the past, we had a challenging time finding customer reviews for Trollishly. We ended up referring to Sitejabber, Scamfly, and the Trollishly website to find feedback.

On the Trollishly website, the reviews are filled with praise of their services. Customers claim that they experienced quick, even instant delivery, saw real growth on their social media accounts, and had positive interactions with Trollishly customer support.

The reviewers on Scamfly, however, told a much different story.

Trollishly’s average rating on that website is 2.28 out of 5 stars. With most of the customers, there is a theme that repeats itself: they never received the engagements they purchased.

One reviewer even claimed that their credit card was compromised after buying one of Trollishly’s plans. Another said that Trollishly is “a virus” and urged consumers not to give them any of their personal data.

Finally, we looked at reviews of Trollishly on Sitejabber. There are only two, and they are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of tone and satisfaction. The 5-star review said that they had a great experience, while the 1-star review said that they bought Facebook views and didn’t receive a single one of them to their account.

Quality of Instagram Followers we received from

Followers received by Trollishly

Our Verdict

Trollishly is an attractive, well-organized website that’s easy and pleasant to use, and their prices are affordable enough.

Unfortunately, our positive experience ended after we purchased an Instagram followers plan.

The trouble began when we received our followers. They were not “high-quality,” as Trollishly claimed they would be. Just based on their usernames and profile pictures alone, it was clear that they were not genuine users.

It became even more apparent that our new followers weren’t real users when they began dropping off our account. By the fourth day after our purchase, we were left with just 25% of the number we originally purchased.

When we attempted to reach out to Trollishly to address this issue, we never received a reply.

Based on reviews of Trollishly across the internet, we are not the only ones among their customers who were dissatisfied with the results from their purchase. Many reviewers complained that they never received the engagements they purchased at all, which is even worse than what we experienced.

With all those points in mind, and based on the service we received, we don’t recommend Trollishly to anyone else. We rate it 1 out of 5 stars.

4 Alternatives To Trollishly

In case you’re still searching for a great provider of Instagram followers or other social media engagements, here are four alternatives to Trollishly that you can try.



Viralyft provides a smooth UI, secure checkout, and great results without compromising any of the benefits we offer. When you buy one of our plans, you’ll enjoy true, responsive 24/7 support, real social media interactions from real users, and a six-month refill guarantee.



GetAFollower has low prices, high ratings, and lots of social media engagement plans to choose from. They also offer a money-back guarantee, live chat support, and several payment options.



While they don’t offer as wide a variety of growth services as Viralyft, Thunderclap nevertheless provides an impressive array of packages that they claim can help boost your social media authority. As far as benefits go, you can expect attentive customer support, instant delivery, and satisfaction or your money back.



iDigic’s website is fun to look at and straightforward. They only offer engagement packages for Instagram followers, likes, and views at this time. But what they lack in variety, they appear to make up for in benefits. Some positive points to take note of are their low prices and quick delivery rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Trollishly legitimate? Is it safe for me to use it?

Trollishly appears legitimate. However, it may not be safe for you to use, considering the fact that your order may disappear within days of initially receiving it.

Does Trollishly offer free trials?

Yes. Trollishly offers several free trials for Instagram and TikTok engagements.

How long does it take for Trollishly to deliver my order?

Trollishly claims to deliver your order within minutes of your purchase. However, many reviewers complain that they never received their order at all.

Are there services out there that are superior to Trollishly?

Yes. Viralyft is one example of a social media growth service that offers more plans and better customer support and results than Trollishly.

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