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What Does IG Mean in Texting & Chatting on Social Media?

Have you ever seen someone using IG in a text, email, or social media post and wondered, What does IG mean? Wonder no more! Read on to discover two definitions of this abbreviation and examples of how to use them.
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What Does IG Mean
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Abbreviations like LoL, IDK, and BTW are the bread and butter of texts, social media posts, and even emails in 2023. In our fast-paced digital world, character limits are everything, and the more you can say with less words, the better! 

But there’s one abbreviation that sometimes has people stumped: IG Meaning? The answer isn’t as simple as you may think. In fact, there are two possible and totally unique definitions, both of which we cover in the next section. 

What Does “IG” Mean in Text? (2 Definitions)

Below are the two common definitions of the abbreviation IG. Let’s explore them now!

Definition #1: Instagram

If you already guessed Instagram as one definition, then you’re exactly right! 

IG is shorthand for the social media platform owned by Meta. It’s a great way to refer to the app quickly without having to waste nine characters every time you need to use it.

Definition #2: I Guess

The second definition of IG is “I guess.” 

For those who aren’t familiar with it, “I guess” is a phrase you use when you’re stating what you’re going to do or are agreeing with something that someone else said – but with reluctance, skepticism, or uncertainty.

Therefore, if someone texts or posts this abbreviation online, and it’s clear from context clues that they’re not talking about Instagram, you can be sure that they want it read as this phrase instead.

2 Examples of How To Use “IG” in Text, Social Media Posts, and Emails

When learning a new abbreviation, it’s helpful to see how it would typically be used in a typical text, social media post, or email. Let’s see how IG is used in the context of both its definitions.

1. IG as Instagram

  • Text: Did you see Susan’s IG story from last night? Looks like she had a great time at the concert!
  • Social Media Post: Want to see my adventures in #Prague? I just shared the highlights from my trip over on my IG account!
  • Email: Let’s kick off the winter IG campaign on December 1st. Please forward the date to everyone on the marketing team.

2. IG as I Guess

  • Text: IG I’ll pick up dinner tonight. I don’t feel like cooking.
  • Social Media Post: IG this is my last post for the year. See you in the #newyear!
  • Email: It looks like we need to develop a new content plan. IG I’ll start brainstorming and send you my thoughts in another email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IG Short For?

IG is short for Instagram. It’s also an abbreviation for the phrase, “I guess.”

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