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Why Can’t I Comment on YouTube Videos? 7 Reasons

Are you unable to comment on a specific YouTube video or multiple videos? We’ve got 7 reasons why you can’t comment on YouTube, as well as possible solutions.
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Commenting on YouTube videos is one of the ways that users can connect with creators, participate in stimulating conversations, and even enter special YouTube comment giveaways. 

So, when you discover that you can’t comment on YouTube videos using either the platform’s official website or your mobile app, that’s a serious problem.

There are several reasons your ability to comment on YouTube videos could have been taken away or interrupted. It may take some trial and error to discover the source of the problem. In some cases, the solution may be simple, but in others, it could be a bit of a challenge to overcome.

This article will give you a place to start by showing you seven common reasons you can’t comment on YouTube videos, and what to do if any of them happen to you.

Reason #1: The Creator of the Video Turned the Comments Off

The most common reason that you can’t comment on a specific video is that the creator turned the comments off. They may have done this to shut down negative or hateful speech directed toward them or someone else, or to prevent users from starting (or continuing) inappropriate conversations.

What To Do: In this case, there’s nothing you can do. The creator made the choice to disable the comments on their own video, which is completely their prerogative.

Reason #2: The Creator of the Video Blocked You From Commenting

Another common reason you may not be able to comment on a certain video is because the creator blocked you from commenting. They may have done that if they found your previous comments offensive, but they may also have done it for no apparent reason. There’s really no way to tell. 

What To Do: There’s no action for you to take in this type of scenario. You can still enjoy the video, but you just can’t comment on it.

Reason #3: It’s Your Video and the Visibility Is Set to Private

Some YouTube creators like to comment on their own videos. But if this isn’t possible for you, the reason may be that your video’s Visibility is set to Private. You can only make comments on your videos if they are set to Public or Unlisted status.

What To Do: Log into YouTube Studio and change the Visibility on your video to Public or Unlisted.

Reason #4: Your Comments Were Removed 

If you posted a comment on a video and came back later to find that it had been removed, there are two possible explanations for this outcome. 

The first explanation is that the creator of the video removed your comments. 

The second explanation is that the YouTube platform removed your comments. 

In the first case, there may not have been any specific reason that the creator decided to delete your comments. On the other hand, they may have found what you said negative or offensive, which led them to remove them completely.

In the second case, your comments likely violated YouTube’s Community Guidelines or Terms of Service. You may not have intentionally broken any rules of content, but YouTube doesn’t detect intention.

What To Do: Regardless of why your comments were removed, the best course of action is for you to review your comments yourself and decide how what you said might have been offensive to the creator or gone against YouTube’s Community Guidelines. Then you can decide how to improve in the future.

You may not have said anything wrong, but creators have a right to remove comments from their videos if they choose to do so – with or without cause.

Reason #5: Your VPN is Blocking You From Commenting

If you’re connecting to YouTube via a VPN and are hooked up to a server from another region, then YouTube may not allow you to make any comments on videos until you switch off your VPN.

What To Do: Disconnect your computer or mobile device from your VPN, then restart YouTube and try to make a comment on a video.

Reason #6: Restricted Mode Is Turned On

Restricted Mode is a safety feature designed to help parents restrict their children’s access to YouTube content that’s inappropriate for their age group. One of the safety measures that Restricted Mode enables is blocking YouTube comments. 

You may have accidentally turned Restricted Mode on and didn’t realize it until you noticed that you couldn’t see comments on videos anymore.

What To Do: To turn off Restricted mode from your mobile device, log into your YouTube app, tap your profile picture, tap Settings, then tap General, and turn off Restricted Mode.

To turn off Restricted mode using your computer, log into the YouTube website and click your profile picture. Click Restricted Mode at the bottom of the screen and then click Deactivate Restricted Mode in the box that pops up.

Reason #7: Your YouTube App, Mobile Device, or Computer Needs to Be Updated

Finally, in the event that none of the above reasons answer the question of why you can’t comment on a YouTube video, it could be that your YouTube app, mobile device, or computer need an update. 

Sometimes when apps or software are out of date, it can cause strange problems or bugs – like making it difficult or impossible for you to comment on a YouTube video.

What To Do: Check that your YouTube app, mobile device, computer, or web browser is fully up to date. If not, initiate the updates, restart your device or web browser, and try commenting again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I See My Comments on YouTube?

If you can’t see your comments on a YouTube video, they may have been removed by the creator or the YouTube platform.


Not being able to comment on YouTube videos means you lose access to one of the platform’s most important social features. Refer to our list of seven reasons that you may be prevented from commenting, and fix the problem, so you can experience YouTube to the fullest extent.

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