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Will Instagram Ban You For Buying Followers? Is it safe?

Ever wondered what happens when you buy Instagram followers? Discover the truth about buying Instagram followers: the risks, rewards, and Instagram's stance. A must-read for influencers!
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Will Instagram Ban You For Buying Followers?
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Growing your presence on Instagram can be challenging, especially when progress seems slow. Many turn to the idea of buying followers as a quick fix, but what does this really entail?

Buying followers means paying for a service to artificially inflate your follower count. This practice is tempting as a shortcut to appear more popular or influential, but it’s important to understand the implications of such a decision – not just for your account’s standing with Instagram, but also for your reputation and engagement levels with your real audience. 

Will Instagram Shadowban You For Purchasing Followers?

Instagram’s stance on follower purchases is clear in its community guidelines: the platform discourages such practices to uphold authenticity. 

Instagram works diligently to ensure genuine interactions, and buying followers contradicts this ethos. 

Opting for low-quality follower services often results in a surge of fake or bot accounts, which don’t engage meaningfully and can harm your account’s success and credibility. 

If you’re considering buying followers, you’ll need to make sure that you seek high-quality followers from reliable providers. By doing this, you can mitigate risks, but remember that Instagram prioritizes real engagement and authentic growth.

Can Your Instagram Account Get Deleted For Buying Followers?

Technically, buying Instagram followers can lead to account deletion, but this outcome is extremely rare. In most cases, Instagram may issue a warning rather than outright ban an account

The reality is, if purchasing followers directly led to bans, it could be misused against competitors by buying followers for them. Instagram knows this and their system is designed to prevent such exploitation. 

Therefore, while buying followers is against Instagram’s guidelines and not recommended by them, the likelihood of an account being deleted solely for this reason is incredibly low

The platform focuses more on identifying and removing inauthentic activity, like bot accounts, rather than penalizing users who purchase followers.

Has Anyone Gotten Banned For Buying Followers On Instagram?

Yes, there have been instances where individuals got banned from Instagram for buying followers, but these cases are extremely rare and almost never happens for people who buy followers.

So who usually gets banned then? Well, getting flagged by Instagram generally happens to those who consistently purchase low-quality followers, ignore Instagram’s warnings, and violate additional community guidelines

Instagram’s primary goal is to maintain the authenticity of interactions on the platform, so its response is usually more stringent for repeated and flagrant violations of its rules, rather than a one-time (or even 10-time) purchase of followers. 

If you want to get more followers by ordering them, just make sure you aren’t constantly breaking Instagram’s rules and only order high-quality followers.

Is Buying Instagram Followers Against The Law?

No, it’s not illegal to buy followers for Instagram.

This practice falls into a grey area: it’s not against the law, but it does violate Instagram’s community guidelines.

The key distinction here is between legality and platform policy. Legal restrictions typically involve government-imposed rules, which don’t govern the purchase of social media followers.

However, Instagram, like other social platforms, has its own set of rules designed to maintain authenticity and user experience.

Purchasing followers can put your account at risk of penalties under these guidelines, despite not being a legal issue. Although, we have to say, it’s not very common.

Benefits And Risks Of Buying Followers For IG

Benefits Of Getting Paid Followers For Instagram

  • Quick boost in follower count.
  • Enhanced social proof and credibility.
  • Potential for increased organic growth due to perceived popularity.
  • Better chance of attracting real followers.
  • Improved visibility and discoverability on the platform.

Risks Of Getting Paid Followers For Instagram

  • Risk of violating Instagram’s community guidelines.
  • Possibility of decreased engagement rates.
  • Followers might be low-quality or bots (you can avoid this by getting followers from reputable brands).
  • Potential for negative perception if fake followers are detected.

How To Identify Fake Followers

Identifying low-quality and fake followers on Instagram is important for maintaining the integrity of your account. Here’s a list to help spot them.

  • Profile Inconsistencies: Check for missing profile pictures, incomplete bios, and a general lack of personal information.
  • Spammy Posts: Look for accounts with irrelevant or repetitive comments, often a sign of bot activity.
  • Disproportionate Follower-Following Ratio: Accounts following a massive number of users with few followers in return can be suspicious.
  • Lack of Engagement: Fake followers typically don’t engage with content, leading to a low engagement rate despite a high follower count.
  • Sudden Follower Spikes: An unnatural, rapid increase in followers can indicate purchased followers.

To maintain an engaged and authentic Instagram community, consider blocking fake followers identified through the steps above. This can enhance the quality of your audience, encouraging better interaction and genuine engagement on your posts.

After all, being vigilant about these signs helps in keeping your Instagram community genuine and engaged.

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