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Will YouTube Ban Your Channel for Buying Views?

Are you afraid to buy YouTube views? Will you really get banned? We have the answers you’re looking for.
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Will YouTube Ban You For Buying Views
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You’ll find a lot of myths about buying views on YouTube. While some people will say it’s a bannable offense, others will say it is not.

What’s the truth?

First, you need to differentiate between real and fake views. A fake view is often generated by:

  • Fake accounts
  • Bots

And then there are real views, which are from:

  • Active accounts
  • “Real accounts”

If you buy YouTube views from a provider like us, you can be confident that you won’t get banned. We offer 100% real views from real accounts, so even if it’s a gray area in terms of following YouTube’s Terms of Service, the views won’t be detected.

Our views come from strategic accounts that we review and ensure they are truly real and of the highest quality.

With this point in mind, YouTube does have a fake engagement policy. You can read the policy here.

Summary of YouTube’s Fake Engagement Policy

YouTube’s policy forbids any type of “artificial increases” that fall into three main categories:

  • Automatic systems
  • Showing videos to unsuspecting users
  • Incentivized viewers

If you break these terms, you can have your channel terminated or your account removed completely. You never want to follow any of the three marketing methods, or respective categories, above.

You cannot use coercion or deception to gain views, and our service has been designed from the ground up to be authentic. Buying high-quality views will allow you to generate more views and do so without worrying about action being taken against your account.

Most of the other content on the fake engagement policy is related to creators that work to inflate their own views using suspicious tactics, such as:

  • Linking to an artificial page that is designed to artificially inflate traffic.
  • Tricking users to click watch other videos in a deceptive manner.

If you have an entire channel that is dedicated to artificially inflating YouTube or gaming the system in some way, it can also be banned.

You will notice that the terms say nothing about receiving real, genuine views.

Another interesting point of note is that even if you do break the policy, you’ll likely receive a warning and notice in your email. Three strikes in a period of 90 days will lead to account termination.

Repeated violators or any of YouTube’s policies are ill-advised.

It’s always best to buy legitimate views on YouTube because, if they’re real, you won’t have to worry about a ban or the algorithm flagging your account erroneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Do YouTubers Get Banned?

It’s impossible to know how often YouTubers get banned because they don’t release any data on this point. But we do know that the platform has a 3-strike rule. If you get three strikes within a 90-day period (meaning, 3 reports of spam or violations), your account could be banned.

Creating great content and adhering to YouTube’s community guidelines will help prevent you from getting banned.

Do a Lot of Creators Buy Views?

Yes! That’s the secret that most creators won’t tell you. Many of them buy views, likes, comments – whatever – because it gives their account a boost. Yes, even well-known YouTubers have trouble getting engagement and views from time to time.

It’s difficult to grow a YouTube channel from scratch. You’re competing against other established creators and an ever-changing algorithm.

Buying views will give your channel that kickstart it needs to start growing organically.

Is Buying Views Illegal?

No, buying YouTube views is not illegal. You won’t be breaking the law if you buy views, but it’s important to make sure that you’re buying from the right provider. Views from bots or fake accounts can potentially put your channel at risk.

Always make sure that you’re purchasing your views from a provider that offers real views from real accounts – like what we offer at Viralyft.

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