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20 Trendy YouTube Video Ideas for Girls’ Channels! (2024)

Looking for YouTube video ideas that will help you connect with other girls and grow your channel? Check out this list of 20 ideas to help you get started!
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Video Ideas for Girls
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Every minute, creators upload 500 hours of video to one platform: YouTube. With over 2.5+ billion users, there’s a massive audience waiting to consume content on YouTube. But where do you even begin? What niche can you see yourself focusing on? What piques your interest?

We’re going to share 20 YouTube video ideas for girls that can help you brainstorm ideas for your channel and enter niches that have people glued to their screens.

1. Makeup Tutorials💅

Makeup is searched 391,000 times on YouTube alone, and tutorials are searched over 130,000 times. If you love makeup, you can do so much with this niche:

  • Create videos for certain skin types
  • Show people how to recreate a celebrity’s look
  • Make cosplay makeup tutorials that appeal to gamers
  • Makeup on the cheap videos, i.e., “Doing my makeup with a $5 palette”

You’ll find makeup tutorials are one of the leading YouTube ideas for teens, but adults absolutely love this niche, too. A few channels to gain inspiration from include:

2. Gym Routine🏋

If you’re fit or just trying to get fit, people will watch your content. You’ll find creators that show you how to get six-pack abs like they have and others who are sharing their journeys trying to lose weight.

Your gym routine and even the foods you eat to lose weight or stay lean are of interest to someone.

The Learmann Twins have a good gym vlog that you can use for inspiration.

3. Personal Care Product Reviews📦

Makeup, hair products, skincare products and anything else “personal care” related gets a ton of views. People want to see genuine reviews from people – just like you – who try products. For example, you can review a new hair product and be brutally honest:

  • Was the product good?
  • Did it help you achieve the results you wanted?
  • Would you recommend it?
As your subscriber and view counts grow, you may even land sponsorships in this niche! BiancaReneeToday’s review of Tia Curly hair products should inspire you.

4. Photography/Videography📷

Are you good with a camera? You can show people lesser-known areas of your city, take videos of animals and buildings, or even share your knowledge via tutorials. Other YouTube creators may even watch your videos if you show them how to enhance their videos.

5. Gardening🌳

Gardening is a massive niche that people of all ages are watching. You can create a channel that shows people how to:

  • Start a small garden
  • Start container gardening
  • Deal with pests
  • Improve yields
  • Avoid key gardening mistakes
  • So much more
Becoming a Farm Girl has a channel that you can use for inspiration.

6. Crafting

Crafts are timeless videos. You can even create a faceless channel if you’re camera-shy because it’s really all about crafts.

At the time of writing this, 5-minute crafts posted a video one hour ago that received 8,000 views. And the channel has 80.1 million subscribers.

Work your way through a crafting book and show others how to make fun things for themselves, with friends or for kids.

7. Cooking and Meal Prep👨‍🍳

It may surprise you, but a large portion of the population doesn’t know how to cook. You can teach them. Even the basics are hugely popular on YouTube. One video on how to make scrambled eggs has 4.6 million views.

If you’re into fitness or dieting, you can also:

  • Show your audience how to meal prep
  • Make videos on what you eat each week
  • Bake and make delicious goodies

8. Outfit of the Day (OOTD)👗

OOTD is a popular trend across all social media and it’s something that comes naturally if you’re a fashionista. You can make videos that show:

  • Improving your outfit
  • What celebrities are wearing
  • Top styles of the month
  • Clothing hauls

9. Painting🎨

Artists that have a passion for drawing or painting will find that there’s an audience just waiting to consume your content and learn from you.

For example:

  • Jimena Reno has an amazing channel on painting
  • Michelle the Painter will guide you through amazing paintings/drawings

If you teach others, you’ll find that you can build a massive following of dedicated users.

10. Tech Reviews

Tech lovers can share their love for new gadgets with the world through tech reviews. iJustine is a prime example of someone who has a following of 7 million people who watch her channel, where she reviews smartwatches, earbuds, headphones, electric bikes, new apps and so much more. 

Reviewing new technology will help you get your tech fix and build a following at the same time.

11. DIY Home🏠

DIY home anything works well. You can make a channel that focuses on decorating a home, organization, the latest color schemes, DIY repairs and hacks for upcycling old items. This is a niche with so many possibilities and opportunities to grow.

12. Gaming🎮

Female gamers are killing it on YouTube by showing the world what they love: gaming. You can look to some of the top female gamers on YouTube for inspiration, such as:

You can focus on one game, review new games, playthrough PC, Xbox or PS5 games, show viewers mobile games or virtually anything else that you want. Gamers will love your commentary, and you can opt to show your face or not.

13. Lifestyle Vlogging

If you want to create content for YouTube but don’t know where to start, lifestyle vlogging may be a great option.

Many lifestyle vloggers have built huge followings simply by sharing their day-to-day lives, or they create content with a certain aesthetic that people love. 

14. Travel Vlogging✈️

Travel is a huge niche on YouTube. If you’re the adventurous type who loves exploring new places, travel vlogging may be a great channel idea for you.

You don’t necessarily have to be a globe-trotter, either. Start by creating videos of interesting places to visit in your hometown or nearby cities. As your channel grows, you can expand your destinations and visit all of those places on your bucket list.

15. Baking

Do you have a passion for baking? Share your creations, tips and advice on YouTube. Baking-related videos are very popular – many have millions of views.

You can create your own baking channel where you share recipes and walk viewers through the creation of cakes, brownies, bread, or whatever you love to bake. You can also take a different approach by creating videos on:

  • Baking mistakes
  • Recreating historical recipes
  • Trying unique themes or shapes for your baked goods

16. Skincare Routines

Do you have a killer skincare routine? Share your tips and tricks with YouTube viewers! Women of all ages are always looking for new products, routines and other advice on how to achieve a glowing complexion.

Your videos can help other women achieve their skincare goals, and that will be a reward in itself.

17. Entrepreneurship👩‍💼

Have you built a business? Do you have a successful side hustle? If you have tips and insight to offer, you can create a YouTube channel that’s focused on entrepreneurship.

Your videos can be motivational, or you can have viewers follow you on your journey of building a business from scratch. The possibilities are endless. This popular video from YouTuber Wholesale Ted, for example, shares some of the best side hustles to start if you have no money.

18. Experiments and Pranks🧪

Want to have fun with your video content? Experiment and prank videos are very popular on YouTube, and there are many female YouTubers creating this kind of content. Funny videos of pranksters and social experiments tend to go viral on YouTube, but you have to be willing to put yourself out there.

YouTuber Brianna has 10 million subscribers, and most of her content is focused on fun experiments and pranks (mostly on her husband) with some Minecraft sprinkled in. But users love her videos.

Just make sure your pranks and experiments are lighthearted to avoid backlash or legal issues.  

19. Fashion Try-on Hauls

Are you a shopaholic? You can create videos where you share your fashion hauls and try on each piece, so viewers can see how they really look. 

Female YouTube users love this kind of content because it helps them decide whether they want to shop at certain stores or buy items from new designer collections.

To keep your content fresh, you can sprinkle in day-in-the-life vlogs or share fashion tips and tricks.

YouTuber LisaLisaD1, for example, focuses most of her content on fashion try-on hauls, but she also shares her makeup collection, beauty tips and more.

20. Yoga Tutorials🧘‍♀️

An estimated 300 million people practice yoga around the world, and interest grows every year. If you’re an experienced yoga practitioner, you can share new routines and provide advice and insight through video content on YouTube.

You don’t necessarily have to create long-form videos either. This 5-minute full-body stretch video from Yoga with Adriene has over 980K views. Some of her most popular videos are 15 minutes or less.

To stand out in the crowd, try to find a unique angle for your practices or routines. Maybe you can create yoga routines for the office crowd or film your routines in gorgeous locations.


If you want to start or grow a YouTube channel, these 20 ideas can help you reach your goals. Choose a topic that you love, and you’ll find it easy to stay motivated to create new content.

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