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YouTube Views Dropping? 5 Reasons & Solutions

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YouTube Views Dropping
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Views are life to YouTube creators. They help you accomplish so much, from spreading your videos to as many people as possible to converting subscribers, to earning money from ad impressions.

Just as views are life, the lack of them can spell doom for your channel! That’s why it’s always disturbing when you see that your total view count has dropped dramatically. 

This leads YouTubers to ask, “What is the reason for this? Why are my YouTube views dropping?”

Wherever there is a question about social media engagements, Viralyft is there to answer! In this article, we’ll give you not one, but five reasons that your views on YouTube could be dropping, along with solutions that may help restore you to your former engagement levels.

Let’s get into them!

5 Reasons Your YouTube Views Are Dropping with Solutions

A drop in YouTube views doesn’t just happen for no reason. Rather, it’s almost always a symptom of an underlying problem. 

Below are five problems or reasons that your YouTube video views are tanking, and how to fix each one. 

1. Your Content Is No Longer Engaging

One of the first places you may want to look is your content, particularly the content you posted around the time you first noticed your views going down. 

Every channel has its ups and downs. Even the most popular creators don’t achieve the same level of vitality with every video, and sometimes they even run into a slow or dry period where their ideas just aren’t engaging their subscribers anymore. 

If that period goes on for a long time, it’s only natural that you’ll start to lose members of your viewership. 

Solution: Find a Way To Bring the Spark Back into Your Content

If you’ve lost the spark of creativity or the sense of what your audience wants to watch that always brought viewers to your videos in droves, it’s time to reignite it. To do that, you must start by getting to the root of why it went out in the first place.

There could be any number of reasons that you’re feeling directionless or empty of compelling video ideas. You may be dealing with issues in your personal life, with your health, or in your business. You may have taken on too much work recently. Or you may simply be lacking inspiration. 

Whatever the problem is, find a healthy way to fix it or work around it. That may be the only way you can bring back the engaging quality of your content and start reeling in views again.

2. You Bought Video Views from Bot YouTube Accounts

This is a mistake that many YouTubers make. It may not have even been your fault; sometimes, disreputable websites that sell social media engagement, such as YouTube video views, may deceive you into thinking you’re buying views from real accounts, not fake ones. 

Alas, whether it was an accident or on purpose when you buy views from bot YouTube accounts, you’ll inevitably notice a dramatic drop in your view count. That’s because YouTube is always on the lookout for bots to terminate them, as they violate the platform’s Community Guidelines. 

So, even though your views will go up at first, they will swiftly come crashing down again as each bot account (and their corresponding view) is removed from the platform.

Solution: Only Buy Real YouTube Views

The best and only fix for this issue is to only buy real YouTube views from now on. Real YouTube views come from real accounts that are operated by authentic human beings. That means there’s little to no chance of them getting flagged by the platform for being fake engagement. You’ll get to keep all your views and not have them taken away!

3. You’re Not Posting New Content Often or Regularly Enough

If you’re the type of YouTuber who takes long breaks in between posting videos, or who doesn’t keep to a regular posting schedule, that could be the culprit behind your low views.

While you may have drawn a good many viewers to your channel because of the quality of your videos, you can lose your place in their memories if you don’t consistently upload new content. Then, when you finally post a new video, they may have already forgotten about or unfollowed you. Hence, the drop in views.

Solution: Come Up With a YouTube Video Publishing Schedule

The answer to this problem is to establish a realistic publishing schedule for your future YouTube videos. Ideally, you should post as often as you can, but no matter how frequently you decide to post, keep your audience in the loop and hyped about what’s to come. You can do that by creating posts to your channel’s Community tab and on your other social media accounts.

4. You Changed Your Filming Style or Content Niche

As a film creator, it’s natural to want to change your filming style or even change your content niche. After all, most of us get tired of doing the same things over and over. 

Unfortunately, though, sometimes the changes we decide to make for our content or our channels don’t resonate with our audience. And if the audience isn’t happy, then they’ll stop watching – which, as you know, is bad news for your channel.

Solution: Roll Out New Things on Your Channel at a Slow Pace

Just like a parent slowly introducing new foods to their child, try introducing new filming styles and content niches to your audience on a gradual, trial basis. Be sure to mix it in with plenty of your original type of content to keep your loyal fans happy while you test the new elements on them. 

Pay attention to your viewers’ feedback, as well. If it looks like they’re responding well to the style or niche, you can speed up the transition of your channel. But if you get a lot of complaints, either pivot to a style or niche that’s more palatable or consider creating a separate channel for your more experimental concepts.

5. You’re Not Using SEO Strategies To Help Your Videos Rank Higher

A common reason for views dropping off is creators neglecting their search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

SEO is a practice that helps YouTubers rank their content higher in search results and on users’ Recommended lists. It involves researching keywords that describe or are relevant to their content, and then entering those keywords in their videos’ metadata.

Metadata, for those who don’t know, is the text that describes a YouTube video. It includes the video title, description, transcript, tags, hashtags, and thumbnail. 

If you use SEO strategies like keywords properly, they can help you rank higher in YouTube’s search results when users enter a matching search term. The higher you rank, the more views you’re likely to get, as users tend to click on one of the first results rather than keep scrolling.

Solution: Start Using SEO Strategies and Tools For All Your Content

If your SEO game has been lacking lately, then it’s time to kick it up a notch! Use free online tools like a Youtube keyword search engine to help you find high-volume, low competition keywords that will help your content rank as high in search results as possible. This could be the key (no pun intended) to getting your views back up to their previous levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is My YouTube Video View Count Stuck? 

YouTube will sometimes freeze the view count on videos that it is auditing for potential bot activity. Learn more about this practice


When your YouTube views inexplicably drop, you may be able to raise them again – but first, you have to find the cause. Whether your content is just not as engaging anymore or you’re simply not using the right keywords, there’s a solution for every problem. 

Don’t take this kick to your engagement lying down. Pick yourself up and use the strategies we suggested in this article to bring your channel back to life!

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