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10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Instagram to Try In 2023

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Instagram Photo Editing Apps
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No matter how you use Instagram, whether it is to market your business, to become a celebrity, or simply to share photo albums with friends and family, not every photo ends up as you wish. There are hundreds of Instagram photo-editing effects available to correct unwanted shadows, dark backgrounds, or light flares. Take a look at various Instagram Photo Editing App.

However, as much as the built-in filters can sometimes help smooth out wrinkles in your images (literally or figuratively), you may need to add a little extra help from time to time. So, here are the top ten photo-editing apps that you can use to enhance your Instagram photos; however, before you start editing your photos.

How Can Photo-Editing Apps Help You Stand Out on Instagram

There is more to marketing than just sending your customers simple messages. There are emotions, needs, and desires involved in it. It is essential to add the ‘X’ factor to your visual content to leverage those strong emotions. An unedited photo is like a great dish with a poor presentation when it comes to Instagram marketing. Even though it delivers the purpose, it does not invite constant engagement.

Importance Of Photo-Editing Apps for Instagram

If you are on Instagram, you are probably up against fierce competition no matter what your industry is. Therefore, your content must be up to scratch if you are to positively impact your bottom line.

Instagram stats show that active monthly users on Instagram have grown to 2.3 billion since the social media platform launched in 2010. A major social media network, Instagram is among the largest picture-sharing apps on the internet. With over 25 million business profiles, is it easy to attract consumer attention on a platform like this?  Here’s where photo-editing apps for Instagram can come in handy and make things a whole lot easier and more effective for Instagram Growth. Instagram filters help you make your photos more appealing, but external editing tools will allow you to be more creative.

The Importance of Quality Photos

The power of a breath-taking image can remain in the mind much longer than that of a mundane piece of text. Sharing a single stunningly beautiful photo might be more valuable than writing ten blog posts of no value in a fast-paced world.

Followers of your Instagram account expect bright, well-defined pictures. Additionally, it is important to keep your photos consistent. There is no need to put up with mediocre quality or inconsistent Instagram photos anymore. You need to stay on top of your Instagram game by using the right photo-editing app. Here are a few things you can do with photo-editing apps:

  • Repairing and retouching the basics.
  • Edit and resize.
  • Remove all unnecessary components.
  • Scaling the background.
  • Effects and filters can be added.
  • You can add graphics and text to make it more interesting.
  • Modifications and alterations.

Best Photo-Editing Apps For Instagram

Numerous photo-editing apps are available in the market. Here is a list of 7 best photo-editing apps for Instagram:


VSCO - Instagram Photo Editing App

The VSCO app ought to be at the top of your list since it is consistently rated the best photo-editing app for Instagram in both Android and iOS app markets. Among the most used hashtags on Instagram is #vscocam, the branded hashtag of VSCO.

There is a wide variety of pre-sets in the app, allowing users to compensate for varying exposures. Since VSCO pre-sets include a combination of bright and moody tones, they are ideal for nature photography. If you want to make your Instagram aesthetics more uniform, you can adjust your photos easily. VSCO is a must-have photo-editing app if you want to have a consistent look throughout your feed.


VSCO offers a wide array of features and is easy to use. Among its notable features are:

  • Filters: There are many filters available that enhance pictures without overdoing the process.
  • Clarity: This tool boosts the clarity of photos. Landscape images can be enhanced by using this feature.
  • Skin tone: Correct the color of an off-looking skin tone in a portrait.
  • Tint: Colour tints can be easily changed on photos. If you swipe the tint tool to the left, the colors in a photo will take on a more greenish tone.
  • Shadows tint: Enhance the darkness of your photos with color.
  • Highlight tint: Incorporate certain colors into the light areas of a photograph to add life to them.
  • X – Kew: It allows you to move the x-Kew to the left or right to change the angle of the photo by stretching along the x-axis.
  • Y – Kew: It modifies the focusing of a photograph along the y-axis.

 Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor

 Adobe Lightroom - Instagram Photo Editing App

The remarkable photo-editing features of Adobe products are well known around the world. The same is true for Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor. This app will help you improve your visual presence on Instagram. All you need to do is adjust shadows, hue, exposure, saturation, and other elements of your photos using Lightroom’s editing tools.


You can create the most powerful photos ever with Adobe Lightroom’s innovative filters, tools, and settings.

  • Pre-sets: With 121 pre-sets in Lightroom, it is possible to customize photos in unlimited ways. By combining customizable pre-sets, you can create the perfect Instagram photos. Ensure consistency by saving your favorites.
  • Easy-to-use slider: You can easily and quickly control the light and color properties of your photos. Tone Curves and Colour Mixer make your photos more precise and clear.
  • Crop and rotate tools: With Lightroom, you can get the right size and aspect ratio. You can express your creativity by inverting or straightening your photos.
  • Noise reduction: Enhance your photos with sharpening to minimize distractions. Visual details are more evident with noise reduction.
  • Geometry tools: Using Lightroom’s geometry tools, you can clean up skewed lines to get a better perspective.
  • Healing brush: To clean and sharpen the image, use the healing brush to remove unwanted elements.
  • Cloud: You will not lose your work because all edits will be automatically saved to the cloud.



Google Play

Photographers can edit and fix photos on the go with Snapseed, a photo-editing app for Instagram.

Google-owned Snapseed offers a wide range of tools and features to help you create amazing Instagram photos. Snapseed is a simple, free, and versatile photo-editing app that is free to download.


With its 29+ tools and features, Snapseed allows you to perform some serious photo-editing tasks beyond pre-sets. Among them are:

  • The ‘Looks’ tab: Similar to Instagram’s filter function, but more comprehensive. You can apply a predefined set of edits to your photos with each look.
  • Auto adjustment: To perform basic editing, you will find several tools under the ‘Tools’ tab. The auto-adjustment tool makes adjustments based on what it thinks will improve your photo.
  • Tune image: This feature likely offers you the most value since it enables you to adjust visual elements such as contrast, brightness, ambiance, warmth, and shadows.
  • Perspective: You can manipulate your photos using perspective as its name suggests. Using this feature will get things centered in a photo if you are standing off-center.
  • Healing: You can use this feature when you need to remove any part of a photo.
  • Brush and select: Edit a specific part of a photo innovatively. Make adjustments to your photos with your finger as a brush.



Are you looking for something even better? The majority of Instagrammers are very particular about their photo-editing needs. With Instasize, you do not have to dig deep into editing tools such as a color correction to satisfy those specific needs. There are a variety of filters you can use to turn your good photos into great ones.


  • Filters: You can adjust the intensity of a filter by tapping on it. If you want to use a filter, hold it down and drag it to where you want it. Multiple filters can even be applied to one image. On Instasize, you can find the best filters. Over 80 stunning filters are available on this photo-editing app.
  • Crop: You can highlight your favorite element or crop out the unwanted side areas if your photos are just okay.
  • Settings: With Instasize, you can make your photos look more polished. With different settings, you can adjust your photographs’ sharpness, brightness, saturation, tint, warmth, and highlights. Make sure to incorporate vignettes or grain to create a more dramatic effect.
  • Power beauty tools: You can now clean up your photos like never before. The free version of the app gives you access to blemish removal and enhancing tools, while the premium version gives you the option to add glow, moisturize, and whiten your skin for a younger-looking appearance.
  • Add text: More than 30 designer text styles in Instasize allow you to add stylized text overlays to your images.
  • Photo collages: You can create photo collages without much hassle with this app. Easily combine up to six images into one image. Even a single photo can be cut into pieces and recreated into a photo grid.



Getting all of their photos to look great beside each other is one of the biggest challenges for Instagrammers. Utilize Later’s visual planner to preview how your content will appear in the feed before you post it to make your Instagram feed look amazing.

The Visual Instagram Planner lets you drag and drop images and rearrange them to find the perfect balance. Once you are satisfied with how they look, you can schedule posts on Instagram. By creating visual content plans, Later helps you convert Instagram viewers into followers. Here are some other things you can do with Later:


  • Add Filters: With Later, you can schedule and edit photos with 24 different filters. Make sure the filter you choose has the right feel for you by adjusting the intensity.
  • Crop: When editing photos for multiple social media channels, this feature is especially useful. The crop size you select for your social media platform can either be pre-set or customized.


Canva - Instagram Photo Editing App

Online photo-editing tools like Canva are among the most popular on the web. If you want to create Instagram photos that are eye-catching, Canva is hard to beat. Canva’s Instagram Stories templates make it easy for you to create enticing visuals that reflect your brand’s style.

Canva is an excellent photo-editing app for Instagram that gives an easy way to enhance your regular Instagram posts. Play with your creativity by overlaying text on your photos or adding graphics with Canva.


  • Teamwork: Canva makes it easy to create designs with your team. With ease, you can invite your team and set their access permission.
  • Textures: From fanciful patterns to real-world fabrics, you can choose from a wide range of textured backgrounds.
  • Soft photo filters: You can choose from a wide range of Instagram filters and have unique Instagram stories for all sorts of occasions. To find the right filter, click through different options.
  • The Blur Slider: If you want your photos to look soft and dreamy, use Canva’s blur slider to eliminate harsh angles. Simply slide the slider to the right to blur all the bumps until the photo looks smooth.


Pixlr - Instagram Photo Editing App

This web-based photo-editing app has been around for a while, offering Photoshop-like features for free, online. Although Pixlr certainly had many benefits for those of us who did not want to pay for editing software, the company was bought out by Autodesk in 2011 and the intuitive features expanded to our smartphones.

This little photo-editing app for Instagram lets you do pretty much anything you want. You can blur, sharpen, or make a collage of your pictures. You can add text to them, resize them and also turn your photo into a pencil sketch or ink drawing. With so many options, it can be difficult to master. However, there are numerous video tutorials available online for support.


FaceTune - Instagram Photo Editing App

Certainly, the list of most popular photo-editing apps for Instagram would be incomplete without mentioning Facetune. It is unlikely that anyone else in the market offers a selfie editing tool quite as impressive as this photo-editing app.

Standard portraits can be enhanced by adding makeup, reducing wrinkles, sweeping highlights over the cheeks, and enhancing the eyelashes. The cheekbones can be enhanced, the nose can be straightened, patchy eyebrows filled in and teeth can be instantly whitened. There is not much this photo-editing app cannot do to improve your appearance. This is your one-stop photo-editing app if Instagram selfies are your thing.


 Fotor - Instagram Photo Editing App

Fotor is another online photo-editing app for Instagram that is free to use. This tool is full of tools and functions that will help you get ready for sharing your images. It offers filters that cannot be found on Instagram, as well as text templates that you can use to add text to your pictures.

This app makes it easy to add more layers to your picture as part of its layer-based feature. In addition, you can work on various parts of the image without risking affecting other layers, decreasing the possibility of making irreversible mistakes that would otherwise disturb your work.


Now you can easily select the best photo-editing app for Instagram, and some of these programs are completely free. If you want to know which is the best, it depends completely on what you want to achieve and how complex you want to make things.

These Instagram photo-editing apps and online services offer fairly basic functions, so you can take advantage of them almost immediately. While a more complicated app will take longer to learn, it will eventually produce better results over time. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you try a few and see how they work for you?

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