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Best Time to Post on Twitter in 2024

Are you posting at the WRONG time on Twitter? Find out when to post and how to maximize your engagement by timing your posts the right way.
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Best Time to Post on Twitter
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What’s the best time to post on Twitter? If you say “any time,” you’re missing out on maximizing your overall engagement.

Posting at the right time can lead to:

  • Better engagement
  • More Views
  • Greater account growth

And with Twitter’s 368 million monthly active users, you can certainly build a brand and vast network on the platform.

We’re going to explain the best time to post on the platform, why posting at these times matters and how to find your best posting time.

When is the Best Time to Post on Twitter?⏱️

Best Time to Post on Twitter

Who knows?! Unfortunately, there’s not a best time to post on Twitter for every country or user, but we do have some data that can help you post at a time that works best for most accounts:

General Times

  • Weekdays 9am – 4pm PST
  • Friday at 3pm PST

HubSpot narrows down these times even further to between 8 and 10am and 6 and 9pm PST. If you post at the times above, you’re increasing your post’s reach and the odds of engagement, too. 

Daily Times

If you’ve been on Twitter for any length of time, you know that some days seem to be far more active than others. You’ll find this trend across all social platforms, and with Twitter, you’ll find most experts recommend:

  • 8am – 3pm on Monday
  • 9am – 4pm on Tuesday
  • 8am – 3pm on Wednesday
  • 9am – 12pm on Thursday and Sunday
  • 8am – 1pm on Friday
  • 9am – 10pm on Saturday

A lot of thought goes into your posting time, but is it all worth it? Does it really matter? 

Why Does Your Post Time Matter?

Chronological feeds are back, which means that your post’s timing is more important than ever.

Note: People who are not logged into a Twitter account will see your posts based on their performance and not the order in which you posted them.

For people who are logged in, the timing of your post matters because as you post new content, it will replace your older posts at the top of your feed. 

Posting at the right time means that your audience will see your newest content when they’re most active.

Love it or hate it, you’re at the mercy of Twitter’s algorithm. If you’re not posting when your followers are active, they’ll miss your content.

Twitter’s engagement rate averages 0.05%it’s not high at all. However, if you post at just the right time, you can dramatically increase this rate. One method that you can use to verify the right posting time for your audience is using analytics.

How To Find Your Best Time to Post

Data tells us the best time to post on Twitter, but your unique audience may be active at different times.

So, how do you find your best time to post? Here are some tips:

1. Check Your Twitter Analytics📉

A great place to start is with your Twitter Analytics, where you can get an overview of your Tweet’s impressions, profile visits and other engagement metrics.

Analyze your top posts to see the best times to post. 

Twitter Analytics can give you some great insights, but it can’t tell you directly the best times to post. However, the insights you gain from the data will help you make an educated guess.

You can also use Twitter Analytics tools to help you post at a better time.

2. Use a Scheduling Tool to Find the Best Time🗓️

Once you have an idea of the best times to post, you can use a scheduling tool to start experimenting and comparing your results.

Use a scheduling tool like SocialPilot to start experimenting. Try out different time slots and check the results.

3. Consider Your Audience’s Location📍

Where are your followers located in the world? Find out the top three countries or states where your audience resides and take this information into account when deciding when to post.

It’s easy to make incorrect assumptions about where your followers are located. If you’re posting at 9 AM EST but most of your followers are in PST, they’ll probably miss your posts (it’s only 6 AM where they are located).

If your audience spans multiple time zones, you will need to post multiple times per day to get their attention.


The best time to post on Twitter will depend on your audience, but you can use the data on the most active timeslots as a starting point. Experiment with different times and keep tracking your results to see which time works best for your followers.

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