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Top 9 Twitter Analytics Tools to Unlock Valuable Insights

Want to supercharge your Twitter following and engagement? These 9 analytics tools will empower you with data-backed insights to improve your content.
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Best Twitter Analytics Tools
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Twitter (X) has over 368 million monthly users who flock to the platform for news, niche topics and conversations people rarely have on other social media sites. Engagement remains high on X, and if you build up an audience, you can become an influencer or make sales, too. Twitter analytics tools help you dive deeper into the data to learn:

  • What tweets work best
  • What tweets underperform

You want to know what’s working and not working on X so that you can post with confidence. Every beginner’s guide to Twitter should include a section on analytics, yet many leave it off.

If you spend time creating a Twitter strategy, you’ll want to have a way to measure success.

Analytics is how you can begin measuring your strategy’s success and refine your approach to increase engagement and grow a following. Before we get into the tools that you can use for analytics, it’s important to really understand the reason why analytics are worth using.

Why Do You Need Twitter Analytics Tools?

Twitter is evolving for users and businesses. You may be on top of your game this month, gaining followers and enjoying high engagement, but a month or two from now, what was working may stop.

Analytics tools are all a little different, but they allow you to measure your impact on the platform, including:

  • Post activity with information on engagement
  • Follower data, including follower demographics, locations, interests and more

If you see that a certain type of post is no longer receiving engagement like it once did, you can use this as an indicator that you should not post a similar post. Poor engagement is a reason to adjust your strategy and make meaningful changes to improve on your next post.

But you may also find that a certain type of post attracts more followers and likes than other posts.

Perhaps you should focus on these types of high value posts that you know your audience likes because the data shows you the post’s success. And if you buy Twitter likes, you can then monitor how the post performs before and after sending these social signals.

On its own, Twitter analytics tools will do little for your social media strategy, but if you take action based on the information gathered, you’ll get to know your follower preferences and how to cater to them.

You can use tools to:

  • Grow your personal brand
  • Build a business
  • Drive more sales
  • Create more engaging tweets
  • Guide your content strategy

9 Twitter Analytics Tools (Free & Paid)

Which tools should you use for your Twitter analytics? We recommend trying each out for yourself and seeing which one you like best. Different dashboards and tools will make it easier for you to utilize the data available.

However, the first option on our list is one that everyone should use because it comes directly from Twitter.

1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

If you have a Twitter account, you can click the link above and tap “Get started,” to see your analytics data for the past 28 days. Twitter’s tool is free, so you can expect the tool to be less feature-rich than paid versions.

But for the majority of accounts, this is more than enough data.

Dashboards allow you to view the month’s stats at a glance with information on:

  • Impressions per tweet
  • Mentions
  • Followers
  • Top mentions
  • Top new followers

Audience insights allow you to learn the person’s gender and occupation, interests and a wealth of other information about your followers.

You can run reports, but most are limited to a maximum of three months. If you’re running a massive social media campaign, access to only three months’ worth of data will limit your ability to track results.

2. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is one of the most well-known tools for social media monitoring and scheduling. You’ll find that the platform does a little bit of everything, and reporting is just one of the tool’s perks.

Reporting tools help do the math for you and make it easy to analyze the data you have – without the spreadsheets.

Advanced analytics allow you to monitor:

  • Spending on Twitter
  • Total return on social media
  • Custom goals that you set
  • Traffic, leads and revenue from X
  • Paid ad performance

You can use Twitter analytics from Hootsuite to monitor hundreds of metrics and mentions, too. A nice addition is the ability to know which posts perform best and what posting time leads to the most followers and engagement.

3. Keyhole


Keyhole is available on a free trial, but the power comes from the paid version. You’ll pay a hefty price for the tool, and you can track three social profiles. On top of these features, you’ll also gain access to:

  • Profile and competitive analysis information is available. You can measure your account’s growth and monitor benchmarks all inside of Keyhole.
  • Competitor analysis with advanced analytics allows you to compare your growth to your competitors.
  • Real-time follow insights to see where followers are located, their age and the language that they speak.

If you want to monitor real-time analytics, Keyhole is a great option.

4. Social Pilot

Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a popular Twitter analytics tool that categorizes your tweets into meaningful segments, such as:

  • Most popular tweets
  • Most retweeted tweets
  • Most favorited tweets

Intelligent categorization of your tweets makes it easier to increase engagement because you can easily see what type of content your followers like. You can also see the most trending hashtags and get analysis reports with the click of a button.

5. Emplifi


Emplifi, formerly Socialbakers, is one of the most popular analytics tools for modern marketers. If you’re finding that your Twitter likes are disappearing or you’re just not getting more followers, this tool can help you understand why.

With Emplifi, you can view:

  • Define your analytics with custom KPIs
  • Dig deeper into data points and view the underlying details of your reports
  • Get competitor insights
  • View sentiment analyses
  • More

The platform is used by many well-known brands, including Domino’s, Miele, Delta, Audi and more. Pricing starts at nearly $200 per month.

6. RivalIQ


RivalIQ is a robust analytics tool that allows you to conduct:

  • Competitive analyses
  • Social post analyses
  • Social listening
  • More

The platform aggregates information on your social posts as well as popular topics, hashtags, the best times to post and more. As far as analytics goes, RivalIQ allows you to perform hashtag analysis, track mentions, view insights for improving engagement and track your audience’s growth.

RivalIQ does offer a free head-to-head report that allows you to compare your Twitter profile to a competitor’s profile. 

While this platform is really helpful, it’s one of the most expensive options on our list. Pricing starts at $239/month.

7. Fedica


Fedica makes it easy to manage all of your Twitter activities from one central, convenient dashboard. Along with analytics tools, you can also:

  • Schedule posts
  • Learn more about your followers and their interests
  • Find out how your followers interact

Fedica offers a few tiers of packages, starting at $10 per month. The platform’s analytics are AI-driven, and you can filter the data to focus on the metrics that matter most to you.

8. Buffer


Buffer is known as a social media scheduling tool, but it also provides Twitter-level analytics. The platform now has a dedicated analytics dashboard for your social accounts, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Buffer can help you measure and analyze your content’s performance, track engagement metrics for your account, know your audience’s demographics and more.

You’ll need to sign up for a paid account if you want to access the analytics features that Buffer offers. The most affordable package, Essentials, is $6 per month for one channel.

9. Twitonomy


Twitonomy doesn’t have the most inviting interface, but it’s an affordable option for Twitter analytics that gives you a lot of detailed data. It’s a tool that’s commonly used by marketers to monitor any keyword for a specific duration.

You can even download your data into Excel and PDF formats.

Twitonomy costs $19/month for their Premium plan, which allows you to track your stats.

Choosing the Right Analytics Tool for You

Twitter analytics tools will allow you to track your account’s stats and keep an eye on your growth progress. These tools can help you understand what’s working and not working for your account. When you can track your progress, you can continue creating content that attracts new followers and engagement.

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