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10 Best Twitter Analytics Tools to Amplify Your Strategy

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Best Twitter Analytics Tools
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Interested in increasing your Twitter followers in 2023? Sitting on the couch and tweeting will not help you. To be sure your tweets are hitting the target, you should focus on Twitter analytics. When you do things manually, it is not easy. It is here that the best Twitter analytics tools are most useful. Tools such as Twitter Analytics offer the necessary data insights needed to earn high returns on Twitter marketing.

With these tools, you will know where your Twitter strategy is lacking, so you can gain more followers with each tweet. Interested in learning more? You can learn more about Twitter analysis in this article which provides a comprehensive overview of it.

Best Twitter Analytics Tools:

1. TrackmyHashtag

TrackmyHashtag - Twitter Analytics Tools

When it comes to understanding what content resonates with their audience, TrackMyHashtag is one of the best Twitter analytics tools available to brands and individuals alike. This tool monitors related conversations and hashtags to improve engagement.

The Real-Time Hashtag Analytics of TrackMyHashtag Provides Users with these Features:

  • Metrics for hashtags in real-time
  • Identification of the most engaging media and hashtags
  • Real-time geographical insights
  • Analyze the efforts of your competitors on social media
  • Promote your brand by identifying influencers
  • Follow the timeline of tweets or the weekly usage pattern of tweets

Your Twitter marketing efforts can be measured instantly through real-time hashtag monitoring. Social media campaigns can improvise quickly, thanks to it. The combination of all these features will allow you to make decisions that will drastically improve the performance of your Twitter campaigns.

2. Twitonomy

Twitonomy provides you with a range of diverse and informative resources. Among Twitter’s analytics, it displays the most popular languages used along with the most popular keywords and hashtags. Analysing Twitter handle traction is also possible through the analytics tool.

Users of Twitonomy’s Twitter Analytics Tool will be Able to:

  • Analyzing tweets, retweets, mentions, and hashtags associated with profiles
  • Detailed insights into who you follow and who follows you
  • With detailed reports, find out what hashtags you are tracking
  • You can see the users who have mentioned you in their tweets on this interactive map

In addition to comprehensive reports on any public Twitter account, Twitonomy provides insightful analytics of the user’s historical Twitter data. The application allows users to monitor tweets, manage their lists, and access reports.

3. Keyhole


Individuals and companies can track hashtags with Keyhole, to monitor real-time engagement. Instant engagement metrics and analytical reports are delivered by the analytics tool in real-time.

Users can Analyze Twitter Activity with Keyhole’s Following Analytics Tool:

  • Engage your audience in real-time and get customized reports
  • Identify how hashtags will perform in the future
  • To boost engagement, identify trending topics and relevant hashtags
  • Understand your competitors’ social media campaigns and your own
  • Study Twitter data in real-time and historically

You can customize your content based on Keyhole’s Twitter analytics to match the preferences of your users. It provides benchmarks for identifying the best time to post your content to gain maximum engagement. A brand’s Twitter campaign can be improved by using analytical reports to boost engagement.

4. Hootsuite


With Hootsuite, users can track hashtags in real-time, monitor Twitter, and generate reports on how Twitter accounts are being engaged. Detailed reporting provides real-time metrics, including reach, engagement, content, and competitive analysis.

Some of the Highlights of Hootsuite Are:

  • Analyze earned and direct conversations
  • Analyze the competitive landscape comprehensively
  • Use the performance of past tweets to determine when to tweet
  • It enables you to identify influencers that are engaging with your content and URLs that are most effective

Taking into account interactions, discussion, and followers, Hootsuite assesses the content’s cumulative impact. Influencers engaged with your content can also be identified using this tool.

5. Brand24


Analytics tool Brand24 tracks and analyses how social media platforms are performing across multiple platforms. It gives you not only an analysis of the interaction and scope of your social media campaign but also an idea of the keywords’ influence.

Brand24’s Key Features:

  • Analytical work on social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)
  • Social media campaign analysis and metrics in detail
  • Optimizing engagement by identifying key terms
  • Real-time monitoring of content performance

It helps users track the effectiveness of their social media campaigns in real-time. To maximize the reach of their social media campaigns, users can identify relevant keywords and evaluate @mentions.

6. SproutSocial

SproutSocial - Twitter Analytics Tools

A social media Automation or analytics tool called SproutSocial allows businesses, individuals, and organizations to easily integrate with different social media platforms. Social Sprout provides information about your overall engagement statistics on social media sites. By doing this, you can avoid logging into multiple social media websites.

SproutSocial Offers the Following Features:

  • Manages social media accounts completely
  • Multiple social profile engagement statistics in one inbox
  • Track keyword and URL searches
  • Keep up with the latest trends
  • Analyze your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses

Social media activity on multiple social media platforms can be monitored through SproutSocial. To increase their brand’s interaction and conversion, it helps to devise effective social media tactics.

7. Foller.Me

Foller.Me - Twitter Analytics Tools

Twitter analytics tool allows you to analyze the public Tweets of any account. analyses a user’s tweets and followers and provides reports on how social media activities are performing.’s Key Features Include:

  • Identify the engagement of tweets
  • Topics and hashtags that are trending as well as key mentions
  • An overlay of followers’ locations on a map
  • Long-term growth
  • Trends in Twitter marketing

It makes it easy for users to search for more engaging content by reviewing their past activity on Twitter. Users can use it to analyze the growth of their communities. There is no charge for Foller. me, but the statistics are limited. In addition to their engagement metrics, it can be an excellent tool for new users.

8. Hashtagify

Hashtagify - Twitter Analytics Tools

With Hashtagify, you can use Twitter analytics to help you target your hashtag marketing efforts. The tool is simple yet extremely useful. In addition to identifying relevant hashtags, it depicts the popularity indicators for each hashtag. Hashtagify’s key features include:

  • Discover the most relevant hashtags and trends
  • Find out how popular hashtags are
  • You can identify which countries are trending with your hashtag
  • Use of your hashtag in different languages

Using Hashtagify, you can identify trends and hashtags that will make your Twitter campaign more engaging. Moreover, it assists you in monitoring the audience and the influencers involved in your content.

9. Socialert

Socialert - Twitter Analytics Tools

In addition to real-time hashtag metrics, Socialert offers excellent Twitter analytics tools. Furthermore, hashtags and tweets are tabulated based on historical data. By tracking and analyzing competitor Twitter campaigns, you can keep tabs on your competitors. By analyzing the success of hashtag campaigns in real-time, the marketing tactics can be improved as needed. Socialert’s key features:

  • Monitoring hashtags and brands
  • Find out who is following you
  • Analyze the competition
  • Identifies influencers with the help of tweet analysis
  • Find out which hashtags are popular on social media

It is easy to track your Twitter engagement with Socialert and compare it to your competitors’ strategies.

10. Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder

Among the features of Tweet Binder is real-time monitoring of hashtags, keywords, mentions, and URLs. You can determine how effective your Twitter campaign is and measure its performance in real-time. Tweet Binder includes the following features:

  • Utilize hashtags to classify your tweets
  • Keep track of the impact of campaigns and promotions
  • Track hashtags in real-time
  • Promote your brand by identifying influencers

Twitter Binder provides quick and easy access to tweet data related to a conversation occurring in real-time or over a defined time period.

How Does Twitter Analytics Work?

You can analyze various metrics in Twitter analytics to find out how each of your tweets performed. You can think of it as a performance report for your content on the platform. To gauge the success of your content, it calculates metrics such as reach, impressions, clicks, and engagement rate.

  • The Importance of Tracking Twitter Analytics

If you do not understand its importance, Twitter can become a passive medium for your marketing strategy. Your marketing strategy can be greatly impacted by keeping tabs on Twitter analytics. Brands often turn their backs on this platform, but having a following on Twitter can be beneficial for your brand’s exposure. A brand should stay in touch with Twitter analytics regularly and analyze them to make sure they are optimizing their tweeting. You can benefit from Twitter analytics in the following ways:

  •  You can Determine Your Targeting Accuracy by Using Twitter Insights

An analysis of Twitter does more than just see how well your tweets perform. You can find out if you are targeting the right audience by using Twitter analytics tools. You can gain insight into the location, gender, age, and interests of an audience through these tools. In addition, you will produce more relatable content if you do this.

  •  With Twitter Analytics, You Can See How Many People you Reached on Twitter

By using Twitter analytics tools, you can find out how many people are seeing your tweets. If your tweets are impactful enough, you will be able to gauge whether you are doing the right thing. Take advantage of this insight by staying active on the platform.

  • Twitter Analytics Allows you to Discover What Interests your Followers

It is possible to determine the interests of your audience from the way your tweets perform. Your tweet performance will be tracked by Twitter analytics tools, which will tell you indirectly what to tweet more about. Video tweets, for example, are more likely to get your attention on Twitter, so Twitter analytics will tell you more about these Tweets.

  •  With the Twitter Analytics Tool, You can Figure out What to Post About

Twitter is constantly looking for new content, and it is exhausting to keep up with it. You can monitor trends on Twitter using Twitter analytics tools. Furthermore, you can use tools like Unbox Social to learn what your competitors are tweeting. You can decide with this method what you should post about. Post according to what works in your niche.

  • With Twitter Insights, You can Determine When to Post to Twitter

Your post’s performance can be impacted by posting at the right time. With the Twitter analytics tool, you can find out when your audience is most active on Twitter. Thus, you can plan your posts so they are delivered when you want them to be.

These statistics can assist in formulating an accurate content strategy. Knowing which type of content works for your brand is easy when you are aware of the top tweets. Content planning and curation can be guided by these analytics.

Twitter Analytics Metrics You Should Track

To grow their businesses, everyone wants to take advantage of Twitter’s potential. However, Twitter management Tools are their for you to hit the correct node. As you plan your next tweet, here is a list of important Twitter metrics that you should be considering:

  • Twitter Engagement Rate

You need to start tracking your Twitter engagement rate. Even, You should Always analyze your metrics to determine if people are engaging with your posts, retweeting them, following you back, or responding with your hashtag. You can gauge the behavior of your audience using these Twitter insights.

  • Twitter Impressions

Analyze if your tweets are getting the views they deserve. What are the impressions your tweets are getting over time?

  • Rate of Video Completion

No one can deny that visuals are loved by people. Having a high number of video clicks on the metrics chart is not a reason to celebrate. Your brand’s video completion rate is the most important measurement as it tells you if your videos are really contributing to your success online or if you are just faking it.

  • Performance of Tweets on Average 

Twitter can sometimes be a challenge. Your tweets’ performance might go through the roof some days, while others may disappoint you terribly. Instead of focusing on individual tweets, consider the average tweet performance. A complex situation would result unless you simplify it.

  • Growth of Brand Followers

How important are Twitter followers to your online business? Growth metrics for brand followers cannot be overlooked. By using this tool, you can identify the tweet types that will increase your following. Twitter follower trackers can also give you regular reports on your followers.

  • Engagement Type

The more ‘likes’ your tweets get, the more engaged your followers are. Retweets from your followers say more about how much they care about your tweets. Using the insights from the analytics, you might want to differentiate between the different types of engagements and increase your follower acquisition efforts.

  • Performance of Twitter Hashtags

The use of hashtags is not just for show. If you keep metrics related to hashtag performance on top of your priority list, they can prove to be really powerful. Your past data will allow you to build a powerful Twitter marketing campaign using the performance data.

  • Performance of Content

A tweet is not the only form of content on Twitter. A brand’s Twitter presence is made up of all kinds of content, from images to videos. You can measure the performance of your content more accurately by conducting regular Twitter analyses. Defining these metrics can be done by decoding metrics such as engagement rate, impressions, views, retweets, and favorites on Twitter.

  • Type of Audience

Twitter does not have a universal audience. Metrics based on audience type come into play in this scenario. By segmenting audiences, you can target them based on their interests, demographics, or gender. The metrics help you gain much-needed insight by revealing those who frequently communicate with you. By analyzing Twitter demographics, you can be sure that you are reaching and attracting the right people.


Social media marketing has made Twitter analytics tools a key aspect, and their importance is growing even as you read this. The tools found in Twitter analytics can assist you in maximizing the success of your Twitter campaigns, hence use the above-mentioned analytics tools to promote your brand.

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