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9 Best Sites to Buy & Sell Instagram Accounts in 2024

Profit off your old, unused Instagram account and kickstart your next social media career by buying an established one. It’s all possible through a reputable online marketplace, like these 10 best sites to buy & sell Instagram accounts.
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Best Sites to Buy & Sell Instagram Accounts
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Did you know you can turn a profit on your existing Instagram account by selling it for up to hundreds of dollars online? 

Alternatively, if you want to jumpstart a successful career as an Instagram influencer without putting in all the work to generate followers, you can buy an account that someone else has already established! 

Sound strange? It isn’t really. Instagrammers buy and sell accounts all the time! It’s actually quite the bustling industry, which means there’s no shortage of reputable marketplaces where you can connect with sellers or buyers to accomplish your goals. 

Before we get into our tips for performing these actions safely, let’s cover the top 9 best sites to buy & sell Instagram accounts in 2024!

9 Best Sites For Buying and Selling Instagram Accounts (2024)

Here are the 9 best websites on the internet in 2024 for the purchase and sale of accounts on Instagram.

1. Social Tradia

Social Tradia

Social Tradia allows potential buyers to make offers on Instagram accounts that they want to purchase. Once the seller of the account accepts an offer, Social Tradia sees the transaction to a safe and speedy completion. As an added bonus, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the transfer of the account isn’t completed within 5 business days.

2. Surgegram


Surgegram is an Instagram accounts marketplace that sells premium accounts from real, authentic users. Along with fast delivery, this website also gives you the benefit of being able to search for accounts to buy according to your desired content category. 

If you want to sell Instagram account on Surgegram, reach out to them via their Contact Us page.

3. Freewaysocial


Freewaysocial offers influencers and brands the chance to buy Instagram accounts with high numbers of followers and specialized content niches. Delivery is guaranteed within 48-72 hours, and there’s also a money-back guarantee in case anything goes wrong.

4. Instatradia


Instatadia has an impressive catalog of Instagram accounts across a wide variety of industries and content niches. You can even find some that come with a Verified badge. The best part, though, is that Instatradia authenticates each account to make sure they’re real. With this website, you always know that you’re getting a good deal.

5. Swapd


For those of you interested in trading Instagram accounts as well as buying and selling them, Swapd may be just the right marketplace for you. Here, you can browse thousands of listings to find the perfect profile with the number of followers and content niche that you’re looking for. (You can even buy Instagram account with 100K followers or higher!)

Once you or a buyer finds an Instagram account they want to buy, they check out and deposit the money for it in Swapd’s escrow service. Swapd will audit and then secure the Instagram account before releasing both the payment and the account to their respective recipients. It’s an efficient, safe system that leaves everyone satisfied!

6. Z2U


Z2U is marketed primarily towards gamers, but they also sell Instagram accounts to anyone who wants to buy. This website will act as a mediator for your transaction, so that both parties get what they want. Here, you can buy Instagram account with 50K followers, 100K followers, and above.

7. Accs-market

Accs-market makes buying Instagram accounts easy as pie. To find an account to purchase, just fill out all the criteria you want it to meet, including the subject, whether it’s been verified or not, the number of subscribers, the price, and the income the account will bring in. Then choose the one that looks the best to you! 

As far as sellers are concerned, rest assured that will be a safe and secure home for your Instagram account listing. Like all reputable social media marketplaces, this one uses an escrow service to guarantee that the seller will receive payment after someone buys their account.

8. Fameswap


Fameswap is an excellent resource for both buying and selling accounts on Instagram. All the accounts are verified, and there are profiles in just about every niche you can think of. Plus, most of them come with several thousand followers – perfect for creators who want the biggest boost possible to launch their presence on the platform! 

Sellers will also appreciate the fact that Fameswap acts as a middleman for your sales, and also doesn’t let non-members see the prices on your listings.

9. TooFame


TooFame is definitely one of the top players in the social media account buying and selling industry. It’s highly trusted by thousands of users, primarily because this site verifies the existence and legitimacy of accounts before they allow them to be sold.

If you are a seller, you won’t need to endure lengthy months of waiting for a buyer. Instead, Toofame will directly purchase your Instagram account from you. Their team of skilled professionals will assess the value of your account and present you with a justifiable price without delay.

3 Tips For Buying Instagram Accounts

When you buy an Instagram account, you should do so with your eyes wide open. As with any kind of online transaction, it’s easy to get scammed if you don’t know what you’re doing or if you use the wrong website. 

To help you mitigate any losses and have a great experience, here are our top three tips for buying an account for Instagram online. 

1. Only Use Websites That Provide a Middleman Service

All the websites we mentioned in the previous section use a middleman/escrow service to handle transactions between the buyer and the seller. 

The way this works is the buyer’s funds are deposited in a separate account (called an escrow account) controlled by the website, which is acting as the middleman in this scenario. Once the buyer and seller agree on the terms of the purchase – typically in a three-way conversation monitored by the website – the website transfers the money to the seller and the account credentials to the buyer. 

This means that all the account information and money are passing through the website, rather than directly from buyer to seller. This is the safest way to conduct this sort of sale or trade, which is why we recommend you always find a site that is explicit about their use of a middleman/escrow service.

2. Never Share Personal or Financial Information with Sellers

Piggybacking off tip #1 is tip #2, in which we caution you to never share personal or financial information with sellers. If a seller reaches out to you directly without consulting the middleman, steer clear of them! They may be trying to deceive you or scam you into buying their account, which is likely low quality.

3. Only Buy Instagram Accounts That Have Been Verified

It’s good practice to only buy Instagram accounts that the website and/or the seller has verified to be real and genuine. This way, you won’t waste your money on a fake account, or worse, a stolen one.

3 Tips For Selling Instagram Accounts

Sellers of Instagram accounts are just as susceptible as buyers to theft and deceptive practices. Take extra care when listing your account and follow these tips to make the most of your venture.

1. Don’t Try To Sell Your Instagram Account on Your Own

While you may be tempted to sell your Instagram account on Instagram itself or even on Facebook Marketplace, this will inevitably turn out to be a mistake. There are all kinds of unscrupulous and dishonest buyers out there who will try to steal your account from you without paying. 

Instead, use one of the legitimate websites we listed above and take advantage of their middleman service to secure your sale.

2. Prepare Your Instagram Account Credentials for Transfer to the Buyer

At some point, you will need to turn over your Instagram account credentials to the marketplace’s middleman service for transfer to the buyer. Prepare for this ahead of time by removing any personal or sensitive information from the email account associated with your Instagram profile and from the profile itself. 

3. Be Aware of Fees

Lastly, be aware that most Instagram account marketplaces charge seller fees to use their services. Take this into account when pricing your listings. You may even want to charge a little more than the accounts are worth, so that you can still make a profit, even after the fees are taken out.

What Are the Risks of Buying and Selling Instagram Accounts?

We’ve already alluded to some of the risks of buying and selling Instagram accounts online. Let’s go over them in more detail now, so that you know beyond any doubt what you’re getting into.

1. Theft of Your Personal or Financial Data

The biggest risk is, of course, the theft of your personal and/or financial data, and even your money. Buyers and sellers alike can be victims of this crime. 

That’s why we can’t emphasize enough how important it is that you’re careful to only buy and sell Instagram accounts on reputable, legitimate websites. Furthermore, it’s also extremely important to use a middleman service and never try to go it alone.

2. Lack of Buyers

Sellers always take the risk that there will be a lack of buyers for their account. You may need to wait weeks, even months before an interested party will come along. You may also have to adjust your listing, like lowering the price to accommodate the market.

3. Lack of Instagram Accounts That Meet Your Buying Criteria

For buyers, there’s the risk that they won’t be able to find Instagram accounts to buy that meet the criteria they’re looking for. You can often get around this, however, by expanding your search to multiple marketplaces rather than restricting it to one or two.

4. Overcharging and Undervaluing

In situations where you’re haggling with the buyer or seller over the price of their Instagram account, you run the risk of getting overcharged or having your listing undervalued. Both parties will always try to get the best price possible. But if you feel you’re getting the short end of the stick, just know that you can always say, “No deal.”

How To Determine the Monetary Value of an Instagram Account

The easiest way to determine the monetary value of an Instagram account is tally up all the advantages that your account has – i.e., the number of followers, its age, its verification badge status, its content niche, etc. – and then compare it to other listings. To do that, check all the legitimate marketplaces that you know of, and then average the prices for the accounts that are similar to yours. 

From there, you should have an accurate picture of what you can reasonably expect to make from your sale. You can either charge less than this average to sell the account quicker, or you can charge more and see what you can get away with.

How Does Buying an Instagram Account Help You Succeed on Social Media?

Traditionally, Instagram creators who want to become influencers or develop a brand presence on the social media app will start their own account and build a following from scratch. 

The advantage of buying an Instagram account that already has a large following in your preferred content niche, is that you can reach your goals for your account much quicker.

Want to make money? You can leverage your already high follower account and the age of your account to start up relationships with brand sponsors.

Want to promote your brand? You already have a huge audience just waiting for you to produce content. 

No matter what you want to accomplish on Instagram, buying an account that already has some of the essential building blocks in place will help you succeed before you’ve barely even begun!

How Can You Sell an Instagram Account Safely?

To sell an Instagram account safely, we highly suggest you use a marketplace with a middleman/escrow service. Don’t try to sell your account on your own through Instagram or Facebook Marketplace, or another site like Craigslist. That’s a great way to get scammed or sell your account for a far lower price than you deserve.

Instead, use a site like Playerup, Insta-sale, or any of the other best websites we recommended earlier in the article. This will ensure your sale goes smoothly and safely, as well as be profitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Buy Verified Instagram Accounts?

Yes. There are some Instagram accounts that come with a verification badge. However, they often cost more than unverified accounts.

Are The Websites On This List Safe To Buy Instagram Accounts From?

Yes! They are safe and legitimate to use.

Is It Legal To Buy And Sell Instagram Accounts?

Yes! It’s legal to buy and sell Instagram accounts. You won’t get into trouble with the law by doing so. 

Will The Buyer And Seller Have To Connect Directly To One Another To Transact An Instagram Account?

Typically, buyers and sellers will either connect with one another with the website moderating their conversation, or they will communicate via the website as through a middleman.


Buying and selling Instagram accounts can be an amazing deal for everyone involved. Buyers can get profiles that are already set up with tons of followers and other perks, and sellers can make money off accounts that they’ve put a lot of work into. Be sure to use one of the websites we mentioned in this article, so that you will always come out on top of your transaction!

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