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Buying YouTube Views vs Organic Growth (2024)

Buying views vs organic growth – which one is better for YouTube? Do you need both? We compare the two to help you decide.
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Buy YouTube Views vs Organic Growth
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YouTube is the world’s video giant, accounting for 90% of the industry’s market share and maintaining a user base of 2.68 billion. If you want to get your content seen, it’s a lot harder than you would think.

Most of the world’s top creators state that:

  • You won’t receive any views on your first 50 – 100 videos
  • YouTube’s algorithm takes time to begin recommending your videos

But then there’s a conundrum because views are a metric that will help your uploads be seen by more people.

Some of the world’s top creators buy YouTube views on new channels to jumpstart the engagement and start having their content seen by millions.

If you’re unsure of whether you want to buy views or wait for organic growth, we’re going to cover everything you need to know in this guide so that you can make an informed decision on your channel’s growth.

Buying YouTube Views vs Organic Views

Views on YouTube are not automatically counted, as some creators believe. A view requires someone to watch your video for 30 seconds, but if your video is a Short, views will be counted much earlier.

With this in mind, let’s examine how buying views really works:

How Does Buying YouTube Views from Viralyft Work? 💵

We’ve sold views to over a million creators, so we’re confident when we say that views work to help channels grow. But how does it work when ordering from us? At Viralyft, we make it fast and easy to buy YouTube views:

Step #1: Visit our main page for buying YouTube views

Step #2: Select high or premium quality

High or Premium

Step #3: Choose the view package you want to buy

View Package

Step #4: Tap on the “buy now” button

Buy Now

You’ll supply your YouTube channel’s URL, select the video(s) you want to send views to and place your order. We have advanced systems in place that allow us to split views across videos and can even segment views based on very specific ordering requirements.

We send real views from real accounts to our client’s videos.

But we’re one company offering real views, and we can’t say the same for others. Many service providers send bots or fake views, and since they drop off, they don’t provide the results that creators want.

Since our views are all high retention, from real accounts and are spread out over time, they’ll help your channel receive the engagement necessary to have YouTube’s algorithms begin recommending your channel.

What to Consider When Buying YouTube Views

If you plan on buying views, you’ll want to consider quite a few things:

  • Quality. Real views are worth paying extra for because fake views will drop off and will not provide lasting results for your channel’s growth.
  • Retention. Views can drop off for a lot of reasons, and believe it or not, people do delete their accounts on rare occasions. If your views drop off, high-end providers will offer a retention guarantee that replaces them.
  • Drip-Fed. If you receive tons of views in a few minutes and you normally receive 0, YouTube will know. YouTube can easily track if they recommended your videos, and if the provider doesn’t spread out your view delivery, it may cause your videos to be flagged because it’s unnatural growth.

You should perform your own due diligence and research before selecting a provider. Reviews and testimonials are a good starting point, but we also recommend that you reach out to support teams

If support will not contact you back or offer adequate responses, you may want to think twice about using the service.

What are Organic YouTube Views?

Organic views are the views that you’ll receive organically, thanks to YouTube’s algorithm. You may consider organic views any view that isn’t purchased, and while this is technically true, imagine if you have 1 million Instagram and share your video there.

You’ll get a lot of views, but they are not directly from YouTube’s recommendation engine.

Organic views can also come from:

  • Shares
  • Recommendations

All of these views are organic because they’re not purchased.

How to Increase YouTube Views Organically

If you want to increase your views organically, you have multiple options available. We actually have a lot of guides on growing your channel that you can read, such as:

A few of the tips💡that we always recommend to budding creators who are trying to grow their views are:

  • Test out multiple thumbnails to find what works best for your audience. Thumbnail makers work very well and are one way to level up your thumbnails.
  • Create multiple forms of content to learn what works and doesn’t with your audience. Experimenting with video formats and ideas will provide you with invaluable insights.
  • Add SEO into your video elements, such as in your titles and descriptions, to increase the odds of organic video growth.
  • Create a strong posting schedule where you upload videos at the same time every week. YouTube tends to favor consistent creators and so will your subscribers.

We don’t want to overwhelm you with ideas, but if you follow the four points above, you’ll be well on your way to boosting your organic views on YouTube. Add in views that you buy, and you’ll have a rapidly growing channel.

Why Influencers Buy YouTube Views

One secret that YouTube influencers never share is that they buy views as part of their marketing plan. Influencers buy YouTube views for a number of reasons, but in most cases, they do it to:

1. To Stay Ahead of Algorithm Changes

YouTube’s algorithm is constantly changing. It’s not easy for creators to keep up. Buying views is an effective way to stay ahead of algorithmic changes and keep your engagement rate up as you try to adjust your content plan.

2. To Compete with Other Influencers

Influencers who are trying to grow their channels may have a hard time competing if they do things the old-fashioned way. The algorithm favors established channels with large audiences, so it’s not easy to get the attention of viewers.  

Buying views means that influencers can stay competitive and continue to grow their channels because they’re sending the right signals to the algorithm.

3. For Social Proof

One of the main reasons why influencers buy views is to get social proof. People are reluctant to watch videos and subscribe to channels that don’t have any engagement (views, likes, comments, subscribers).

Buying views helps give influencers the social proof they need to persuade users to watch their videos.

4. Grow Their Channels Faster

Many influencers buy views to help grow their channels faster. The views they buy help attract organic views that lead to more subscribers and engagement. 

In other words, they buy views to kickstart their growth, and then continue posting new content to sustain that growth. 

The faster they grow their audience, the quicker they can monetize their channels and transform their YouTube into a career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do YouTube Views Cost?

The cost of YouTube views will depend on where you’re buying them from and the level of the quality.

Our YouTube views start at less than a penny per view on our high-quality tier and a little more than a penny per view for our premium quality tier, which comes from highly active users on YouTube.

At Viralyft, you can buy up to 1 million views on our high-quality tier for just $1,995. That’s a small price to pay to go viral. But if you’re on a tighter budget, you can grab 10K views for just $44.99. For 25K premium quality views (one of our most popular packages used by influencers), you’ll pay about $130.

The cost of engagement is highly affordable, especially when you choose Viralyft for your views.

Can I Be Banned for Buying YouTube Views?

One of the first questions people ask about buying views is: can you get banned? The answer is: no, not if you buy real views. When you buy real views, YouTube will have no way of knowing that they were purchased.

Bot views from fake accounts, on the other hand, can get your account banned. YouTube has systems in place to detect fake engagement from bot accounts, and they can take action against your account if they want to. 

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