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Will You Get Banned for Buying YouTube Subscribers?

Worried about getting banned for buying YouTube subscribers? Here’s the real deal about buying subs and why you shouldn’t be afraid.
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Can You Get Banned for Buying YouTube Subscribers
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If you don’t have subscribers, it’s much harder for you to get subs. Social proof is real on YouTube. You’ll find that if you have subs, people are more likely to subscribe because they think “this creator is worth following.” But, in the beginning, it’s challenging to get started, and that leads us to today’s post: can you get banned for buying YouTube subscribers?

A lot of our customers ask support this very question, and we’re going to explain the facts to give you peace of mind when ordering.

Can You Get Banned for Buying YouTube Subscribers?

YouTube Policies

No. If you read through YouTube’s policies, you’ll find extensive information on fake engagement. Reading through the documentation, you’ll find that you cannot:

  • Sub4sub
  • Use artificial, fake subscribers

YouTube states that a human user intent is necessary when interacting with your content, which means one thing: you need real subscribers.

If you receive 10k subscribers or 100k subscribers who are all bots or fake accounts, it may be picked up by YouTube’s algorithm. For most people, the subs are removed rather than an action taken against your account.

Buying REAL Subscribers Can Boost Your Channel

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So, what can you do to buy subscribers? Buy real ones – like the ones we offer. We offer 100% real subscribers and have filtering in place to ensure our customers only receive human subs and not bots or fakes.

Due to our advanced system, YouTube will never know that you purchase subs because they’re from real accounts.

The Danger of Buying Fake YouTube Subscribers

YouTube rarely bans accounts even for buying fake subscribers because, think about it, you can easily get your competitors banned. But the platform does remove fake subs, which means you wasted your money.

Unfortunately, you’ll lose more than just your money when you buy fake subscribers.

1. Decrease in Important YouTube Metrics

What’s worse than losing subs? Not having your posts recommended to others. YouTube is all about engagement and will promote the videos that have:

  • Views
  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Shares

If you buy 1 million fake subscribers and no one is engaging with your content, it will hurt your organic views. YouTube always wants to show the best videos to users, and if you have a ton of followers and no engagement, it’s going to severely damage your channel’s growth.

Correcting a channel when tens of thousands of fake subs exist is very, very challenging.

2. Harm Your Reputation

Your fake subscribers have damaged your account, and now your reputation will suffer, too. If your real subscribers see that you’re losing a large portion of your subs for no reason, they will lose trust in your channel and in you.

Fake subscribers will damage your reputation.

If you do plan on growing your channel by purchasing subscribers, you need to verify that they’re 100% real.

On top of buying subs, you should also be working on natural methods to gain followers.

9 Ways to Get Subscribers on YouTube

Below are great techniques for growing channels that work in every niche.

1. Buy REAL Subscribers

Of course, you should buy real subscribers to create a base of subs that provide social proof. You need to vet the service that you plan on using to verify that they only provide REAL subscribers.

2. Up Your Asking Game

You need to ask your viewers to subscribe. You can do this in many ways, and the right choice is a personal one. You can:

  • Add subscribe buttons to your video and be sure to use sounds to grab the viewer’s attention so that they smash that button.
  • Create and integrate end screens into your videos, asking people to subscribe and to also lure them to another, similar video that they can watch.
  • Drop a link in the video description asking people to subscribe.

Of course, if you want, you can also ask people in the middle of the video to subscribe to your channel, but if you do this too often, it may come off as being too intrusive with your approach.

3. Create 10+ Minute Videos

YouTube prefers longer videos and will even offer you better ad placement if you create 10+ minute videos. Our own internal testing found that videos that are 5 minutes long also perform very well.

If you create longer content, there’s a good chance that it will:

If you don’t know what topic to focus on for this length of time, begin brainstorming and see what the competition is doing to mimic their approach.

Once your videos are long enough, consider your engagement.

4. Engage With Everyone Who Comments

Engage With Everyone Who Comments

What’s the best way to grow your subscribers naturally? Build a community. 

How do you build a community? Engage with everyone who comments on your content. Don’t just submit a generic comment. Get personal. Ask questions. Be specific.

When you engage with your viewers, you help build a loyal following that will share your content and expand your reach for you.

5. Start Creating More Shorts

Shorts are insanely popular on YouTube, and you can leverage their popularity to attract more subscribers to your channel.

The key to success here is to use your Shorts as a way to get more users to your long-form videos. How?

  • Share snippets of your longer videos

If you can get people interested in your long-form content, they’ll be more likely to subscribe to your channel.

6. Sprinkle in the Right Keywords

Every time you post a new video, make sure it’s optimized with the right keywords. Keywords are search terms that YouTube users type in to find the videos they want to see.

Adding the right keywords to your video description and titles will tell YouTube to show your video in the search results whenever someone searches for that word or phrase.

How do you find keywords for your videos?

  • Use keyword research tools
  • Start typing in a relevant word or phrase in YouTube search and use the suggestions that pop up
  • Check your analytics for past videos and see which keywords people used to find your videos

Sprinkling in the right keywords can be a game-changer for your channel, but make sure that you’re not overdoing it. Use keywords naturally.

7. Go All-Out in the First 24 Hours After Posting

What do you normally do after posting a new video? Do you go all-out on promoting it in the first 24 hours? If not, it’s time to start.

If you want to boost your subscribers and attract more organic engagement, then you need to treat each new video like a new product.

  • Share it across all of your social media channels to maximize your reach and exposure.
  • Promote your video on your website or through email marketing.

Heavy promotion will get more people to your video, which will tell YouTube’s algorithm that your content is worth watching. Before you know it, the platform will be recommending your videos more often.

Going all out on promotion within the first 24 hours of posting a video can make all the difference in getting new subscribers.

8. Add Transcriptions to Attract More Viewers

Add Transcriptions to Your Videos

Transcriptions make your videos more accessible to people who are hearing impaired or watch your videos on mute.

They will also help YouTube understand what your videos are about.

Yes, this adds an extra step to your video creation process, but it’s well worth the time to attract more viewers and get more subscribers naturally.

In case you didn’t know: Transcriptions are word-for-word translations of your video’s audio, and they can easily be uploaded along with your video.

9. Keep Posting Consistently

What’s the biggest mistake that YouTubers make? They stop posting new videos consistently. 

Buying real subscribers can give your channel a boost, but you have to keep creating and posting new videos regularly if you want to sustain your growth.

Make it a point to post new content every week or however often is normal for your niche. Not sure how often you should post? Check out the competition.

If they’re posting multiple times a week, you need to match them or post even more often.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are People Buying Subscribers?

Yes, lots of people buy YouTube subscribers, including top influencers and YouTubers. The reality is that building a channel is difficult. Buying real subscribers helps you get a jumpstart on growing your channel and sending the right signals to YouTube’s algorithm.

Does YouTube Check Your Subscribers?

YouTube has stated that they regularly verify the legitimacy of user accounts. They verify accounts to keep their platform free of spam and abuse.

Is YouTube Taking Away My Subscribers?

Sometimes, YouTube will remove subscribers if they are from bot or spam accounts. That’s why it’s so important to buy real subscribers. YouTube can detect fake accounts with precision, and they will remove them without a second thought.

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