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20 Couple YouTube Video Ideas with Her or Him (2024)

Want to create awesome couple YouTube videos? We share 20+ ideas to try today to get viewers hooked on your channel.
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Couple YouTube video ideas
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Do you want to create a YouTube channel with your significant other or find ways to incorporate them into your content? Viewers love couple videos, especially when they feature funny and wholesome moments.

If you’re not sure what kinds of videos to make with your significant other, we have 20 ideas to inspire your creativity.

20 Couple YouTube Video Ideas To Try in 2023, 2024 & Beyond

1. Prank Your Partner

Pranks are trendy on YouTube, and this can be a fun type of content to create if you both have a good sense of humor. These kinds of videos always attract a lot of views and engagement. 

So, before you play a joke on your significant other, don’t forget to tap the “record” button. And after you’ve made a few prank videos, you can string them together to create a funny compilation of pranks.

2. Vlogging or Day in the Life Videos

If you’re fresh out of ideas for your channel, make a vlog or a “day in the life” video. Share your routines and what your relationship is like behind the scenes. Viewers will enjoy getting a peek into your life and seeing what the two of you are like in your day-to-day lives.

If you have a date night planned or you’re planning for an important milestone (wedding, buying a house, etc.), these are perfect opportunities for vlogging. Carlo and Sarah, the famous YouTube couple, share this kind of content often. They share their house-hunting journey, wedding planning and more.

3. Talk About Your Relationship

People love following YouTubers who are genuine, honest and open. Their content is real, and they talk to their followers just like they’re there in the room with them.

Be courageous enough to be vulnerable in front of the camera and talk about your relationship. Share your ups and downs. Share the story of how you met. Open up about who you are and what your relationship is all about.

4. Give Advice for Other Couples

If you and your partner have been together for a long time or overcame difficulties together, why not share advice for other couples? What’s your secret to keeping a relationship going? 

Many couples are out there looking for advice and insight on how to overcome their problems. Maybe you have some tips on how to compromise without causing resentment or how to treat each other better.

Try focusing your content on a specific topic. Over time, you can create videos on a variety of topics. You can share your insights while creating content more consistently.

5. Share Past Experiences

Do you both have stories to tell? Have you overcome struggles together? Maybe you have funny or embarrassing moments to share.

People love to hear stories, especially when they’re genuine. 

If you’re not sure what to share, ask people what they want to see. Or you could play a fun game of “Never Have I Ever.” Write down a bunch of questions – make some of them shocking or outrageous – and answer whether you have or haven’t done those things.

You may even learn a few things about your partner along the way. And viewers will get a good laugh.

The J Family did this kind of video, and it was a hit among viewers.

6. Do a Cooking Video

The couple that cooks together stays together. There’s something romantic about cooking a meal together, right? But your viewers will also love learning about new dishes to make, and maybe even get some ideas for their own date nights.

Find some recipes to make together, and film yourselves cooking and enjoying your meals. Have fun with it. Let your chemistry shine through.

In this video from YouTuber adrienne finch vlogs, Adrienne cooks dinner with her boyfriend. While they’re really informative, they also have fun together, which keeps viewers hooked.

7. Celebrate Milestones

Are you celebrating another year together? Are you getting married or expecting a child? Celebrate these big milestones with your viewers. People will enjoy celebrating along with you, and viewers love this kind of wholesome content.

These kinds of videos don’t have to be lengthy. You could even turn them into Shorts to let your subscribers know what’s going on and why you’re celebrating.

If you’re feeling up to it, you can even have a livestream focused on this milestone. Answer questions or share your plans with your subscribers.

8. Give a Tour of Your Apartment or House

We’re all a little nosy – and that includes your YouTube family. Your subscribers and viewers want to see what’s going on in your life. Why not give them a tour of your home or apartment?

If you’ve recently remodeled, just purchased a new home or moved into an apartment, show it off. 

Share why you chose your décor and which features of your home you love the most.

9. Do a Reaction Video

Reaction videos are so trendy on YouTube. Viewers want to know what other people think about other videos and controversial topics. 

If you know something is trending right now, why not make a reaction video about it? Make sure that the topic or video is relevant to your audience, so they stay engaged and interested in your content.

10. Review a Product

Do you have a product that you love? Is there something that both of you use and have different opinions about? Share your individual reviews of these products.

You could even do an unboxing video if you’ve recently ordered a new item.

11. Make a Travel Vlog

Are you planning a trip? Why not vlog about it? If you don’t have any fun adventures planned, your YouTube channel is a great excuse to book one. 

Share your travel experience, from the journey there to the fun things you do together. You can even provide viewers with advice on where to eat and what to do wherever you’re traveling.

12. Do a Challenge

Challenges are always fun to watch, and for YouTubers, this can be a great type of content to create. 

You can do a one-off challenge, or you can run a 30-day challenge and take your viewers along for the ride.

13. Show Off Your Pets

Do you have pets? Show them off. You can:

  • Introduce them
  • Go on adventures
  • Discuss care routines and options

Your subscribers are sure to love your pets and would like a glimpse into your life.

14. Perform Comedy Skits

Are you a couple known for making other people laugh? If so, why not create a comedy skit? Skits are a lot of fun and are a good go-to option for creating a YouTube video.

15. Review a Movie

You like one movie, but your partner doesn’t. Why? Create a review of the movie and share your opinions with your audience. If you opt for this type of video, you’ll need to be very cautious about copyright concerns if you show a clip or screenshot of the movie.

But aside from that, why not let the world know what you each really think about the latest blockbuster?

16. Share a Couple’s Fitness Routines

Fit couples are an inspiration to everyone trying to get into the best shape possible. A lot of followers will want to follow in your footsteps. MadFit did this in one of their videos, which has received over 870,000 views.

Many others have done this, too.

Juice & Toya’s full-body cardio HIIT workout has been viewed a staggering 17 million times.

17. Q&As

Questions and answers have two main video options, both of which work very well:

  • Ask your partner questions that you’ve always wanted to and never had the chance to ask before.
  • Ask your subscribers to ask questions and answer them.

You can also do a live Q&A, which will humanize your channel and allow you to connect deeper with your audience.

18. Share Your Date Night Ideas

Marriage Inside Out did a great video during the pandemic where they shared seven date night ideas with their audience. You can use this video as inspiration and watch how this lovely couple:

  • Shares budget-friendly ideas
  • Explains what they like about each idea

And if you want, you can always share videos of trying the ideas out as a follow-up. Couples are always looking for fun date night ideas, so your video is sure to be a hit.

19. Review a Book

You both read the same book, but neither of you has talked about it to the other. So, what should you do? Review it on your channel. Each person can take a turn explaining what they liked and didn’t like about the book while the other chimes in.

If you have two very different tastes in books, this is one video idea that can lead to fun, hilarious content being created.

20. Do a Livestream

And if you’ve run out of couple YouTube video ideas and don’t want to script anything but want to engage your followers, do a livestream. Over 23% of all viewing worldwide is livestreaming. You can promote the livestream ahead of time by:

  • Creating a teaser
  • Posting about it on socials
  • Create a Live Section to have it display your next stream
If you have good chemistry with your partner, you’ll find that livestreams are a lot of fun and will keep your subscribers engaged.

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