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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot Someone’s Post?

There are times when you may want to screenshot someone else’s Instagram post, Story, or Reel. But does Instagram notify when you screenshot someone’s post? Find out the answer, so you can avoid an embarrassing situation!
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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot a Post
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Screenshotting someone else’s Instagram post, Story, or Reel isn’t illegal. But if you’re reading this article, then chances are you’ve done it and you feel a little guilty about it. 

You probably shouldn’t feel bad (admit it, we know you’ve done it, too), depending on what you plan to do with the screenshots. And if you’re like most people, you screenshot to inspire a future post of your own, save a product you intend to buy later on, or for some other perfectly innocent, legitimate purpose.

But all the same, it would be embarrassing if the other person knew that you were saving their content in this way. They might not realize what your purpose is, so it may make them uncomfortable.

That’s why, before you get too happy with the screenshot feature on your smartphone, it’s critical that we answer the question: Does Instagram notify when you screenshot someone’s post?

The Answer Is: No, It Doesn’t

You can now heave a big sigh of relief. Because the answer is no, Instagram doesn’t notify other users when you screenshot their content. 

It’s understandable why you think they might, though. In this day and age, privacy on the internet is a huge concern, as evidenced by features like blocking, muting, and restricting other users’ access to your Instagram account. 

Plus, for a short time back in 2018, Instagram tested notifying users when people were taking screenshots of their Stories. But they swiftly rolled this feature back when it met with a lot of complaints.

But even though Instagram no longer sends a notification to a user that someone has screenshot their content, should you still screenshot? 

As far as “should” or “should not” is concerned, it’s all about intention. As long as you’re not planning the user any harm or intending to steal or plagiarize their content, screenshot away!

Like we mentioned at the drop of this article, screenshotting a post on Instagram isn’t illegal. You’re not going to get into legal trouble, so there’s really nothing stopping you from doing it. Unless, of course, you use the image you saved in an illegal way, like passing it off as your own original content. 

But we recommend you avoid that situation at all costs! Not only could it affect you personally, but it could also jeopardize your Instagram account and result in termination from the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Take a Screenshot of an Instagram Post Without Someone Knowing?

Instagram doesn’t notify users when a screenshot of their content has been taken. This means you can freely use the screenshot function on your smartphone on any Instagram post, Story, or Reel.


Screenshotting Instagram posts can be a great way to save imagery that inspires you and that you want to emulate for your future content. It can also serve many other legitimate purposes. 

Just remember to be respectful and responsible whenever you screenshot an Instagram post. Though the platform won’t notify the creator that you screenshotted their content, you should still avoid stealing or plagiarizing their work.

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