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Top 45 Instagram Models in Dubai To Beautify Your Feed

Fill your Instagram feed with photos of luxurious hotels, sandy beaches, stunning sunsets, and fashionable models by following these top 45 Instagram models in Dubai.
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Top influencers in Dubai
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Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is famous not just for its stunning modern architecture and expensive resorts, but also as a mecca for Instagram models and influencers. All your favorite social media fashion and beauty icons, including Huda Beauty, Noor Stars, and Noha Nabil, are frequently seen in Dubai taking photos and soaking in the city’s luxury.

The next best thing to being in Dubai yourself is seeing photos of it in your Instagram feed! That’s why In this article, we’re recommending the top 45 Instagram models in Dubai to follow to beautify your feed and experience this amazing locale from home.

Here Are the Top 45 Dubai Models on Instagram

Enjoy our list of 45 Dubai models and influencers to follow on Instagram!

1. Huda Kattan (@hudabeauty)


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A post shared by HUDA BEAUTY (@hudabeauty)

Huda Beauty is the official Instagram page of the Huda Beauty cosmetics brand. The company is based in Dubai, and it’s the perfect backdrop for 40-year-old owner and model Huda Kattan to model her products.

Huda is currently promoting her latest eyeshadow palette release, which was launched in October 2023.

53.9 Million Followers

2. Joelle Mardinian (@joellemardinian)

Joelle Mardinian is a Lebanese Instagram model and makeup artist, as well as a mom. She is also the host of her own show called Joelle Unfiltered, in which she gives her audience a raw look at her daily life.

She is often in Dubai, where she founded a plastic surgery clinic called Clinica Joelle. Her Instagram feed is normally filled with posts about beauty and lifestyle; however, most of her recent posts have been about the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict

21.8 Million Followers

3. Noor Naim (@noorstars)

Noor Stars is an Instagram fashion & beauty influencer, businesswoman, and role model for millions of young Middle Eastern women.

She travels often to other countries, including the United Arab Emirates, to attend brand events and take photos of her outfits.

One of her most recent accomplishments is winning the Woman of the Year award at the 2023 Arab Woman Awards in Dubai.

14.2 Million Followers

4. Noha Nabil S Mohammad (@nohastyleicon)

Noha Nabil is an Instagram influencer from Kuwait. Over the years that she’s been active on social media, she’s founded three different brands: a cosmetic brand called Noha Nabil Beauty, a clothing brand called Eleven Eleven, and Retrouvailles, which sells perfume.

In 2020, Vogue Business named her as “the biggest influencer in the Arabic Middle East.”

12.5 Million Followers

5. Nour Arida (@nouraridaofficial)

Nour Arida is a Lebanese fashion blogger, Instagrammer, and model for Elite Models Paris. She’s been photographed in Dubai and other exotic locations for luxury brands, as well as attending countless important events, including film festivals and award ceremonies.

In early 2023, she was the recipient of the Arab Women of the Year Award from the London Arabia Organization. 

10.9 Million Followers

6. Narin Amara (@narins_beauty)

Narin Amara is a model and content creator in the fashion & beauty content niche. She splits her time primarily between Sweden and Dubai, but she also travels to other locations around the world for her work promoting beauty and tech brands.

Some of her recent brand collaborations include Huawei, Maybelline, and Nyx Cosmetics.

10.8 Million Followers

7. Dr. Mahra Ahmed Lutfi Harmoozi (@missglobalpeace)

Dr. Mahra Lutfi is not just an Instagram model and influencer. She’s also a doctor and is the first physician to specialize in stem cells in the United Arab Emirates.

In 2019, she won multiple awards for her work, including Best Female Achievement Award in the UAE.

9.2 Million Followers

8. Karen Wazen Bakhazi (@karenwazen)

Karen Wazen Bakhazi is a fashion influencer, accessories designer, and businesswoman. She owns her own eyewear brand called By Karen Wazen, which she frequently promotes on her Instagram feed.

Other types of content on her account include photos of her having fun with her husband and children, attending high-profile fashion events around the world, and modeling established brands like Prada.

8.1 Million Followers

9. Rawan Bin Hussain (@rawan)


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A post shared by Rawan Bin Hussain (@rawan)

Rawan Bin Hussain is a model, actress, and singer from Kuwait. In 2022 and 2023, she starred in two separate streaming series called Drifted By Water and The Deep State, respectively.

She’s also released several original singles, including, most recently, a song inspired by immigrants and people who have been displaced by war.

7.4 Million Followers

10. Azza Zarour (@azzazarour)

Azza Zarour is a fashion influencer, singer, and actress who lives and works in Dubai. She is also a well-known television presenter.

Though she’s no longer as active on Instagram after the birth of her first child in 2022, she can still be spotted at important events, such as the 2023 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Abu Dhabi.

6.1 Million Followers

11. Jumana Abdu Rahman (@jumana)

Jumana Khan is an Instagram influencer, entrepreneur, and lawyer based in Dubai. She promotes brands in a wide variety of industries, including tech, finance, and fashion, in addition to owning her own social media agency called JK7Media.

In September 2023, she was awarded the Mega Celebrity Influencer Award by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). 

5.9 Million Followers

12. Raghad Ragoode (@rragoode)

Raghad is a Dubai social media influencer who uses her Instagram account to chronicle her lifestyle as a student in dental school and as an observant Muslim woman.

She occasionally travels to different locations around the world, all the while taking photos and experiencing exciting adventures, like skydiving. In 2023, she was invited to attend the 2023 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in Abu Dhabi in recognition of her influence.

5.8 Million Followers

13. Mai Abdel-Jabbar Hamdan Selim (@maiselim

Mai Selim is an actress, model, and pop star from Dubai who has Jordanian and Palestinian ancestry. Her Instagram content consists mostly of selfies and photos of her attending glamorous events.

More recently, however, her posts have been about the current conflict between Israel and Palestine.

5.3 Million Followers

14. Jalila (@jalila_official)

Jalila is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer. Her Instagram feed is a beautiful array of photos showing her in various Instagram-worthy locations in the Middle East, including Dubai, and going to PR events like a showing of the blockbuster film, Barbie (2023).

She also promotes fashion brands, namely the Italian company Liu Jo.

5.3 Million Followers

15. Afrae Es-satte (

Afrae Es-satte is a family creator and a lifestyle brand influencer. Her Instagram posts frequently feature her with her children or promoting products from clothes and bags to strollers and smartwatches.

She also specializes in brands based in the UAE, where she resides. Aside from being a successful social media influencer, one of Afrae’s top accomplishments is winning the best family creator of the year award in the Arab world.

5 Million Followers

16. Zeynab El-helw (@Zeynabelhelw

Zeynab El-helw is a fashion model, influencer, and businesswoman. Due to her fame, she has been featured on the covers of important fashion magazines such as Bazaar and Emirates Women.

She also owns her own fashion label called Reborn, which produces sustainable clothing lines.

4.1 Million Followers

17. Parisa Beiraghdari (@lanarose786

Lana Rose is a pop singer and Dubai Instagram model. She’s released multiple music videos on YouTube, the most recent of which premiered during summer 2023 and was called “Love Me Loud.”

In addition to music content, Lana Rose also posts pictures of herself in beautiful locations around Dubai and other countries in the world, like England and India.

3.9 Million Followers

18. Shahad Hassan (@shahadssl)

Shahad Hassan is a Dubai-based digital creator in the beauty and fashion niches. In addition to her Instagram account, she also runs a successful YouTube channel.

Both social media platforms serve as her home for makeup tutorials and modeling photos, which are unique since Hassan is an observant Muslim and wears modest clothing, including a hijab.

4 Million Followers

19. Cedra Ammara (@Cedras_beauty

Cedra Ammara is an actress and model based out of Sweden and Dubai who mostly posts selfies in casual, but beautiful everyday wear.

In the summer of 2023, she collaborated with the Max fashion brand to release a video promoting their new clothing line. As part of the promotion, Cedra’s photo was featured on a billboard beside the Max name.

3.5 Million Followers

20. Lana Mohamed (@lana_mohd89

Lana Mohd is a digital content creator and entrepreneur in Dubai. Though she’s gained a large following on Instagram, she initially rose to fame on TikTok, where she danced and lip synced to popular songs.

Now, she is known for her brand collaborations (which include Pan Home and NARS Cosmetics), fashion modeling, and energetic personality. 

3.3 Million Followers

21. Mahira Abdel Aziz (@mahiraabdelaziz)

Mahira Abdel Aziz has many titles: architect, television anchor, actress, and fashion influencer. She is currently the host of the Morning Show on Al Arabiya TV, but she also has a strong Instagram presence.

When you follow her page, you’ll often see her attending fashion shows, jetting to exotic locations, and supporting social and political causes close to her heart.

3 Million Followers

22. Hadia Ghaleb (@hadiaghaleb

Hadia Ghaleb is a social media influencer who is best known for her inclusive swimwear brand, By Hadia Ghaleb. The company, which is based in Dubai, specializes in swimsuit sets that provide more coverage than traditional one or two-piece suits.

In recognition of her entrepreneurial success, Hadia made Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list for 2022.

2.5 Million Followers

23. Zena Louay (@Zena_louay

As an image consultant and fashion influencer, Zena Louay has made waves in Dubai after relocating there from her home country of Iraq. She often partners with high-end brands like Hermes, Prada, and Louis Vuitton, to name a few, for her stylish Instagram ensembles.

As if those accomplishments weren’t enough, Zena is also a talented actress and a television presenter.

2.1 Million Followers

24. Zainab Al-Eqabi (@Zainab.aleqabi

Zainab Al-Eqabi is a brand ambassador, pharmacist, television presenter, and para-athlete. Due to her having had an above-the-leg amputation, she dedicates a lot of her time to advocating for disabled people in the Middle East and their rights.

In 2021, she was featured on the cover of Vogue Arabia, and she currently represents Volkswagen, Nike, and Ottobock.

1.7 Million Followers

25. Eya Fattouh (@eyaofficial


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Eya fattouh (@eyaofficial__)

Eya Fattouh is a content creator who is popular on TikTok as well as Instagram. Her most popular posts are her videos where she lip syncs to a popular song and then transitions into a finished makeup look or clothing ensemble.

She also films makeup tutorials to teach her audience her application techniques. 

1.5 Million Followers

26. Nour Diyabi (@nour.diyab)

As an Instagram influencer, Nour Diyabi creates digital content for Instagram in the fashion, family, and lifestyle niches. Her husband, Essam Maher, is also an influencer, and they are often pictured together in each other’s posts along with their four children.

In 2023, Nour collaborated with several well-known brands on some of her posts, including a retail brand called Carrefour and the fashion company Shein.

1.3 Million Followers

27. Al-Anoud Badr (@fozaza

Alanoud Badr is a popular fashion designer who owns her own brand called Lady Fozaza. In addition to photos of her outfits, which she uses to promote Lady Fozaza and other great brands, Alanoud is also known for posting content about her travels.

Her recent activities include being featured in Vogue Arabia for their 2023 My Style Superstars series.

1.2 Million Followers

28. Maram Zbaeda Maalouf (@maram.zbaeda)

Maram Zbaeda Maalouf is a model, social media influencer, and mother. She frequently posts about all these aspects of her life from her home base in Dubai, but also from exotic locations like Milan and Paris.

You can also see her showing off luxury brand names that sponsor her posts, such as Dior and Givenchy.

1 Million Followers

29. Rania Fawaz (@raniafawazz

Rania Fawaz is a fashion consultant, businesswoman, and model on Instagram who frequently attends runways and promotes brands like Givenchy, Prada, and Miu Miu.

She also owns her own fashion label called MORPHO. Most recently, she was seen at a runway show for the brand LOEWE with other famous influencers and designers.

901 K Followers

30. Areej Nashashibi (@areejnashashibi


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A post shared by Areej Nashashibi (@areejnashashibi)

Areej Nashashibi is a social media influencer and brand ambassador. Most of her content centers around her outfits and her travels as she jets from country to country.

One of her recent collaborations was with Airalo, which is a SIM card that helps people who are traveling internationally to maintain cell service on their phones.

899 K Followers

31. Farnaz Alam (@konabyfarnazalam

Farnaz Alam is an entrepreneur and a fashion icon. She is the Deputy Managing Director of Women’s World LTD, the CEO of Women’s World Cosmetics, and the founder of Kona Kosmetics.

In May 2023, she walked the red carpet at the 76th Cannes Film Festival, and in October 2023, she received the Outstanding Contribution in Entrepreneurial Accomplishment Award from JCI Bangladesh.

919 K Followers

32. Loujain Adada Juffali (@loujaninaj

LJ Loujain Adada is a Lebanese model and mother who is now settled in Dubai. In 2022, she was one of the stars of Dubai Bling, a reality TV series that claimed to give viewers an inside look into the glamorous lives of some of Dubai’s richest denizens. She is also notable for marrying a Saudi billionaire businessman.

725 K Followers

33. Dina Abdulkareem (@shamss_model

Dina Abdulkareem is a Dubai model, actress, and influencer. In the past, she’s represented fashion & beauty brands like Shein, Voga Closet, and Sosoim.

In spring 2023, she traveled to London, England for photo ops, including one in front of the Prada Caffe.

696 K Followers

34. Karina Kapris (@karina.kapris

Karina is a multi-niche influencer, but all her content has one thing in common: luxury. No matter what she’s doing or where she’s traveling, you can be sure that she will be promoting a sumptuous resort or modeling an expensive clothing label.

Though she spends most of her time in Dubai, she also travels to other exciting destinations, like Rome and Monaco. 

584 K Followers

35. Carla DiBello (@carladibello)


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A post shared by Carla DiBello (@carladibello)

Carla DiBello is a businesswoman with many credits to her name. For one thing, she is an executive film and television producer, and was once attached to the hit reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

She is also the founder of a consulting firm called CDB Advisory and is a columnist for Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Her Instagram account is home to posts about fashion, travel, and business.

575 K Followers

36. Lenka Josefiova (@thetravellingbeautyqueen)

Lenka Josefiova is a travel blogger, television host, journalist, and model from Czechoslovakia who now resides in Dubai. She has earned several accolades, including Miss Europe Tourism and WBA Forbes Best Tourism Blogger 2019.

Her picture has graced 28 magazine covers (including, in 2023, Fashion Magazine NYC), and her Instagram feed is filled with photos of her on her travel adventures around the world. 

552 K Followers

37. Jazmin Duran Valda (@jazzminduran)

Jazmin Duran is a fashion model and beauty pageant winner. She was voted Miss Earth Bolivia in 2015, Female Model of the Year at the Orion Star Awards 2022, and Best Fashion Model 2019 at the World Fashion Festival Awards.

Some of her most recent brand collaborations, which you can see on her Instagram page, include Inna Murier and Fashion Nova.

527 K Followers

38. Leena Kaziz (@leenakaziz)

Leena Kaziz is a fashion, beauty, travel, and lifestyle influencer, as well as a business owner. She founded her jewelry brand, 1921 The Brand, to empower women to feel beautiful and sexy.

She also promotes other companies on her Instagram account, such as Samsung Galaxy, Skinceuticals, and Christian Louboutin, all against the beautiful backdrops of her travel destinations.

420 K Followers

39. Rafeea Al-Hajsi (@rafeeaalhajsi

Rafeea Al-Hajsi is widely regarded as the UAE’s first runway model, but she is also an actress and a television host. Her Instagram content focuses on her modeling work in fashion and jewelry.

With regard to clothing, her style is more traditional, meaning she doesn’t wear a lot of revealing pieces. She also likes working with Emirati designers, although she has expanded her work to include international labels, as well.

419 K Followers

40. Fatema Al Awadhi (@justfatema

Fatema Alawadhi is a digital creator who is famous for her fashion sense and beauty expertise. As a Muslim, she chooses to dress modestly, which means covering her hair and not wearing clothing that reveals a lot of skin. She was recently featured in Vogue Arabia for Paris Fashion Week.

384 K Followers

41. Ola Alchacha (@ola_alchacha

Ola Alchacha is studying Electronics and Communication Engineering, but she has no need to crunch on how to be a social media influencer and model.

She frequently posts photos of herself in stylish clothes on Instagram and is famous on TikTok for her trends and lifestyle videos.

321 K Followers

42. Lailli Mirza (@laillimirza

Lailli Mirza is an entrepreneur, YouTuber, and influencer. In addition to being the Business Development Manager for Biolite, she also owns her own clothing brand called Petite.

Though based in Dubai, she travels frequently and takes pictures of her fashion ensembles to post to her Instagram account.

265 K Followers

43. Zoya Sakr (@zoyasakr


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A post shared by Zoya Sakr (@zoyasakr)

Zoya Sakr is a Lebanese-Russian fashion and lifestyle influencer, model, and businesswoman. She is the founder of The Flower Society, a florist’s shop in Dubai.

Her work often involves taking off to beautiful locations around the world and promoting luxury brands like Prada and Chanel. 

247 K Followers

44. Shahinaz Al Bouchi (@shahinazalbouchi

Shahinaz Al Bouchi is a fashion and beauty influencer who travels the world with her friends. Her Instagram feed shows off the places she’s exploring (such as Turkey and Egypt), the clothing she’s wearing, and the beauty products that she’s promoting. 

156 K Followers

45. Tala Samman (@myfashdiary)


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A post shared by Tala Samman (@myfashdiary)

Tala Samman is a DJ and influencer in Dubai. Her content consists of her fashion choices for the various events that she’s invited to in Dubai and in other parts of the globe.

You can also check out her website MyFashDiary, where she shares her recommendations for all things fashion, beauty, travel, and food.

123 K Followers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do so Many Models Move to Dubai?

Dubai is famous for its resorts, its beautiful architecture, and its beaches. It is one of the most luxurious and Instagrammable places on the planet, hence why a lot of models are attracted to it.

Who are the Most Famous Models in Dubai?

Huda Kattan and Joelle Mardinian are the most famous Instagram models in Dubai, as they have the highest number of followers among their peers.

Which Model in Dubai is the Richest?

Huda Kattan is the richest Instagram model in Dubai with an estimated net worth of $560 million.


The life of a Dubai model is glittering and glamorous. By following the top 50 Instagram models and influencers in Dubai above, you’ll get to take a peek into this fascinating world every time you open your Instagram app!

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