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How to Increase Your Reach on Facebook -7 Effective Hacks (2023)

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Since the time Facebook was launched to the present, the way brands and creators grow their presence on the platform has evolved. Statistics claim that Facebook organic reach has witnessed a major decline with increasing competition on the platform. In such a scenario, how do you amplify the reach of your Facebook content and get more Facebook followers organically, especially if you are just beginning your Facebook journey?

How do you get your posts to be viewed by more new Facebook users on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis? The solution lies in implementing certain best practices that will feed your page into the Facebook algorithm and let the algorithm itself do the rest for boosting your content. Check out the following effective and easy-to-implement ways that How to increase your reach on Facebook that can gradually take your content from being engaging to popular to viral.

facebook-How to Increase Your Reach on Facebook

Tap Into An Emotion

Your content will get maximum traction, not when you ‘insist’ your followers engage with it. But rather, when you ‘inspire’ them to engage with your posts. To do so, a simple formula is – your content must evoke a relatable emotion in your audience. Be it laughter, curiosity, amazement, or compassion. If you create something that your Facebook followers can relate to, then you are playing your chances at getting your content to become viral and increasing your reach on Facebook.

As a brand, therefore, it is crucial to shy away from posting just promotional content and leverage creative storytelling to nurture your Facebook community. This is because throwing marketing posts at your followers will eventually lead them to disappear. Instead, when you focus on engaging them through relatable content, you not only retain your existing followers. Rather, you also boost your reach organically as a result of amplified engagement.

Try Multiple Post Formats

Since it was launched the first time, Facebook has evolved to facilitate creators and businesses by introducing tons of different features. This includes Facebook Stories, Facebook Live, Facebook videos, images, blog posts and so many more. The idea is to experiment with multiple post formats and see what works particularly for your page. Once you experiment with multiple Facebook post formats over time, you can gain relevant insights about the average reach of every post format.

Further, when you utilize all Facebook features, the Facebook algorithm prioritizes your content in search results and suggestions. What this does is that it makes your content more discoverable on the platform when users search for similar content. In effect, your organic reach amplifies. The key takeaway is to spice up your Facebook feed with a mix and match of post formats such that you are feeding the algorithm while also keeping your audience engaged.

Optimize Posting Times

To get your content to reach the maximum audience on Facebook, it is imperative to post when most of your followers are active and online. That is because when your Facebook followers are online and ready to engage with your content, it is likely to get more traction. Ideally, the following schedule has been identified as the best time to post on Facebook

9 am to 1 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays However, these peak hours cannot be generalized for getting maximum engagement for all brands or creators on Facebook. Further, since these are the peak schedules, there are chances that your content would disappear in the flood of other posts that are published on the platform during the same hours.

As such, what you need to do to maximize your Facebook reach is to identify posting times that work particularly for your page. To do so, study your Facebook page insights to analyze when most of your audience is online. Please note that these schedules are bound to change from time to time. Therefore, to keep getting maximum visibility for your content, optimize your posting times as and when required.

Encourage Engagement on Your Posts

If there is one thing you need to fixate on for increasing your reach on Facebook, it is precisely this – engagement. This is because, in the way the Facebook algorithm works, more engagement can actually boost your reach on Facebook. The more people like, comment, or share your post, the more benefit of networks your post gets. As such, more engagement inevitably means that your post will be seen by more Facebook users, thereby increasing your reach.

Now to encourage engagement on your posts, the best way is to create space for conversation or debate. If your posts spark a conversation, then naturally more Facebook users would be inclined to participate in that. As such, your post would fetch more meaningful comments, likes, and shares, and hence, more engagement. You can initiate conversations through your Facebook posts by asking questions, opinionating on a trend, and more. Also, you could host contests, or giveaways, or share funny content as it renders itself highly shareable. As such, with more engagement, you also increase your reach on the platform.

Target the Right Facebook Groups

Target the Right Facebook Groups-How to Increase Your Reach on Facebook

Facebook Groups are an excellent way to boost the reach of your content among your target audience directly. Firstly, it makes your page discoverable directly among your target audience. They bring the benefit of the network for your content by boosting your organic reach within a community that cares about what you are posting. Secondly, these users are interested in the niche of content you share given that they are part of that particular Facebook group. Hence, it is more likely that they will engage with your posts.

With more engagement, you will not only attract new followers, but your content will get more organic visibility than ever. And that too, among the very audience who might be interested in what you offer. Further, when you post in a particular Facebook group regularly, more users begin to recognize your page. This builds authenticity which can bring you more loyal followers and eventually, regular customers for your brand.

Get Creative with Catchy Headlines

When on social media, people tend to scroll and scroll until they find something hooking enough to stop that scrolling. After all, social media is all about getting attention for your content. As a brand or Facebook Creator, therefore, it is your job to create appealing visuals or headlines that can potentially make the scrolling stops. Be it an interesting quote, a catchphrase, or a really witty social media copy that piques interest in your audience.

Anything that can potentially grab the attention of a Facebook user is a social media winner. You could also leverage the power of visual Facebook  marketing with attractive visuals that spark curiosity or elicit laughter. Such content first, is super shareable, and more users are likely to share it with their friends. Second, when more Facebook users pause and spend time viewing your post, it feeds the Facebook algorithm. In effect, the algorithm boosts the organic reach of that particular post and hence, your Facebook page.

Embed Your Facebook Posts

Embedding your Facebook posts on your blog or website brings together the power of content marketing and social media. If you have a website with significant traffic, you could leverage that network for boosting your reach among an audience outside Facebook. Since websites are powered by SEO, your Facebook content can benefit in terms of visibility through your SEO-optimized blog. You can embed posts or Facebook videos on your blog to increase your Facebook reach and also engagement.

For instance, if you are posting a video on Facebook, you can embed the same on your blog. This will not only offer a multimedia experience to your visitors. But also enhance the reach of that particular Facebook video. Further, since more people are now potentially viewing your embedded video, it will increase the number of views on that video. As a result, the Facebook algorithm organically boosts that post thereby amplifying the reach of your content.


The way Facebook users discover your content has come a long way. Especially if you are a new content creator on Facebook, getting noticed itself is a feat. So, even though your first instinct is to gravitate towards paid Facebook ads to increase your reach. There are still effective ways in which you can gradually get noticed for your organic posts as well. Now, what are you waiting for? Get creative and put on your thinking caps to create unique content for Facebook. Then, follow the above-given strategies to increase your reach on Facebook. With these simple ways, you can crack the Facebook algorithm and get your content discovered by a wider audience.

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