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Best Time to Post on Facebook: Boost Your Reach in 2023

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  5. Best Time to Post on Facebook: Boost Your Reach in 2023
Best Time to Post on Facebook
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Facebook creators and business pages want their content to reach most of their target audience fast. More exposure on Facebook increases their chances of getting potential clients for the business. People tend to try posting on Facebook pages which has the highest exposure like more than a million followers. But there needs to be another strong idea to post on Facebook. This is the time of highest activity on Facebook.

Since Facebook has more than a billion users around the world, people are going to be active at different time points. But there must be a few hours where most people are active on Facebook. Creators need to target that time for a better reach on their posts.

Best Time to Post on Facebook

Best Time as Detected from Active Behavior of Facebook Users

There are specific hours on every specific day where Facebook sees the highest activity from users around the world. Depending on various statistical tools or analyses the different websites detect the best time to post on Facebook.

These statistical tools can directly detect the active users available at a particular time. Based on the data it is found that the time for most potential activity is on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 AM to 12 PM. This is the ideal time for getting the most people on the posts according to the statistics and bots. But this differs for a specific account or a page.

Specific Active Nature for Pages

Every new page or the business page has its own target audience. This is why the active users who will show interest in the Facebook posts have different activity times. It is important to personally determine the highest activity time of the target audience.

If you are looking for people from a specific region as a business, then you need to find out the highest engagement on posts. This will directly show the number of people that the post is reaching when posted at different hours. Based on this data, select the best-performing posts. Getting active people becomes easier with all the latest AI technology for Facebook page analytics. Taking the help of this is ideal for reaching out to the target audience.

Things to Keep in Mind

Creating a post takes a lot of hard work from the creators and page owners. So, they want the best exposure for it. There are some major things to keep in mind about selecting the best schedule. All these strategies require proper analysis from the Facebook creator itself.

Checking Analytics

Facebook analytics from the pages clearly shows the number of people the post reaches or the number of views people gain from the posts. It gives a clear indication about the engagement from people. It is important to detect the viewer-to-engagement ratio. This will help understand if the viewers are finding the content interesting. It is important to see the time for the highest average daily viewers of each post on Facebook.

Having a better understanding of the likes of the audience requires experience. One can gain this experience using the data that Facebook provides and act on it to make future posts even better. Many brands on Facebook have created marketing exposure through their Facebook page. They select the time where they have the highest number of people from the target audience who are actively engaging.

Using Latest Trends for Relevance

Every post is not relevant at a specific period of time. Every social platform has specific trends going on at a particular time. Banking on these trends is important for growth on Facebook. Users search for these trending topics constantly. This is why more people are going to end up on the related posts.

Becoming relevant on Facebook is easy by using the most trending keywords on post captions. New trending ideas and visual posts always get the most attention from people. Attracting people is the key to becoming famous on Facebook. This helps the businesses push their pages to new users. Any creator must be closely associated with the latest trends on Facebook. It will help with the steady growth of the post on Facebook.

Review your Top Performing Posts and Competitor Posts

Top-performing posts can be unique because of two aspects. They perform well as people like the idea or it can be due to the highest level of activity. Getting an idea about the complete reach of the post on the Facebook page determines a top-performing post. The active hours of the audience make the post visible on their timeline which creates more engagement and the Facebook algorithm pushes the post further.

Check the time when the competitors are posting. If they are doing fairly on Facebook then keep posting in those hours. It may be the perfect time to have the highest active members of the target audience. This needs to be done with the proper idea about competitors. People posting in a similar niche can be the ideal competitors for the page owner or creator.

Pre-Schedule Facebook Posts

Creators can pre-schedule their posts through different platforms. This can help them create and post on Facebook at the perfect time. If you are not available for those hours on social media, then scheduling on Social Media is the best option you can get. This way the content will get posted at the specific time where they expect the highest possible traffic.

Posting on Facebook pages must be specific for the page genre to attract attention. Along with the time, the content of the post is also important. Engagement comes to the post that most users like. It is important to understand time is not the factor always as the difference in post-activity can be due to content as well.

Avoiding Offline Behavior

Offline behavior creates a negative impact on page traffic. Consistent posting is important for getting the attention of people. As more active people get the posts on their timeline, the reach for the posts will increase with time. Even beyond the time of highest activity, there will always be people online on other hours.

Users must keep on posting their content. There will be visible growth in Facebook analytics of each post. A better reach always induces traffic to a specific post. Staying active and posting is important for growth as pages need more shares. This directly affects the reach of every single post. Therefore, staying online keeps the page or the owner relevant on Facebook.


Taking into account every possible strategy, Facebook creators and pages can find most people out of the target audience. As many people are active for those hours, each day will show fruitful results for the growth of the Facebook page. Finding the best time to post on Facebook is not possible in a single day. It takes a few weeks or months to understand the audience’s behavior and after that, people can act on it.

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