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Top 10 Facebook Analytics Tools You Must Try In 2023

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  5. Top 10 Facebook Analytics Tools You Must Try In 2023
Best Facebook Analytics Tools
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Business leaders are investing in one-stop solutions that manage every essential platform from a single interface as social media has risen to the top of their marketing agendas. check my reference No industry does not use Facebook as its social media platform. What’s the reason? The number of active Facebook users is 2.74 billion, which is the highest of any social network. It is possible to sell products and services through Facebook directly from a business’s Facebook page. To get the most out of this social networking site, brands need to develop appropriate marketing strategies that target the right audience. This is precisely the time when your business needs Facebook Analytics tools.

The question is, how does this fancy software help you?

The Facebook Analytic tools enable you to learn more about your potential audience by displaying insights such as the most popular posts, traffic, views, subscriptions, and conversion rates. By doing so, you will be able to determine what content will be effective and what will not be.

You can gain so much from social insight, particularly when you combine it with information from other sources to:

  • Understand what your customers are saying at every moment by analyzing social data 9x faster than any other option.
  • Get a better understanding of your brand’s health by doing geo-location analysis.
  • Gain insights into brand conversations by aggregating data from owned, earned, partnered, and paid channels.
  • To grow your audience and build brand loyalty, cultivate the most vocal brand advocates.
  • After Analytics, You can Increase Reach on Facebook.

Third-party Facebook analytics tools become indispensable after Facebook Insights is no longer available on July 1, 2021. However, do not be concerned!

Listed below are the top 10 Facebook Analytics tools we have already researched.



Your Facebook Business page can be the ultimate solution with the help of SocialPilot’s analytics features. Additionally, it is also used for customizing, scheduling Post Tools, and discovering great content for your business page. An analysis of posts from Facebook, pages, and accounts as well as from other sources makes it an extremely valuable tool for Facebook insights. You can use Facebook insights to quickly view key metrics such as the number of fans, followers, and engagements for your posts. Using SocialPilot, you can also view Facebook analytics for a deeper understanding of your marketing performance.

By looking at the graph of likes and dislikes, you can see how your Facebook audience grows daily, weekly, or monthly. Post on the best day and at the right time. Make your campaigns more effective by learning what type of campaign brings the most traffic.

Find out which specific campaigns or activities caused the decline in engagement. It is also possible to discover which Facebook influencers can increase your engagement through Followers by using this tool. It is the cost-effectiveness of SocialPilot that makes it ideal. This tool is one of the most affordable Facebook analytics tools and is extremely popular among agencies and small businesses. SocialPilot begins at $30 per month, which is accessible to small businesses of all sizes.


  • Having a brand profile, page, or group on social media is easy and efficient with SocialPilot. Xing supports Twitter,, Google My Business, Instagram, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Youtube.
  • Canva’s integration allows you to easily add native videos, carousel images, and album posts to Facebook posts.
  • White-labeled PDF reports with a Facebook analytics summary and graphs are available for download. Your SocialPilot account will allow you to send these to your clients directly.
  • Plan your schedule based on when your Facebook fans are most online to engage them more effectively.
  • You can drive more traffic to your targeted content by resharing top posts.
  • The Social Inbox allows you to reply to visitors’ Facebook posts, comments, and mentions.
  • Optimize Facebook lead ads and schedule boost posts seamlessly.



In addition to being a social media tool, Agorapulse is a multipurpose tool. Features of the tool include social media analytics, schedules, and reports.

With these Facebook analytics tools, you can identify the performance of your content, benchmark your page and recognize the content that performs the best. These metrics allow you to identify areas for improvement. It is also possible to run competitions, sweepstakes, and quizzes to encourage audience engagement.

Among the approaches Agorapulse uses, organic, viral, and paid reach are accounted for. It highlights the most influential Facebook users and those who talk the most about your brand. The AgoraPulse platform offers a unified social inbox with which users can attach customized notes or comments to messages sent to their clients. Plan pricing starts at $99/month, which includes two users and up to ten social profiles.


  • In addition to tracking Facebook page analytics, Agorapulse also lets you schedule content.
  • Additionally, you can customize your content across several channels at once with this tool.
  • Private conversations and messages are stored in this tool, which can be tagged or commented on and saved under a particular username.

Social Status

In addition to posting, ads, and competitor analysis, Social Status provides full analytics and reporting.

This tool allows users to view historical data from Facebook pages, Instagram business profiles, Twitter profiles, YouTube channels, and LinkedIn company pages. It is possible to access data from up to 730 days in the past based on the plan purchased.

The Facebook Ads App can also be linked to your Facebook account to provide insights into Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns. Benchmarking of competitors and influencer analytics are also provided. Moreover, it is possible to export reports into several popular formats, such as PowerPoint PPTX, Adobe PDF, Google Slides, and CSV.

The paid plans of Social Status start at $29 per month, while the Free plan is also an option.


  • The most comprehensive social analytics app on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn is Social Status.
  • Comparing the performance of your Facebook page and posts with those of any other publicly visible page or profile is provided by this Facebook competitor analysis tool.
  • In addition to Facebook Ad Accounts, Social Status provides ads analysis for both Facebook and Instagram.


Iconosquare -Facebook analytics tools

An official Facebook marketing partner is Iconosquare, a Facebook page analytics tool. Facebook and Instagram, a child company of Facebook, use the tool. The other key features of Iconosquare, besides analytics, include content management Tools For Social Media and scheduling, and you can use these features to improve your social media presence and ROI.

You can use this Facebook Analytics Tool to measure the growth of your community. Analyze impressions, profile reach, and posts to gain a deeper understanding of your audience demographics.

Views should be sorted based on the number of likes, comments, engagement rate and reach. For comparison, track your own engagement and the engagement of your competitors’.

It also offers analytics export services in digital formats such as PNGs, PDFs, SVGs, CSVs, and XLSs. The data can be automatically sent to your inbox as well.

A two-team member and three social profile plans for Iconosquare costs $59 per month.


  • Cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option.
  • Easy navigation is one of the best things about Iconosquare.
  • If users need some guidance, it has clear descriptions. It is not complicated to learn.



In addition to delivering insights and benchmarking for different social media channels, Quintly also provides advanced analytics. This tool works with a variety of social media websites, such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

A customizable dashboard for tracking three Facebook pages simultaneously and viewing engagements such as likes, shares, comments, and followers can be viewed through this tool. You can also measure your Facebook page’s performance and strategize your Facebook marketing strategy based on how your competitors perform.

The app provides data such as influencers, sponsored posts, and content to increase Facebook engagement. Find out when and how many new followers you have gained by analyzing audience demographics.

With this FB analytics tool, you can generate custom reports in all widely used formats, which are based on over 250 metrics. Automating periodic reports allows you to avoid logging into the system frequently.

Quintly prices start at $300 per month for its custom plan.


  • With Quintly’s well-designed interface, users will have no trouble using it.
  • Integration with social networks is available.
  • Create social media reports using custom metrics.
  • Support for customer queries that is effective and efficient.


Grytics - Facebook analytics tools

Marketing strategists who use Facebook groups in their campaigns can take advantage of Grytics’ Facebook metrics tool. Facebook group performance can be assessed and optimized using this tool.

Many marketers rely on Facebook groups, and small businesses are major beneficiaries as well. For those who sell products and interact with customers through Facebook groups, Grytics makes it easier to manage them and boosts their impact.

You can use it to measure your group’s engagement and various activities on board. The Facebook analyzer allows you to manage multiple groups simultaneously. By comparing your groups, you can gain insight and discover new things. Using this tool, you can also assign tools to your team and coordinate for greater efficiency.

Getting started is free for 14 days with Grytics. Prices for its premium plan starting at $99 a month.


  • An analysis of the Facebook group reveals its strengths and weaknesses.
  • You can use this tool to create a report for a group according to key metrics, top posts, KPIs.
  • You can create and download your report as well as track your performance.


Socialbakers - Facebook analytics tools

The Facebook analytics tools let you track performance across groups to benchmark your performance. Benchmarking and competitive analysis are key features. Using Facebook’s detailed reports, you can see your own and your competitor’s fan counts, location, and growth statistics.

It all becomes simple by providing a dashboard where all data can be viewed. Everything can be viewed in one place, making this tool simple to use, whether you are analyzing video content, Facebook stories, or calculating ROI.

The tool is good for brands, but not so good for businesses with multiple clients since you would have to purchase separate accounts for each client. At $400 a month for a single team account with access to five other team members, the costs can add up quickly.

SocialBakers’ plans start at $200 per month and include 5 users and 10-20 social media profiles.


  • If your company shares insight reports with employees or clients, include a Metric Report Overview to provide a glossary of terms such as Share and Relative Fan Growth.
  • Custom plans are also available from Social Baker.

Rival IQ

Rival IQ - Facebook analytics tools

The essence of Rival IQ is metrics – from audience and influencers to mentions and engagement. It also helps you track the performance of your Facebook page in comparison to competitors. In addition, this is extremely helpful when it comes to reports – knowing where you stand about your competitors is information you shouldn’t ignore.

Besides analytics, it helps you describe the business page you are running. It shows you a summary of what your competitors are doing. Analytics and data descriptions can also be exported in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint, to make it easy to share with your clients.

Its video analytics is a drawback, but some companies may decide whether or not to use it. In terms of price, it is competitive with other products that offer similar capabilities. A monthly subscription begins at $199, with several tiers offering different options. They do offer a free trial as well as a free report comparing head-to-head with their competitors.

Buying a subscription to Rival IQ costs $199 until $499 a month.


  • Social platforms are viewed through the lens of a landscape by Rival IQ. Watch as information pours in about your client and the competition. Analyses can be performed quickly and easily in this way.


Brand24 - Facebook analytics tools

Brand24 lets you analyze your Facebook page impression and improve it. Monitoring of brand mentions in social media is possible through this tool. Get instant insight into your followers’ conversations and engage them in real-time.

It also includes sentiment analysis to measure how well your brand is performing. Take actionable steps based on each response. Find out how influential your next campaign will be by using influencer scores. View your performance against your competitors by accessing the comparisons tab. Brand24 takes it one step further by providing a sales opportunity as well. What a great idea!

There’s more to come. Brand24 can also send you an email if your social media activities dip abnormally. In addition to exporting to spreadsheets and PDF formats, you can share your reports with any device.

The Brand24 pricing ranges between $49 per month and $299 per month.


  • It’s extremely easy to use this tool.
  • A user-friendly interface makes the application easy to use.


Vaizle - Facebook analytics tools

For startups and enterprises that want actionable Facebook Analytics Tools, this is the way to go. Identifying gaps and opportunities in social media is the key to improving a brand’s social media success. And it doesn’t do it with weird marketing jargon, instead of giving you practical advice that you can put to use immediately to improve your daily performance. Another cool feature is to see popular hashtags and compare them with the hashtags you use.

There is a report builder that leaves no stone unturned, and you can add insightful notes and white-label your own reports.

It has the disadvantage that it is not very user-friendly, but with a little attention, anything is possible. A competitor comparison tool is available for free to get started. The price after that is extraordinarily competitive, $10 per month if the service is billed annually. Unless otherwise stated, it is $69/month.


  • By comparing your performance with your competitors, you can create a context for your social media marketing analysis.
  • There is a comprehensive report-building tool in this FB metrics tool. With the White-label reports, users can create unlimited, fully customized reports with the option to add their own commentary and insights.
  • For better performance in the future, you can look at which brands use popular hashtags and compare that with your own hashtag strategy.


Facebook monitoring presents a challenge from the very beginning. To gain a complete understanding, you need more than mere likes and comments. If yes, then take the help of Facebook analytics tools to find out what needs to be done next. We made sure we covered all the needs in the list mentioned above, starting from Facebook Page insight tools, to Facebook audience segmentation tools, to competitor analysis, to Facebook reporting tools.

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