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How to Increase Engagement on Facebook In 2023

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How to Increase Engagement on Facebook
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One of the best social media platforms to grow on is Facebook. It is one of the biggest companies in the world and owns multiple other essential platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. But Facebook has been around for more than a decade now. It has over a billion users out of which hundreds of millions are active monthly. This means hundreds of thousands of posts are getting uploaded daily. This has made the platform content-saturated. Here is how to increase engagement on Facebook in 2023.

A user’s feed is filled with hundreds of posts. They have to choose which ones to focus on and which ones to ignore. If you want to grow on Facebook you have to ensure that your posts are in the former category. But due to tough competition, it can be confusing and difficult to understand what things you need to focus on in order to boost your presence on Facebook and keep growing on the platform. 

  • Daily Posts

One of the most important things that one needs to consider in order to grow on any social media platform is that one needs to stay relevant. You can’t do that if your posts are spaced widely. You decide to post on one day and then you don’t post anything for a week and then you post again. This kind of infrequent and inconsistent posting will make people forget about you and next time your post appears on their feed they won’t be much interested in looking at it.

Also, they may unfollow you or unlike your page since you don’t post often. This is why to stay relevant, you need to draft a schedule on Facebook. Post daily if possible. Many pages and profiles post multiple times a day. You can do that as well. If users see a couple of your posts daily they will be more likely to remember you.

But yes, they shouldn’t remember you for something negative. This means that your posts need to be good. They should not bore the user. This way the user will know that your posts are entertaining and they will be much willing to check out your posts when it appears in their feed. So, do not settle for mediocrity just to pump out more content.

  • Good-quality Posts

Post Daily on Facebook - how to increase engagement on Facebook

We mentioned before that you cannot compromise on the quality of your posts. This may seem obvious, but anyone who is facing a hard time growing on Facebook and has tried a bunch of different promotional methods need to go back to the drawing board. They need to rethink their posts. Analyze the type of content that you like to see on your feed. The ones that you like, react to, or comment on.

What do these posts have in common? Try to think about it and come up with various key points that you feel attracted you to these posts. In general, if a post does not provide the user with any value then it will be ignored. On social media platforms, you will find that the posts that become popular are either funny, interesting, informative, visually appealing, etc.

Basically, they entertain the users in some way. Whatever your niche is you should try creating posts that follow this suite. If a user finds your post entertaining then they will check it out consistently and thus, you will gain consistent engagement on your content and thus, grow on Facebook. So, if you feel that you have tried different promotion techniques then why not try taking a look at your content and see what can be changed.

  • Visually Appealing Content

One of the things that we mentioned in the previous tip is that you can make your content visually appealing to attract users. As we said before, a user’s feed is filled with hundreds of posts. They will not be checking out each of them. Most often they will go through the posts by their friends and relatives. Next, they will browse through the posts of some influencer or celebrity, or page that they regularly follow.

Rest will be just scrolled through. You need to stop them from scrolling through your post. One of the ways to do it is by making your posts visually appealing. Make sure it catches their eyes. You can play with the color combination, the background, high-quality videos, images, etc. Also, if your posts contain high-quality media, it will improve your credibility as users will associate your page or profile with quality. 

  • Who Is Your Audience?

A lot of people try to post a bunch of different stuff that seems popular in the hopes of gaining more engagement. But it generally doesn’t work. If you try to hit a bunch of different things then you will not get much exposure. People will be confused as to what they should expect from your profile and page and you will not get much engagement or followers. So, the best idea is to stick to a niche and then target appropriate audiences that follow that niche.

Use the Facebook analytics tool along with trial and error to narrow down the majority of your target audience. Creative different kinds of posts and upload them. You can then take a look at which posts are gaining the most engagement. This will help you understand what kind of posts you are getting more engagement on.

Also, you can use the analytics tool to figure out what is the key demographics and psychographics of the users who are interacting with your content. Once you know what kind of posts are working the best and who your target audience is, you can direct most of your attention and energy to create optimized content for your profile or page.

  • Be Interactive

If you want to grow on Facebook or any of the other popular social media platforms then you can’t be passive when it comes to interaction. If you have just started your promotion on Facebook or you still have a small following then it is very much required that you actively interact with your audience.

This can be done by replying to the comments on your posts or just reacting to them. If your followers have directly messaged you then try replying as much as possible. If you actively engage with your audience then you can build a loyal following. You can also share your followers’ posts on your feed or like or comment on their posts on which they have tagged you.

Social media users like when a page or a profile that they follow engages with them. This kind of engagement creates a more personal connection. This ensures that your audiences will be more likely to interact with your posts because they know that you might interact with them. Building a loyal following can help you generate more leads for your brands and thus boost your sales as well. So, do take some time to show your fans that you care for them. 

  • What is the Best Time to Post?

Having good content can go to waste if no one is there to see it. You have to increase the probability of your audiences seeing your posts. One of the ways to do it is to upload your content at intervals when your audience is most likely to be active. To find these intervals you may have to use the trial and error method again along with Facebook analytics. Post multiple times a day.

Also, once you know the key demographics and psychographics of your audiences you can use that data to figure out the time at which the majority of your target audiences and followers will be active on Facebook. Piston these intervals to get a better reach and more exposure.

  • Promote Your Facebook Page or Profile Everywhere

You can use the only ecosystem to promote your social media platforms. Always put a link to your profile on your social media platforms and websites. A good way to bring people to engage with your Facebook post is to share one of your Facebook posts rather than your profile link.

This way if a person likes what you are posting on Facebook they may click on the link to see your other posts and if they like your stuff then they may follow your profile or like your page. So, try to share high-performing posts to other platforms. It will give you a better result than just sharing your Facebook username or link. 

  • Unique Posts to Increase Engagement

If you want to increase engagement on your posts and get some exposure then it is a good idea to upload certain posts once in a while that is meant to bring in engagement. Two of these can be contests and giveaways. Contests and Giveaways generally get a lot of engagement if done right. Who doesn’t like to win stuff? If you get free stuff without having to do much then why not try it. Most people think like this. So, if you can host contests and giveaways and keep interesting prizes or gifts. It will help you gain a lot of engagement.

Ask people to like and comment on the post you host the giveaway on and follow your profile if they want to register for the contest or enter the giveaway. Come up with creative ideas for contests that are also relevant to your profile. If you own a fashion brand or boutique then you can ask your followers to design something and the winning design will be featured in the next product.

Another example of engaging posts can be the ones that ask for people’s opinions or ask them to fill in the blanks. People like to interact with these posts. They want to check the comments and comment on their opinions. It will help you gain a lot of engagement and exposure. So, do think in this direction as well.

  • Most of Your Posts Should Not be Commercial

If you want to grow on Facebook then you have to be less commercial. If you always try to sell people something it will turn them off and they will unfollow you or ignore your posts. This will reduce the amount of exposure and engagement that you get and thus, reduce your chances of growing on Facebook. Most of your posts should to aimed at providing some value to your target audience. It should entertain them. It should be something they want to share or take a look at.

The reason there are so many meme pages and profiles and all of them seem to have at least a few thousand followers is because they post entertaining stuff. A good percentage to keep in mind is that 70 percent of your posts should be aimed at providing good value to your audience while the 30 percent can be promotional.

70 percent of the posts will ensure that you grow a loyal follower base. A percentage of whom may buy your products and services after seeing your commercial posts. Also, don’t directly sell stuff. Come up with funny or unique promotional posts for your products. 


So, these were some tips that can help you focus your energy on essential factors needed to grow on Facebook. You can customize these tips to suit the requirements of your brand. Just remember that it takes time to grow a large following on social media. Just ensure that you stick with it for long and keep doing smart and hard work.

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