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16 Best Facebook Post Schedulers for Maximum Efficiency

Struggling to be consistent with your Facebook posting? Overwhelmed by all the tasks associated with building a strong social media presence? Learn how to save time and simplify your content strategy with these 16 best Facebook schedulers of 2023!
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Best Facebook Scheduling Tools
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If you struggle with posting fresh content on Facebook consistently, alongside creating the content, researching your target audience, and building your followers, you’re missing out on a secret weapon: a Facebook post scheduler!

You may be surprised by how effectively a Facebook scheduler can improve your life as a creator. With a scheduler, you can:

  • Plan hundreds of Facebook posts weeks or even months in advance.
  • Set all your posts to publish at peak times of the day to maximize exposure.
  • Never worry about posting the right content at the right time ever again!
  • Set your posts up to publish whenever you want, and then forget about it.

Do all these benefits sound incredible? If so, then keep reading to discover your new favorite Facebook scheduler app or software from our list of the best schedulers of 2023!

16 Best Facebook Schedulers in 2024

Ready to check out the best Facebook schedulers out there – free as well as paid? We’ve got you covered!

1. Iconosquare


Starting off strong, our first scheduler is one called Iconosquare. This software doesn’t just help you set up Facebook posts to be published at a later date, though. It also advises you on the best times to post and provides you with the tools to create posts from its dashboard. Plus, it allows you to upload and store media to save for later, as well as organize a content calendar.

Iconosquare is also an excellent tool for teams, as it provides you with options to approve and disapprove post drafts and share the content calendar.

Overall, we love Iconosquare, and we think you will, too!


Offers 14-day free trial
Great for teams



2. Tailwind


Looking for a Facebook post scheduler that you can access on your mobile device and that can set up a schedule in minutes? Your search may be at an end with Tailwind.

Tailwind is an excellent (albeit basic) app that you can use to set up anywhere from 100 to an unlimited number of Facebook posts. Depending on which subscription tier you sign up for, you can even manage the schedules of multiple Facebook profiles instead of just one.

So, whether you’re working for yourself or serving clients, Tailwind will get the job done – on the go!


Provides an app for mobile scheduling
Affordable service


Cheapest plan limits you to planning up to 100 posts per month

3. Pallyy


If you want a free Facebook post scheduler to dip your toes into the wonderful world of scheduling, look no further than Pallyy. With their zero-cost plan, you can schedule up to 15 Facebook posts a month for a single account. You’ll also get access to a feed planner, reports, and content, board, and table views. 

What happens if you like your experience with Pallyy? Then it’s just a simple matter of signing up for their Premium plan to enjoy unlimited post scheduling and an array of other cool features, like bulk scheduling, custom analytics reports, a custom domain, and a bio link!

We highly recommend you give Pallyy a try!


Offers free plan
Paid plan is inexpensive
Great for individual influencers, marketers, and creators


Not great for teams; price can get expensive when you add additional users
Free plan is extremely limited compared to paid Premium plan

4. Buffer


Buffer is an all-in-one tool that isn’t just for Facebook post scheduling. It also helps you manage content creation and drafts, respond to comments from your audience, and compare the performance of your boosted and non-boosted posts. 

With all these features, Buffer is sure to help you optimize your content strategy, as well as save you time!


Helps you create content, engage with your audience, and measure your posts’ success
Affordable pricing
Free plan



5. Hootsuite


For those of you who are on the hunt for a Facebook scheduler that doubles as a content optimization tool, allow us to introduce you to Hootsuite. 

Hootsuite will help take your posts to the next level and reach more people than ever before. With its AI post idea generator, recommendations for the best times to post for your specific target audience, and analytics that will drive your marketing campaign forward, this is truly a powerhouse platform that’s worth the investment!


Comes with AI content idea generator
Recommends best times to post
Allows you to respond to DMs as well as comments
Offers 30-day free trial



6. Later


Later embodies the best feature of a Facebook post scheduler: the ability to schedule now, post later, and never worry about your feed again! This is a great option for those who just want a basic scheduler that provides a content calendar, editing tools, and an Auto Publish feature. 

As an added bonus, Later also comes as a mobile app, so that you can schedule your Facebook posts wherever you happen to be! Perfect for influencers in the wild!


Comes with an app version of the scheduler
Provides basic, straightforward post-scheduling and creation tools


Limits the number of posts you can schedule per month, even with paid plans

7. Social Pilot

Social Pilot

What doesn’t Social Pilot offer to help you manage and schedule your Facebook content? It comes with the scheduler, but then it also provides you with an AI assistant for generating captions and hashtags, a content calendar, team workflows, Canva and Dropbox integrations, and so much more. We get exhausted thinking about all these features! 

But one thing’s for sure: Social Pilot’s Facebook scheduler will make your day as an influencer or marketer much easier.


Gives you the tools to manage Facebook content, not just schedule it
Offers free 14-day trial
Affordable pricing



8. Sprout Social

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is perfect if you’re running a social media team or a marketing agency. Using their professional tools, you can create blueprints for future posts, use AI to learn how to develop the perfect captions to reach your audience, determine the best times to post, and execute the best Facebook campaign, every time! 

And considering there’s a free trial you can sign up for before you commit to their pricier (but worth it) subscription plans, there’s no going wrong with Sprout Social.


Helps you manage professional Facebook posts schedules and marketing campaigns for multiple profiles or clients
Great for teams



9. Circleboom


What if you oversee a Facebook Group in addition to a Page? Then you need a Facebook group post scheduler like Circleboom! With this platform, coming up with content ideas as well as schedules for Group and Page posts is a breeze. They’ll curate content for you based on your niche and your audience, and they’ll even help you produce complete posts using an AI assistant. 

Sit back and relax. Circleboom has you covered!


Helps curate the best content to reach your audience
Comes with AI post generator
Offers 14-day free trial
Affordable pricing



10. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar simplifies your Facebook posting schedule in four easy steps.

  • Add your content
  • Set your schedule
  • Choose your category
  • Save the post

It’s really as simple as that! Plus, Meet Edgar will provide analytics reports, so that you can measure and optimize your publishing strategy over time. Try it out for free before upgrading to an annual plan!


Simple, straightforward scheduling process
Offers 7-day free trial
Affordable pricing



11. Agorapulse


Agorapulse is here for all your Facebook publishing needs, including – but definitely not limited to – scheduling. Edit your scheduled posts’ dates and times, reschedule to optimize your calendar, and enjoy post-editing tools, a writing assistant, a content overview, collaboration workflows, and more, all with this single platform!


Helps manage Facebook publishing and content creation as well as scheduling
Comes with mobile app version
Flexible prices



12. Crowdfire


Sometimes, you just need help with lining up enough Facebook content for the coming weeks. 

In that case, Crowdfire is a wonderful solution. This tool helps you find the best times to publish posts (you can also customize the times, rather than use Crowdfire’s suggestions), preview what your posts will look like when published, and keep track of your goals with a queue meter. Simple, but effective!


Simple, straightforward scheduling
Provides queue meter to help you monitor your posting progress
Offers free trial


Paid Plus and Premium plans limit you to scheduling 100 posts per month

13. Socialbee


Socialbee will “bee” everything, from your Facebook scheduler to your content creation and editing hub, to your team’s social media workspace. Take advantage of cool features like an AI post generator, a first comment poster, social inbox, post previews, and more. Plus, choose from one of many plans to fit your budget and business model, whether you’re a solo entrepreneur or running an agency!


Helps you create content as well as schedule Facebook posts
Flexible pricing and plans for different business models



14. Sendible


Sendible is the ideal platform to manage multiple Facebook accounts for different clients from one place. Use it to create, schedule, and visualize post campaigns for your content calendar as far in advance as you want/need, and never fear losing track of your success due to a lack of organization!


Great for agencies and managing multiple Facebook accounts/clients
Offers free 14-day trial
Offers white label subscription tier to create branded client dashboards



15. MavSocial

MAV Social

MavSocial will help you optimize and streamline your Facebook posting schedule to a “T.” They have every tool you need to make your Facebook Page or Group a success, including advanced scheduling, post-editing, a campaign manager, automation for your evergreen content, and a visual calendar. (It also comes as a mobile app, too!)


Helps you manage full-fledged Facebook content campaigns, as well as organize your schedule
Comes with mobile app for on-the-go planning
Unlimited post-scheduling with all subscription plans



16. HipSocial


HipSocial is a SaaS (software as a service) that helps content marketers harness the power of automation for managing their social media accounts (including Facebook). More than a mere scheduler, this platform also provides a social listening tool that will keep you “hip” to the latest trends in your corner of social media. It also enables you to engage with your audience and improve your brand voice, so that you can build a Facebook presence, as well as an efficient content calendar. 

Finally, because HipSocial is a white label software, you can customize it to match your branding. This is definitely a professional, long-term solution for Facebook scheduling and beyond!


Provides social listening and engagement tools to help you build your brand
Offers 14-day free trial
White label software
Great for content marketers



Keep These Factors in Mind When Choosing a Facebook Scheduler

We’ve provided you with more than a dozen amazing options for Facebook schedules. But what if you’re unsure which one to choose?

To help you make the best decision possible, consider these factors.

1. Going Mobile

Do you want to be able to schedule your Facebook posts on the go, or are you satisfied with working on the computer only? This is an important question to answer because not every Facebook scheduler is available as a mobile app. If that’s important to you, make sure you look for that as a feature, and that will narrow down your choices.

2. Individuals or Agencies

You may have noticed that some of the Facebook schedulers on our list were pricier and targeted at teams with multiple users. Some schedulers are better for individuals, whereas others are designed with agencies in mind. Choose one that matches your business model. That way, you’ll end up with a scheduler that has the right features to meet your needs and the right price to meet your budget. 

3. Scheduler or Social Media Manager

Are you looking for a software or app that schedules your Facebook posts, pure and simple? Or do you want a scheduler that doubles as your social media management platform? Not every platform we listed above provides both, so be aware of what you’re signing up for and only get exactly what you want.

What Is the Best Time To Schedule a Facebook Post?

These are the best times to post on Facebook, according to in-depth research from Sprout Social.

  • Monday: 8 AM-1 PM
  • Tuesday: 8 AM-2 PM
  • Wednesday: 8 AM-1 PM
  • Thursdays: 8 AM-12PM

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible To Edit or Delete Scheduled Posts?

Yes, you can use your scheduler to edit, delete, and reschedule your previously scheduled Facebook posts.

How Many Facebook Posts Can I Schedule at a Time?

It’s different for every platform. Some allow you to schedule an unlimited number of posts, whereas others impose monthly caps. Check the plan you’re interested in to find out if there are any limits on the number of Facebook posts you can schedule.

Is It Possible To Use These Tools To Schedule Facebook Stories or Videos?

You can use these tools to schedule Facebook videos, but there is not as much support for Stories.

Can You Manage Scheduling For Several Facebook Pages at Once?

The number of Facebook Pages or accounts you can manage in a single scheduler depends on the software itself, as well as the plan you ultimately choose. The cheapest plans for individual creators usually only allow you to manage one Facebook account at a time.

Can You Schedule a Facebook Post Using a Mobile App?

MavSocial, Agorapulse, and Later each provide a Facebook scheduling app.


A Facebook scheduler is the answer to all your problems, whether it’s posting consistently, producing fresh post ideas, or publishing at the best time to catch peak user traffic. Choose from the best Facebook post schedulers on our list to start saving time and stress, optimizing your workflows, and improving your content campaigns ASAP!

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