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36 Faceless YouTube Channel Ideas (2024)

Want to become a popular YouTuber, but don’t feel comfortable showing your face to the camera? Here are 36 unique faceless YouTube channel ideas that you can base all your content on.
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Faceless video ideas
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Not everyone is comfortable showing their face in a video. Whether you feel awkward or unnatural talking to the camera, or you don’t want anyone to know your real identity, wanting to remain faceless on YouTube is a perfectly valid desire. 

The good news is there’s no law saying you have to make your face the centerpiece of your content. As long as you’re creative, you can produce faceless videos in just about any YouTube content niche you can think of, while still allowing your unique personality to shine through.

To help get those creative juices flowing, keep reading this article and learn about 36 faceless YouTube channel ideas. Along the way, you’ll discover the benefits of having a YouTube channel where you never show your face.

Benefits of a Faceless YouTube Channel

Having a faceless YouTube channel can be incredibly beneficial for your business career. It can even have a positive impact on your personal life, as well.

Let’s take a look at the four benefits of creating only faceless content for your YouTube channel.

1. You Can Remain Anonymous

The biggest and most obvious advantage of making your videos faceless is it enables you to remain anonymous. 

Without showing your face, no one will know exactly who you are. They won’t recognize you out in public or stalk you or your loved ones on social media. This can be a huge source of comfort, especially if any of your videos ever go viral and your channel becomes extremely popular. It means you’ll always get to maintain your privacy as an entrepreneur as well as a human being.

2. You Can Eliminate Hair and Makeup Budget

If you create faceless videos where you only show your hands or your feet, or where your body isn’t visible at all, that means you can completely remove hair and makeup from your content creation budget. We love any strategy that helps us save money!

3. You Can Eliminate Sets

For videos where you are completely absent from in front of the camera, you may not even need a physical set. That can save you a lot of money on props, lighting, green screens, and studio space.

4. You Can Create Videos Without a Camera

Some faceless videos don’t even require a camera! All you need is some skill in 2D or 3D animation, and you can create a Short or full-length YouTube video that requires zero physical film shots.

36 Ideas For a Faceless YouTube Channel

To start reaping the rewards of running a faceless YouTube channel, all you need is one great idea. To that end, we compiled a list of 36 unique channel ideas for you to choose from. Use them individually or combine them for popular YouTube content that generates high levels of engagement.

Let’s go!

1. Product Review or Unboxing

There are literally thousands of products that you can review or film yourself unboxing without showing your face. At most, you may need to show your hands as you open the package that a product comes in or demonstrate how it works. 

2. Tour or City Walkthroughs

If you like to travel, you can film tours of buildings, neighborhoods, and experiences, or even walkthroughs of different cities – all without pointing the camera at yourself. After all, your viewers will be more interested in the tour or the walkthrough, not you.

3. Motivational Videos

You don’t need to show your face to film motivational videos. More important than seeing you is hearing your voice and the encouraging and uplifting words that you have to say.

4. Animated Videos

Animated videos – which, being animated, are automatically faceless – can run the gamut from cartoon skits to music videos to educational lectures, and more. There really is no limit to the ideas you can come up with, as long as you have skills in drawing and rendering animation.

5. Commentaries

A commentary is a video in which you share your opinions or explain what’s happening on something like a television show, movie, song, sport, or any kind of intellectual property. It’s also easy to produce faceless. Most of the time, you’ll have whatever you’re commentating on playing in the background so that the viewer can focus on that and your voiceover instead of your face.

6. Cooking Videos

With cooking videos, you can share recipes or display your cooking or baking skills by only filming your hands. The focus in this niche is always on the ingredients, the kitchen utensils and/or appliances, and the finished product. There’s no need to show your face if you don’t want to.

7. Arts and Crafts

Similar to cooking videos, arts and crafts videos zero in on the materials and techniques being used to make a specific project. Typically, all you need to show is your hands as you put the craft or art piece together. 

Be sure to choose projects that aren’t meant to wear on your head or face, or else hire a model that can show off the craft for you when it’s done.

8. Faceless Tutorial Videos

Tutorials are a rich source of potential for faceless videos. You can teach people to do just about anything – e.g., build furniture, make jewelry, paint fingernails, repair a vehicle, or navigate a computer program – and never have to show your face. All you need is cameras placed at just the right angles, so that your audience can see the tutorial properly.

9. Cryptocurrency Videos

Cryptocurrency videos are an option for those of you who are experts in crypto but would rather not show your face. Instead of filming yourself, create animations or graphs to go along with your voiceover and explain all your points visually.

10. Nature Videos

People love watching videos that explore the natural world and all the beauty that planet Earth has to offer. Having a human intrude on the scene would be jarring, so it makes sense to make nature videos completely faceless.

11. Educational Videos

Educational videos are some of the most popular types of videos on YouTube. Many of them are faceless because the goal is to educate your audience on a particular subject or concept, not to promote your face. 

To make creating this type of content easy, record a lecture on a subject you’re expert in (like a foreign language or an academic field) and use documentary clips, images, graphs, and animations to help you get your lessons across. 

Make sure the content is appropriate for the age group you want to educate, be it preschoolers, high-schoolers, or college-age students.

12. Streaming Live Events

You can stream live events like concerts, book readings, and interviews on your channel, and just keep the camera pointed at the subject, not at you. Make sure you have permission to film from the subject first.

13. Investment Videos

If you have experience or expertise in investments, then use your channel to share investment advice, news, updates, and trends forecasts. To make it faceless, show other visual elements on the screen, like statistical graphs, articles, or stock images related to money and business, and talk over them.

14. Animal Videos 

Do you have pets or work at an animal shelter or a ranch? Consider starting an animal channel where the animals you live or interact with are the stars instead of you. 

Another option is to compile funny clips of animals from across the internet and share them as long-form videos.

15. World Mysteries

Nothing is more compelling than a mystery. The world is full of mysteries that have never been solved, like how the pyramids were built or whether Atlantis was real or not. You can discuss them, either by yourself, with a live audience, or with a video co-host, and blur your face on-screen.

16. Science Experiments 

Film yourself or someone else conducting a science experiment, and just focus the camera on your hands as you put the experiment in motion. Make sure you follow all the necessary safety protocols and explain the process (and all its potential dangers) to your audience thoroughly.

17. Record Drone Videos

Buy a drone, equip it with a camera, and fly it in your neighborhood or in beautiful places in nature, like national parks, lakes, mountain ranges, or grassy fields. Then, cut out any footage of you operating the drone to make it faceless.

18. Life Hacks 

Film faceless videos demonstrating life hacks that will make your audience’s lives easier, whether they’re cooking, cleaning, performing their beauty routines, or doing any other typical daily activity.

19. Make Story-Telling Videos

Record voiceovers telling stories from books, scripts you wrote, or your own memories. Then, shoot footage or take photos that support your stories in a visual way, and incorporate all these elements into videos.

20. VR 360 Experiences

Let your audience experience a location or environment like they’re really there by filming your faceless video in 360 degrees. When you upload it to YouTube, your audience can watch it with a VR headset or by moving their mobile phone around in a circle.

21. Meditation Videos 

Create faceless meditation videos where you guide your audience to a place of mental peace and comfort, using only your voice, gentle music, and soft imagery.

22. Timelapse Videos

Film time-lapses of objects, people, or animals (without getting your face in the frame) over weeks, months, or even years. For example, you can film a growing plant, rotting fruit, melting plastic, falling rain, or an aging pet.

23. Drawing Videos

Screengrab your drawing tablet or position a camera over a desk to show your hands as you illustrate objects, people, animals, and landscapes. Use real life studies or your own imagination as your source of creative inspiration.

24. True Crime Stories

True crime stories have and always will be popular with the masses. Turn this into a faceless YouTube channel niche by relating true crime stories as you film yourself doing something with your hands, like making a craft or cooking.

25. Celebrity News

Love celebrity news and gossip? Then talk about it on your channel and replace your face with pictures and clips of the celebrities you’re discussing.

26. Movie Reviews

If you’re a film buff, then you may enjoy reviewing movies. Instead of showing your face, play clips or stills from the film and talk over them.

27. Voice Dubbing Videos

Dub funny voice-over videos of animals or people, or over clips of movies, television shows, or music videos. Since the footage already exists, there’s no need for you to show your face.

28. Social Media Post Commentaries or Reactions

Record your voice as you comment on or react to controversial social media posts from Reddit, Quora, Facebook, and Twitter. 

29. Relaxing Music

Create relaxing music soundscapes and upload them to your channel with stock images as the background.

30. Home Decoration

Facelessly demonstrate how to decorate a home in a specific style by arranging furniture, picking out paint colors, adjusting lighting, and otherwise bringing an interior space together.

31. Biography Videos

Highlight different current or historical figures by discussing their biographies on your channel. Relate facts about their past as pictures or clips of the person – not you – roll across the video.

32. Street Interactions

Often, the most interesting scenes are those in which random strangers interact with each other in random places, like on the street of a busy neighborhood. Film street interactions between other people and use the footage to entertain or educate your audience about human nature.

33. Stop Motion Videos

Creating stop motion videos (think Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio or Aardman Animations’ Wallace and Gromit) is a tedious process, but the results can be incredible – and faceless. 

34. Fashion Videos

You can make fashion the theme of your channel and not show your face. Consider filming from the neck down only, hiring models to wear the clothes you style, or recording voiceovers to talk about fashion news and trends.

35. Hand Videos 

Would you believe that you can make a popular video just by filming your hands doing some sort of activity? You don’t even have to speak. Simply film yourself squishing something like Play-do in your hands, kneading bread dough, typing on your computer, or playing with cards – anything, as long as the viewers can clearly see your hands.

36. ASMR Video

Similar to hand videos, autonomous sensory meridian response videos, or ASMR, can involve just about any activity, as long as it produces a particular type of sound. The sounds in ASMR videos stimulate a gentle euphoric reaction in some people. 

Popular noises to try are tapping different objects with your nails, crinkling paper, whispering, and humming.

How Do I Optimize Faceless YouTube Videos for Visibility in Search Engine Results?

You can optimize your faceless YouTube videos for search engines by including keywords that describe your video in the title, keywords, transcript, and description. Find more YouTube SEO tactics here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Benefits are there to Making Faceless YouTube Videos?

Some of the benefits of making faceless YouTube videos include anonymity and privacy, a lower hair and makeup budget, and, in some cases, the elimination of sets and even cameras.

Can You Make Faceless Videos for Any Type of Content?

You can make faceless content for just about any content niche. But if you plan on reviewing or demonstrating a product that is designed for the face, like makeup, then faceless may not be an option.

Is It Possible to Keep My Audience Engaged Without Showing My Face?

Yes. You can use your voice and the consistent quality of your content to keep your audience engaged. Most viewers don’t care about seeing the YouTuber’s face as long as they enjoy their content.

Is It Possible to Build Trust and Authenticity As a Faceless YouTuber?

Yes. As long as your videos are unique and high quality, and as long as you stay engaged with your audience, then you can easily build trust and authenticity.

Which Camera Angles Work Best for Faceless YouTube Videos?

When filming faceless videos, try filming in first-person perspective and facing outward, or facing down toward your hands or feet.


It’s perfectly natural to not want your face to be seen on your YouTube channel. It’s also a smart business move in case your content ever goes viral, so that you’re never in danger of being approached or stalked in public by overeager fans. 

Feel free to use any of the 36 faceless YouTube channel ideas we suggested in this article to become famous on the platform without ever revealing your face.

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