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18 Fashion Video Ideas For YouTube With Real Examples

Need new fashion YouTube video ideas for your channel? Discover 18 new video ideas you can make today to skyrocket your views and likes.
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Fashion YouTube Video Ideas
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Do you want to grow your fashion YouTube channel, but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re just launching your channel or looking for ways to increase views and subscribers, you may have run out of video ideas. To inspire your creativity and help you get off the ground running, here are 18 fashion YouTube video ideas that will help you to create better fresh and interesting content to boost your engagement rate.

1. Lookbooks

If you like putting outfits together and want to share your styling tips, like YouTuber Rachel Gania, make lookbooks.

Lookbooks are, essentially, a bunch of different outfit ideas or looks that your followers can recreate with their own wardrobe. These are fun videos that are really easy to put together. You don’t even need to say a word if you don’t want to. Just focus on adding some really great music.

You can share lookbooks of:

  • Different outfit aesthetics (goth, minimalistic, old money, etc.)
  • Different seasons (fall, summer, etc.)
  • Different clothing lines

You’re only limited by your creativity, so get out there are and start making your own lookbooks.

2. Give a Tour of Your Closet

If you’re a fashionista, guess what: people want to peek into your closet. What are you wearing?  What shoes do you have? How do you organize your space? People are very curious to know what’s in your closet and where you bought many of your pieces from.

Kate Brock has a great video that you can emulate to create this type of video.

She also tries on many of the clothes that she has in her closet. If you’ve run out of ideas, you can steal this one to create a new video. You can even show clothes in categories, such as:

  • Zippered
  • Long-sleeve
  • Short-sleeve
  • Dresses
  • Etc

3. How-To Videos 

Many people turn to YouTube for fashion how-to guides. They want to know how to dress better or how to make their outfits better.

Asia Jackson has a really engaging and informative how-to video on dressing better. She does a great job of explaining her own mistakes (poor fit and proportion, etc.). And her insights are super helpful for anyone watching her videos.

You can offer the same level of advice and insight. Asia’s video on how to make outfits better has a whopping 3.4 million views. Clearly, people want to know how to improve their fashion game, so share your knowledge with the world.

Here are some video ideas for a YouTube fashion niche that you can use right now:

  • DIY: Transform Your Old Denim
  • How to Tie a Scarf Quickly
  • Creative Ways to Style Plain T-Shirts
  • How to Choose the Right Footwear for Outfit

4. Budget-Friendly Styling Tips

Anna Reid knows that people want to be stylish, but very few people have the money to spend on Gucci and Versace. Instead, people want to know how they can look stylish on a budget. And this is something that you can mimic in your next video.

You can show people how to:

  • Recreate your style
  • Recreate someone else’s style
  • Look stylish without spending a fortune

And you can also recommend where people can buy the clothes and earn an affiliate commission if you have a coupon or affiliate link.

5. Styling Mistakes

Your followers are making styling mistakes and probably don’t even know it. You can point out these mistakes (in a nice way!) and help them correct these errors to get their fashion game on point.

Frederique Bros does a great job of pointing out these kinds of mistakes in a fun way and shares tips on how to fix them.

When making these kinds of videos for youtube:

  • Demonstrate what the styling mistake looks like to give your followers a visual
  • Show off the “fix” for these mistakes so they can see why your tip makes the outfit look better

6. Styling Tips

Do you have secret styling tips or tricks that you can share? Make a video that features these tips. YouTuber Mariel has a great video on how to layer your clothes.

Styling tips are really popular on YouTube, and you don’t have to make really long videos either.

You can share:

  • Your top 10 quick tips
  • Just a single tip for a specific thing (e.g., styling tops for your body type)

7. Outfit of the Day (OOTD)

One of the simplest – and most fun – types of videos you can make is OOTD (outfit of the day). These are great for Shorts. Just film yourself getting ready or showing off the outfit that you’re going to wear that day.

Valeria Lipovetsky does a great job creating this kind of content. Her Shorts are upbeat, and she talks about why she loves the pieces she’s wearing.

8. Outfit Swaps

Outfit swaps are a popular choice for fashion videos, and Rclbeauty101 does these swaps almost better than anyone in the fashion industry. In her video, she swaps outfits with Nicolette Gray, and it’s a concept her followers love because the video has 9+ million views.

The idea is simple:

  • Find an outfit you love
  • “Swap” it and wear it

If you have a friend with an amazing outfit or another creator, make the swap. However, if you have a celebrity who had a stunning outfit, like Selena Gomez, at the VMAs, you can make your own fun “swap” here with a similar dress.

9. Clothing Haul

A clothing haul is a video or post where youtubers showcase and discuss recently purchased or received clothing items.

Clothing hauls are always popular on Social media. Whether you just went shopping at the mall or online, you can share your haul with your viewers, like Marisa Marie does.

Make sure that you name the store (e.g., Shein haul) or the season (e.g., fall clothing haul), so your followers know what they’re going to see.

Go over each piece, and if you’re feeling up to it, try them on so that your subscribers can see what they look like on.

10. DIY Upcycles

Are you sick of items in your wardrobe? You can upcycle your old clothing to create something cute. Just lanchen has a neat video on DIY upcycling, but you don’t want to steal her advice and style.

Instead, you’ll need to come up with your own DIY approach and show others how to upcycle their wardrobe into something that they actually want to wear.

11. Reviews

Fashion followers also want to consume. You’ll find that HopeScope did this well with a review of 5 Skims dresses that she tried.

You can review any fashion items that you purchase, but you want to be sure that your videos are:

  • 100% honest
  • Real and raw

Educate your followers on the best places to shop and what items you purchased that you liked or disliked.

12. Who Wore it Better Videos

Fashion YouTubers love to – gossip. Of course, your audience wants to see you determine “who wore it better?” You’ll find that the Merrell Twins did this in a head-to-head competition against each other.

But if you don’t have a twin, you can do:

  • Celebrity who wore it better videos
  • Recreate a style and ask if you wore it better or not

13. Reaction Videos

Reaction videos need no introduction. However, you can create reaction videos based on other fashion designers or people’s styles.

You can find a great example of this idea on HauteLeMode.

14. Restyling Outfits

Have you ever wanted to switch up your wardrobe with your current wardrobe? Everyone has. You can restyle your wardrobe and help others do the same.

Summer Mckeen does this very well with her video where she shows you:

  • Current wardrobe
  • How she restyles her outfit
  • Ideas for creating new outfits

She suggests layering to refresh your outfits, and it’s a concept that you can gain inspiration from to create similar videos.

15. Recreate Celebrity Looks

If you’re a creative person or a great with a sewing machine, you can create your own variation of celebrity looks. Or you can even go thrift store shopping to try to recreate popular looks.

HopeScope video on recreating iconic celebrity dresses got more than 2.4 million views. She found cheap versions of each dress and showed each one off – in a fun way.

You can take a similar approach with your videos. Find a few really popular dresses from big events, like the Met Gala or award shows, and see if you can find more budget-friendly variations. You can make this more humorous, or you can go the serious route for people who really want to recreate looks for their own events.

16. Dressing For the Season

There are four seasons – show people how to dress for them. You can show people the latest trends for:

  • Fall
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
New styles every year make these videos very popular. Itsyuyan created one of these videos for winter, and it is nearing 1 million views.

17. AMAs (Ask Me Anything)

Ask Me Anything type of content is really engaging and will help you connect with your audience. ELLE shot a video with Julia Fox using this format and it works well.

You can:

  • Ask someone else to ask you questions
  • Take questions from your audience and answer them

18. Create Videos Based on Follower Requests

And the final fashion YouTube video idea is to allow your followers to make requests on the video that they want to see. Your audience is a goldmine for content ideas and can help you come up with creative ideas for your next video.

Be sure to:

  • Mention who requested the video
  • Reply to video comments

Engaging with your audience will allow you to turn casual followers into followers for life.

If you’re a fashion YouTuber, you can recycle a lot of the ideas above to keep your posting calendar full and remain consistent when posting. 

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