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50 Best YouTube Video Ideas to Boost Views (2024)

Running out of YouTube video ideas can bring your channel to a rapid STOP. What if you had 50+ ideas that you can rely on to engage subscribers time and time again?
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Popular YouTube Video Ideas
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YouTube has 2.68 billion users, many of whom spend 36 minutes on the platform each time they visit. In a three-month period, the video network has over 94 billion visits from people who want to be entertained and follow creators.

But if you just started your channel or have owned one for years, you know that brainstorming YouTube video ideas is very challenging.

You’re not alone if you feel like every idea that you have has already been done. Creators have done a little of everything, but you and the way you do things are certainly unique. If you’re out of ideas and stuck in creator’s block, our list of video ideas below will help.

YouTube Video Ideas for When You’re Out of Inspiration

If you’re out of inspiration, you’ll be able to use the YouTube video ideas below to help you get started with great content that your subscribers want to see.

1. Content Update: Create a Follow-up to Your Best Content

You have old content that people love. Show an update. For example, if your puppy video was popular, show the world how big your puppy is today.

2. Meet the Team – Editors, Videographer, Your Dog

Do you have a team that helps you? One person? A pesky dog or cat that keeps ruining every take? Introduce them to your subscribers.

3. Impromptu Livestream Turned Into a Video

If you’re a creator with zero ideas, you can jump on a live stream and go with the flow. Some of the best videos on the platform are from people who went live and had great conversations with users.

4. Take a Tour of Your City or Town

Show off your town. Walk around. Go to your old school. A park. Anywhere you think people will appreciate or find interesting.

5. Channel Update – With Honesty

Tell the world that you’re working on new content. Update them on the direction of the channel and be 100% honest.

6. Create Your Owned News-based Content on Your Niche

If there is major breaking news in your industry, create a video about it. Investing channels often do this when earning reports come out and subscribers will be glued to your video.

7. Bust a Common Myth

What’s a myth in your industry? Create a video around it. If no one else has busted the myth before, this is a concept with viral potential.

8. Show People the Gear You Use for Videos

Explain to your audience how you film your videos, what gear you use and how this equipment has changed since you started your channel.

9. Science Experiment (Kid’s Channel)

Kid’s channels can never go wrong with a crazy science experiment. Even if all of your viewers know how the experiment is going to end, they’ll be hooked on this video.

10. Share a What’s in Your Closet, Garage, Toolbox, Etc.

People are curious. What’s in your pantry? Closet? Garage? Toolbox? Bring people into these private spaces and show them.

YouTube Video Ideas That’ll Go Viral

Going viral is a secret that every creator wishes that they could replicate. And while no one can guarantee every video will go viral, the ideas below can certainly give you the chance to go viral.

11. Create Your Own Industry Challenge

Remember the ice bucket challenge? You can go viral with your own unique challenge. For example, a 100-rep challenge for the leg press.

12. BTS Product Fails

If you sell products or invent them, show your behind-the-scene (BTS) fails. People love content creators who are “real” and not afraid to share wins and fails with their audience.

13. Channel Bloopers That Show Off Your Personality

Don’t have product fails? Show off bloopers. Perhaps you tripped and fell in your last video, or your phone flew out of the car when filming. Show the world your bloopers – people love them.

14. Do a Travel Vlog at a Ghost Town

Ghost towns offer a bit of mystery and curiosity. What happened? Where did everyone go? Give a bit of the history of the town and do your own investigation into the events that led to it being abandoned.

15. Personal Before and After in Your Niche

You came from humble creator beginnings, so turn it into a video. Create a video showing your weight loss journey, makeup skills now and then, and original investment portfolio – something demonstrating your growth.

16. Try Weird Food Combinations

Food is something everyone can relate to – it’s vital for life – so see what weird combos you can try. Ketchup on ice cream. Ghost peppers and chocolate. Anything crazy that you can combine and try as a food item.

17. Try to Break a World Record

Yup. You can break a world record. Look through the Guinness Book of World Records and create a list of records that you think you can beat. Film videos of you practicing and trying to beat these records.

18. Share Your Take on a Hot Topic

Hot topics are all around us. Share your take with the world. What do you think? Why are other people talking about the topic wrong?

19. Share a Crazy Science Experiment

Crazy experiments get views. Look at the people who try to prove that the world is flat and send cameras into the atmosphere. People love crazy science experiments, so find one to try – but be safe.

20. Motivate People with Inspirational Quotes and Speeches

Inspire others and your video will go viral. Speeches and quotes are two ways that you can go viral, but you can’t reinvent the wheel. You need to be 100% original and 100% you.

YouTube Video Ideas That Will Level-Up Your Game

YouTube is about two main things: education or entertainment. Leveling up your game will keep your subscribers around and engaged with your content. The following video ideas for YouTube will help.

21. Create a Travel Guide for Your Favorite Destination

What is your favorite destination in the whole world? Create a travel guide around it and show the world how you’re left in awe during the experience.

22. Interview Leaders in Your Industry or Niche

It takes a bit of work, but you can interview leaders in your niche or industry. These videos are wildly popular and the leader’s audience may even start following you.

23. Share Magic Tricks or Illusions

Magic tricks are magnetic no matter the viewer’s age. Learn an illusion or trick that will leave people sharing the video and asking others “how did he or she do this?”

24. Share Your Investing Strategy

If you’re an investor or have built up a nice retirement account, explain your strategy to your subs. You may get great advice from subscribers and it will certainly pique a lot of viewers’ interest.

25. Teach Viewers How to Cook Your Favorite Family Dish

Does your family have a secret recipe? You can gain subscribers from sharing how you cook the dish with the world, but you may be disinherited in the process.

26. Show Off Your Art Skills

Do you create art? Show viewers how you create paintings, drawings or whatever kind of art you create. They’ll love seeing your process, and you’ll inspire them, too.

27. Share Your Top Gardening or Houseplant Care Tips

Are you a gardening whiz? Share your top tips for planting vegetables or flowers. If you have a jungle in your home, share your houseplant care tips.

28. Share Your Favorite Home Hacks

Do you have a home hack that saves time or makes things easier? Share it with your viewers. People are always looking for hacks and are happy to share them with friends.

29. Share Your Plans for the Future of Your Channel

Talk about the plans you have for your channel in the future. Viewers will love hearing about your plans and feel like they’re getting exclusive details.

30. Do a Challenge for a Week or 30 Days

Challenge yourself to try something you’ve never tried before for a week or 30 days. For example, “I tried intermittent fasting for 7 days. Here’s what happened.” Viewers love challenges and seeing the outcome.

YouTube Video Ideas to Make Your Audience Addicted to Your Channel

Get people addicted to your YouTube channel with these 10 awe-inspiring video ideas.

31. Do a Silent Vlog

Film yourself doing something at home or going through your day without saying a word. Let the visuals do the talking. People find silent vlogs to be soothing and relaxing.

32. Collaborate with Another YouTuber and Do a Comedy Skit

Expand your reach and make people laugh by collaborating with another YouTuber to create a comedy skit. Promote your video on both channels to go viral.

33. Take Viewers Behind the Scenes at Your Office

Take customers or clients behind the scenes (BTS) at your office or where you produce your products. BTS videos help build trust and humanize your brand.

34. Have a Q&A Session

Help your viewers get to know you better. Create a Q&A video and answer questions from your subscribers or viewers. Be honest and open when answering questions.

35. Share the Apps or Tools You Use to Create Videos

Talk in-depth about the apps and tools you use to make videos. If you use editing software, talk about what you use, how to use it and why you like it. Aspiring YouTubers will appreciate your insights.

36. Give a Tour of Your Creative Workspace

Take viewers behind the scenes of your creative workspace. Show people where you edit your videos, create your art or brainstorm ideas to help them get to know you better.

37. Share Your Daily Routine

Give your viewers an inside look at your life and inspire them to make the most of their day. Go through the steps of your daily routine from morning to night. Share why you do certain things and give helpful tips to people.

38. Share Your Workout Routine or Day of Eating

Want to help viewers get fit or eat better? Share a workout routine that you created and demonstrate each move. Or you can share a day of your meals, so people get a real look at what fit people eat.

39. Do Walking Tours of Famous Cities

Give people insight into what it’s really like to walk the streets of famous cities. Record yourself wandering around town – without saying a word. Let your viewers soak in the atmosphere and sounds of city life.

40. Share Your Music Playlist or Reading List

Create a video of your current music playlist or reading list. You can make it a listicle (i.e., “My 10 Faves”) or just talk to your viewers like a friend. You’ll inspire people to check out your recommendations.

YouTube Video Ideas to Boost Your Subscribers

Want more subscribers? Create videos that inform, inspire and help people solve their problems. Here are 10 awesome ideas to get more subs to your channel.

41. Do a Pet Vlog

Share a day in the life of your pet. People LOVE animals, and they’ll love following your pet around. Make it entertaining and narrate your furry friend’s day.

42. Demonstrate Ways to Use Your Product

Do you sell products? Create a video demonstrating different ways to use it. Viewers will maximize the use of your product, and your video may lead to more sales.

43. Create a Tutorial on How to Use Your Favorite Software

Share an in-depth tutorial on how to use your favorite software (Photoshop, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office Suite, etc.) step-by-step. Give expert insights to help viewers learn how to master the program.

44. Beginners Tips to Break into the Industry

If you’re a leader or expert, share your tips on how to break into your industry. Give practical advice to help people start their careers or business.

45. Review Your Favorite TV Show, Book, Movie or Podcast

Share a review of your favorite book, show, podcast or movie. Explain why you love it and what makes it special. People will love hearing your opinions and may check it out for themselves.

46. Share an Unboxing or Haul Video

Unbox something you bought or share your haul from a shopping trip. Share your opinions to help people decide whether these products are right for them.

47. Create a Walkthrough of Your Favorite Video Game

If you’re a gamer, share a walkthrough of a difficult part of your favorite game, or go through the whole game. You’ll help people and entertain them.

48. Talk About a Personal Struggle or Fear You Overcame

Talk openly about a struggle or fear you overcame in life and what you learned. Your viewers will relate and appreciate your honesty.

49. Make a Timelapse of You Building Something

Create a timelapse of you building something in your home, in your backyard or at a job site. People will love seeing the process and end result.

50. Share a True Crime Story

Take a deep dive into a cold case and unravel the details. Share your thoughts on what you think happened. You can also share famous or interesting but unknown solved crimes.

Bonus Idea: Create a “Top 10 Tips” Video

Not lying, this works in ALL of the above cases. People LOVE top 10 tips videos, and they can work for any channel, any niche or any industry.

You can create a top-10 tip video on:

  • How to save money on groceries
  • How to use your product
  • Making YouTube videos look better
  • How to use software

Anything that’s related to your industry or niche will work for this video idea. It’s universal. And there’s a high chance your content will go VIRAL.

Want More Ideas?

Don’t stop your search for video ideas here. Check out our other guides on the best YouTube video ideas.

Now, Go YouTubing!

Use these ideas to inspire your creativity. Remember – the world wants to see you. Whatever ideas you pick from our list, make sure that you put your own twist on it. If you want to grow your audience, your YouTube video ideas must be original and creative.

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