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14 Evergreen Video Ideas For YouTube & Examples

Want to make money in your sleep with YouTube? These 14 evergreen content ideas will generate income for your YouTube channel months and years from now.
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Evergreen YouTube Content Ideas
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What if your YouTube videos could continue getting views, likes and engagement months and years after you post them? That’s exactly what evergreen video can do for you as a YouTube creator. 

Evergreen Video is videothat will always be relevant. It focuses on topics that never really change and will always be sought after by YouTube viewers. For many YouTubers, their evergreen videos continue to generate income for months and years.

But how do you get started with this kind of content? Let’s look at 14 ideas to help you start brainstorming and creating new videos.

14 Evergreen YouTube Video Ideas For Every YouTube Channel

Need inspiration for your evergreen content plan? These 14 video ideas never go out of style.

1. “Why” Videos

You can be 100% yourself and create “why” videos that people will watch years from now. A few ideas to help you get your creative juices flowing are “why:”

  • You chose not to be a programmer
  • You make your bed first thing in the morning
  • You like dogs and not cats
  • You deleted your TikTok account
  • Etc.

2. How-to videos

How-to videos and tutorials never go out of style. Many people turn to YouTube to learn how to do just about anything, from how to cook a steak to doing their taxes or cleaning the gutters.

There’s an endless possibility of ideas for tutorial videos:

  • How to dress or style-related videos (styling for your body shape or choosing timeless wardrobe pieces)
  • Software tutorials (Photoshop, Capcut, Adobe Premiere, etc.)
  • Photography how-tos (how to take landscape photos or how to adjust your camera settings)
  • Art tutorials (step-by-step painting classes or crafting tutorials)
  • Gardening how-tos (planting flowers, starting seeds, etc.)
  • Home improvement (how to fix a leaky sink, or how to build a patio)
  • Career-related how-tos (how to prepare for an interview, how to ask for a raise, etc.)

These are all topic ideas that will always be relevant. The process of starting seeds for the garden will always be the same, and YouTube users will always be interested in this topic – now and years from now.

No matter what niche you’re in, you can find ways to incorporate how-to or tutorial videos into your content plan.

3. Top 10 Lists

Top 10 lists are a fun type of evergreen content to create. The great thing about these kinds of videos is that they can also go viral, so you get the best of both worlds. 

The idea is simple: create a video sharing your top 10 list and explain why each item is on your list.

You can create a top 10 list on anything related to your niche:

  • Travel destinations🌆 (cities, countries, etc.)
  • Beauty products💄 (skincare, haircare, etc.)
  • Movies or books of all time (or for specific eras, genres, etc.)
  • Musicians of all time👨‍🎤 (bands, solo artists, etc.)
  • Stocks or investments
  • Fails or mishaps

Top 10 videos can continue generating views and income for months and years – many years in some cases.

Take this video, for example: 10 Amazing Unicorn Themed Dessert Recipes. That video was uploaded five years ago and continues to get views to this day (it’s up to 174M views). In fact, someone commented on the video just one month ago, so that YouTuber is continuing to get engagement, views and income from this video.

Top 10 list videos can take a little extra time to plan and film, but they’re worth the effort for the long-term rewards.

4. Tips and Tricks 

Tips and tricks can be evergreen. You can share evergreen tips and tricks content that revolve around:

  • Doing your makeup💅
  • Crate training your dog🐕‍🦺
  • Unfreezing a car door
  • Tying your shoe
  • Getting a ring off of a stuck finger💍
  • Teaching a kid to ride a bike🏍️
  • Etc.

You’ll find some great tips and tricks content, such as Thaitrick’s video on 39 kitchen tips and tricks.

Life hacks are very popular, but you’ll also find game tricks and tips that are very popular. However, these videos will only be watched for as long as the game remains popular.

5. Comparisons

Comparisons are timeless. You can create videos comparing:

  • Products📦
  • Services
  • Homes
  • Weight loss routines
  • Investing strategies💰
  • Celebrities
  • Countries
  • Food🍟
  • Recipes
  • Video games🎮

However, you’ll want to be cautious when comparing certain things. For example, you can compare recipes forever, but if you compare the iPhone 11 to the 12, it does have a limited lifespan.

The lifespan may be 5 years, but that’s still a great timespan for subscriber-attracting videos.

6. Product Reviews

Product reviews are a classic type of evergreen content, especially if you’re focusing on products that will still be relevant and useful years from now, such as:

  • Furniture🪑
  • Fitness equipment
  • Kitchen Appliances
  • Clothing brands👔
  • Musical instruments🎷
  • Board games or gaming consoles🎮

Look for niche-related products that you can unbox, review and even use on camera. Share your honest opinion about the item. Talk about the good and the bad to help build trust with your audience.

Product reviews are something that viewers will continue to search for and watch. It’s not unheard of for reviews to continue generating views and income for YouTubers for years. 

7. Routine Videos

Do you have a routine that has led to your success? Share it. You can show people your routine to:

  • Lose weight
  • Grow your biceps💪
  • Outline your work for the week
  • Create new digital products
  • Get more done in a day
  • Etc.

Sit down and start jotting down things that you do routinely to reach your goals. Analyze your ideas and see which ones you can turn into an evergreen video idea.

8. Myth Busting

Myths have a way of transcending time. Did anyone ever tell you, “Don’t eat gum, it will stay in your stomach for seven years?” If so, it’s a myth. Your body will digest it within two days, which is a good thing for anyone who swallows their gum.

If you like myths, you can make great evergreen content by:

  • Researching the myth on your channel
  • Showing why the myth is real
  • Discussing the history of the myth
  • Debunking the myth

9. Q&As

Your subscribers want to get to know you. If you take questions from your viewers and then answer them in a Q&A video, it will be something that people will watch for as long as your channel remains active.

But you don’t want to overdo it.

Create Q&A videos sporadically – maybe once or twice every six months. Be mindful of not answering the same questions repeatedly.

10. Travel Vlogs

Travel content is almost always evergreen because these types of videos will always be relevant and popular with YouTube users.

If you post a travel vlog in Lake Como, Italy today, that video will still be useful for people wanting to travel there 5 or even 10 years from now.

Rick Steve’s Europe is the perfect example of a YouTube channel filled with travel vlogs that are still popular today, including his Lake Como video that was posted 10 years ago.

11. Entertainment Videos

Entertainment videos can also be considered evergreen content. Comedy skits, challenges, pranks or even dramas will always be fun and interesting to YouTube viewers.

MrBeast, one of the top YouTubers of all time, falls into the entertainment category. His $456,000 Squid Game in Real Life video was posted two years ago and still gets views today (537M+ views).

12. Motivational

Motivation without habits is bound to end at some point. Throughout life, people will fall into ruts where they don’t have the motivation to:

  • Exercise🙆‍♂️
  • Study✍🏻
  • Go to work
  • Save money💵
  • Do anything

If you’re a natural motivator or have a unique story that will motivate people today and 100 years from now, share it with the world.

You’ll find plenty of channels or videos to gain inspiration from:

13. Interviews

Interviews are a great option for evergreen content, but their popularity will depend on the person being interviewed.

For example, if you interview Warren Buffett and ask him for investing advice, you can be confident that people will watch this video 10 – 20 years from now.

You need to choose the people you interview carefully, but if you have a topic that is evergreen, you can create a video that is evergreen.

Ideally, you’ll choose people to interview who are:

  • Industry leaders
  • Thought leaders
  • Well-known

If the person is building their personal brand and is serious about it, you can both cross-promote each other and create amazing videos in the process.

14. Recipes

Food never goes out of style. People have to eat, and what do most people do when making a dish for the first time? They look for recipes. You can show your personality in the video, but your clothes and style will show the video’s age.

So, what can you do?

Tasty shows people how to make 25 chicken recipes. Notice that they show the cook’s hands mixing the ingredients and making the food, but they don’t show the cook often.

You can experiment with:

  • Faceless recipes
  • Non-faceless recipes

What’s awesome is that this video was posted six years ago, but 19 million people have viewed it, and people are still commenting on it today. That’s the power of evergreen content.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg when creating evergreen YouTube content ideas. You have opportunities all around you to make into evergreen content. Study the most liked videos of all time, and when brainstorming ideas, ask yourself:

  • Will people want to watch this video in a year? Two? Five?
  • Is this video newsworthy? If yes, it’s not evergreen.

Becoming a successful YouTuber demands obsession. You need to become obsessed with the process, create evergreen and non-evergreen content and analyze your stats to learn what your audience likes and doesn’t like.

A healthy mix of evergreen content will allow you to create an income-generating asset that will continue to make you money and drive new followers to your channel week after week.

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