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17 Super Fun YouTube Video Ideas for Kids

Do you need fun YouTube video ideas for kids? These 17 ideas will help you create videos that kids love and attract a lot of views.
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Video ideas for Kids
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Regular YouTube has billions of people logging in every month, but there’s a massive demand for kids’ content that a lot of adults will never see. Even the YouTube Kids app has grown to 106 million downloads.

If you have a little creative one in your family that you know loves to be in front of the camera, these YouTube video ideas for kids can help them create their first video.

1. Toy Reviews and Unboxing🧸

Kids unboxing items and reviewing toys is a huge opportunity for creators. People love seeing kids’ faces light up, and when they’re able to be themselves, they say the funniest things. If you’re trying to get inspiration, you’ll want to see the 400+ videos that Hulyan Maya created.

Children Can Review:

  • Television shows
  • Inflatables
  • Toy cars
  • Military toys
  • Trucks
  • Toy cars
  • Legos

When kids give their perspective on kids’ toys, it’s a powerful recommendation that a lot of kids and parents are looking for because it’s real and honest.

2. Game Reviews🎮

Game reviews are the perfect choice for young gamers. Brianna’s World is a good example of this, but she’s a bit older now. She started her channel back in 2013 and now has over 1.5 billion views. She is a prime example of how to transition a kid’s channel as they age.

Kids Can Review Any Type of Game:

  • Video games
  • Board games

You can even just create a video of the child playing games with friends and having a laugh.

3. Cooking Videos👩‍🍳

Kids cooking? What could be cuter than that? Whether you want to teach your kid how to cook and tape it or have your child show the world how they make cupcakes, cakes, candy or other foods, people will love it.

You Can Go All Out With:

  • Chef’s hats and costumes
  • Specialty dishes
  • Etc.
Happily Ever Zoe is a channel I came across that has just 3,000 subscribers, but Zoe is doing a wonderful job. She started out with a lot of basic recipes, such as grilled cheese pizza (every kid’s dream) and school treats. She even has her own cooking camp videos.

4. Science Experiments👨‍🔬

Science is fun, wacky and suspenseful. Kids and adults alike will love videos about science experiments. You’ll need to be sure to supervise your child or ask your parent to supervise you if you’re performing any experiments that can be dangerous if done improperly.

A Few Good Ideas To Get Started with Are:

  • Lava lamps
  • Slime – kids love it
  • Mini volcanos
  • Seed germination

You can even buy a science book with experiments that a kid can go through and record. If you do find fun experiments, the natural shock and awe of experiments will be enough to generate views.

5. Art Lessons🎨

Some kids are natural artists. The moment they pick up a pencil or a paintbrush, they can begin creating magical worlds and creations. And kids are great teachers who can help other kids learn how to draw.

You’ll want to use the kid’s favorite medium for the videos, such as using acrylic paints on canvas or pencils to draw their favorite superheroes.

Kids Can Also Teach Others How To:

  • Fill in sketchbooks
  • Color properly
  • Trace designs

If art isn’t the child’s “thing,” they can always try music – or anything that they are passionate about.

6. Music Lessons🎵

The Crosbys (not from the television show) love to make music and sing. A following of 4.28 million people and over one billion views show much demand there is in this niche.

Kids Can Teach Others, Including Adults, How To Play The:

  • Drums
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Anything

Basic lessons are a good place to start. Kids can teach others all about notes or how to hold the guitar and even begin with the most basic songs.

No one will expect kids to be the world’s next musical prodigy.

Even if the notes are off or there are pauses and other mishaps in the middle of the lesson, it’s 100% acceptable because no one expects a kid to be perfect.

7. Crafts and Fun Activities

Crafts and fun activities make great topics for YouTube videos, especially for kids. They’re fun to make, kids learn something, and these kinds of videos tend to attract a lot of views.

Creative kids may have their own ideas for crafts and fun things to make, and these unique ideas will be perfect for YouTube videos.

You Can Create Videos On:

  • Holiday- or seasonal-related crafts. For example, kids can create fall wreaths made of acorns, pinecones, leaves and other outdoor items.
  • Drawing or painting activities.
  • Paper crafts.

8. How-to Videos

If you’re interested in creating educational content, how-to videos are great for kids. They explain the steps to create something or do something that other kids may be interested in.

For Example, Kids Can Share How To:

  • Bake a cake
  • Build something with LEGOs
  • Draw or paint
  • Organize their backpacks

The possibilities are endless. The trick is to choose something that the child excels at and wants to help others learn.

9. Vlogging

Kids lead interesting lives and do the craziest things. Why not capture these magical moments? Vlogging can be anything and really allows kids to “run” with their creativity. The child can vlog their trip to the park, beach or even going to their first day of school.

Vlogging is growing in popularity as more people want to see “real” video content without a script.

10. Magic Tricks

What kid doesn’t love magic tricks? Why not showcase some fun and easy tricks in a YouTube video? 

YouTube channel Ryan’s World has a great video on a DIY magic trick, which had more than 7 million views.

Kids that have an interest in magic will enjoy creating this kind of content. You can show kids how to perform tricks or just demonstrate magic tricks to leave your audience in awe.

11. Reaction Videos

Reaction videos are popular with YouTube viewers of all ages – kids especially. Kids REACT is an entire channel dedicated to kids reacting to weird things, like vintage recipes or old TV shows.

A reaction video can be a great way to get a YouTube channel started, but it’s also just a fun idea that kids will enjoy.

12. Life Hacks and Advice

Life hacks and advice are great video ideas for creators of all ages. Kids and young teens alike can share their advice with other kids who may be going through difficult times, like being bullied at school or dealing with family issues at home.

Of course, these kinds of videos don’t always have to be serious. Kids can share their tips on how to stay organized, math tricks and more.

Crafts That Slap has a great video on Life Hacks for Kids, where Sunny shares hacks for school.

13. Nursery Rhymes and Sing Alongs

Kids love nursery rhymes and sing-alongs, so this is a great YouTube video idea for children who are interested in music. 

Make sure that you choose songs that are copyright-free to avoid any issues with publishing your videos.

14. Skits

For kids who love acting, skits can be a fun and successful video idea. You can create scripts and act out silly scenes. 

Like Nastya has a YouTube channel of skit videos that she films primarily with her father. Their skits are wholesome and light-hearted, but most importantly, fun.

The great thing about this video idea is that you can be as creative and funny as you want. Kids can make up their own jokes or stories to tell. You can even include costumes and create little sets if you want. 

15. Gardening

Does your child love gardening? So many children love to watch plants grow and play around in the dirt. Why not share a video on planting a vegetable garden or growing a specific kind of plant? You could track the progress of your garden or plants, and share it with viewers.

YouTuber Samiah Rose Knows has a great educational video on How to Start a Garden. She walks viewers through each step of planting and harvesting.

Sharing helpful gardening tips and tricks for kids may also motivate some children to get interested in this rewarding activity.

16. Culture Videos

Not sure where to start with your video content? Why not create a video that educates viewers on your family and cultural traditions? 

People love learning about new cultures and ways of thinking and living. You could showcase the foods you eat, your celebrations, the clothing you wear and other interesting things about your way of life.

17. Adventuring in New Places

Does your family love to travel? Why not hand over the camera to the kids and let them vlog the experience? They can share their perspective and what they like or don’t like about each destination. 

You don’t necessarily need to travel far to create fun and engaging videos. Exploring new places in nearby towns can be just as awesome as a big family trip.

These video ideas are great for kids of all ages and interests, whether they love education, music, exploring new places or sharing stories. Use these ideas to start or grow a channel today.

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