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How Many Views on YouTube to Make $100 in 2024

How many views do you REALLY need to make $100 on YouTube? Find out from the source – other YouTubers – and what factors affect earnings.
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How Many Views on YouTube to Make $100
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Earning your first $100 on YouTube is addicting. Making money doing something you really love instead of slogging along is an eye-opening experience. YouTubers quickly learn that they may need a completely different number of views to reach this milestone than someone else.


A lot of factors will dictate how many views you need on YouTube to make $100. We’ll go through these factors first before breaking down the earnings of four creators and analyzing how many views they needed to hit the $100 mark. 

What Factors Impact Your YouTube Earnings?

Multiple factors are working behind the scenes that will dictate how much you earn on your channel. Ad spend is a major factor, and as an economy falters, it’s not uncommon for this to have negative consequences for creators.

However, when ad spending is higher, you can earn even more money per RPM.

Factors that can impact your earnings are:

1. Audience Location and Age

Where is your audience located? You can see this information within your channel’s analytics, but you’ll find the following audiences pay low:

  • Indonesia
  • India
  • Dominican Republic

Belgium, France and many European countries are considered tier-two countries, which means they pay higher than the ones above.

If your audience is in the US, Australia, Norway and some of the other top-tier countries, you’ll earn more money. Why? These countries are paying more for ads.

For example, a company may pay $1 per 1,000 views in India and $12 in the US for the same number of views.

Since you’re a creator, you earn a percentage of the ad revenue, making some audiences much more profitable for you.

2. Video Length

The length of your video will also affect your earnings. Longer videos – those that are longer than 8 minutes – can add mid-roll ads. Adding mid-roll ads will increase your earnings from each video.

If you want to maximize your earnings and reach $100 faster, focus on creating longer videos.

3. Seasonality

YouTube earnings can also fluctuate throughout the year. Some channels will see higher CPMs during certain times of the year.

For example, during the holiday season, CPMs for tech channels skyrocket. At the start of the new year, CPMs for fitness channels rise.

If you post a video at just the right time of year with the right niche, you can earn $100 very quickly. But if you upload that same video during “off-season,” it may take significantly more views to earn $100. 

Keep seasonality in mind when trying to gauge how many views you’ll need to reach your goals.

4. Niche

One of the most influential factors that impact your YouTube earnings is your niche. Some channels will naturally earn more than others just because of the type of content they produce.

Tech and finance are two niches that tend to have higher CPMS. YouTuber vidIQ gives a good breakdown of niches and their CPM in this video: YouTube Monetization Explained: Why Others Get Paid MORE Than You!

The top five niches, according to vidIQ, are:

  • Business: $15.2 CPM in US, $15 CPM in Canada, $19 CPM in Australia
  • Investing: $16.1 CPM in US, $14.3 CPM in Canada, $21.1 CPM in Australia
  • Health: $14.1 CPM in US, $12.8 CPM in Canada, $17.2 CPM in Australia
  • Online Marketing: $9.4 CPM in US, $7.1 CPM in Canada, $12.4 CPM in Australia
  • Tech Reviews: $6.6 CPM in US, $4.8 CPM in Canada, $7.3 CPM in Australia

Based on these averages, to earn $100 in these five niches with a US audience, you would need:

  • Business: 6,578 views 
  • Investing: 6,211 views
  • Health: 7,092 views
  • Online Marketing: 10,638 views
  • Tech Reviews: 15,1515 views

It’s clear that your niche has a huge effect on your CPM and how quickly you’ll earn $100.

If you’re trying to narrow down your niche and want to learn which pays the best, we have an intense article on this very topic: How Much Does YouTube Pay in These 15 Niches?

4 YouTubers and Their Earnings for Comparison

Every YouTube channel is different. RPMs are based on a number of different factors, so earning $100 will look different for everyone. 

Let’s head straight to the source to see how many views real YouTubers need to earn $100.

1. Edy Chandra

Edy shares how much he makes for 1,000 views and is in the making money online niche. What’s refreshing about this creator is that he goes through his earnings by being very transparent, showing the ups and downs in his earnings.

He earns $5.6 per 1,000 views on average, based on 3.9 million views in total, so it’s a very good indication of what you can earn on your channel.

Based on this figure, it would take 17,857 views to earn $100.

2. Kamillah Rae

Kamillah shares her process on how she got monetized quickly – after she started creating videos. She had her channel for a long time before she actually took action and made content consistently.

For the first month, she had 292,600 views and earned $794, and this means:

  • $2.71 RPM
  • 36,900 views for $100

When you watch her channel, you’ll find that she focuses on vlogs, loneliness, productivity – pretty much a ton of niches.

3. Josh Winiarski

Josh Winiarski shared how much he earned for 20K subscribers and 9.6K views: $43.05. To earn $100, Josh would need to get 22,321+ views at an RPM of $4.48.

Most of the content on Josh’s channel is related to photography. He shares his gear, tutorials and more. But he also shares some insights into what he’s learned making YouTube videos and running a channel.

For a photography-related channel, the RPMs – at least in Josh’s case – are lower than, say, entrepreneurial or finance-related content.

4. Danielle Ryan

Danielle Ryan earned CAD$155.39 in the first 30 days of monetizing her YouTube channel. These earnings were just from AdSense.

Danielle doesn’t show exactly how many views earned her that CAD$155.39, but she does share that she earned CAD$89.40 from 11.9K views. Her RPM was about CAD$7.49. At this rate, she’d need about 13.3K views to earn $100. 

Your niche plays a huge role in how much you earn on YouTube. Danielle’s channel is all about starting a business, building a brand and other entrepreneurial-related content. If you have a similar niche, you may earn a similar RPM. 

What We Learned from These YouTubers About Earning $100

Making $100 is highly niche independent and will also matter based on your audience. We’ve written about how to make $1,000 before, and we found that someone like Joshua Mayo, who covered finance, earns $21,20 per 1,000 views.

He would only need to have 5,000 views to make $100.

If you’re like Kamillah Rae, you would need nearly 37,000 views. So, if you want to make $100 fast, your goal should be to find the right niche and audience.

But what many creators will tell you is that if you’re not passionate about your niche, there’s a good chance that you won’t remain consistent, nor will you create the best videos.

Top YouTubers reach financial freedom and millions of subscribers because they have an intense passion that is easy to see in the content they create.

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