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How Often Should You Post on Instagram? (2024)

If you want FAST engagement on your content the second you post, you’ll need to understand when the best times to post are. Read on to find out and quickly get more exposure.
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How often you should post on instagram
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Growing an engaged following on Instagram requires strategy and simply posting quality content isn’t enough these days — it hasn’t for years! 

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to know how often to post and the best times to post if you want to maximize your content reach. 

Why is timing so important, you ask? Well, Instagram’s algorithm loves engagement. When your post receives immediate interaction, it signals the platform that your content is engaging, prompting Instagram to show it to more people.

Basically, post at the right time, and your content is more likely to appear at the top of your followers’ feeds. Miss the mark, and your posts get buried.

But it’s not just about timing. Consistency is key, yet balance is crucial. 

Over-posting risks overwhelming your followers, transforming your valuable content into unwelcome spam. Conversely, if you post too sparingly, your content risks invisibility, depriving your followers of your valuable messages.

So yes, posting frequency on Instagram matters quite a bit! 

The good news is identifying the amount of content you should be posting doesn’t have to be guesswork. We’ve done the hard work for you by analyzing the latest Instagram algorithm updates and audience data.

In this article, we’ll share what is optimal posting frequency on Instagram in 2024 for maximum reach and engagement. Whether you want to grow your personal brand or small business, these frequency-tested tips will help you connect with more of the right people.

What Does Regular Posting On Instagram Mean?

The story of Goldilocks teaches us about finding the ‘just right’ balance – not too much, not too little. Applying this principle to regular posting on Instagram means striking a perfect balance. 

You’ll want to share content frequently enough to keep your followers engaged and informed, yet not so often that it becomes overwhelming or repetitive. Regular posting should ideally keep your viewers connected and interested in your brand or personal story, ensuring a steady and meaningful presence on their feeds.

How Often Should You Post On Instagram To Grow Fastly?

To effectively grow your Instagram following, it’s crucial to maintain the right posting rhythm. 

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, recommends best posting frequency for Instagram:

  • Around 2-3 posts per week for your main feed, encompassing various formats like static posts, carousels, reels, and IGTV.
  • For Instagram Stories, aim for twice daily.

While these guidelines provide a solid foundation, Mosseri emphasizes the importance of tailoring your strategy to your audience’s preferences and engagement patterns. Testing different frequencies can help you find the ideal balance for your specific followers.

How Often Should Beginners Or Small Businesses Post On Instagram?

For beginners and small businesses venturing into Instagram, navigating the platform’s dynamics can be challenging. The primary goal is often to build a strong, engaged follower base and establish a consistent brand presence. 

But without a large following or extensive resources, it can be tough to determine the ideal posting frequency that balances visibility with audience engagement, without overextending limited resources.

To strike this balance, beginners and small businesses should consider the following posting frequencies:

  • Stories: Daily stories are ideal. They’re less intrusive and disappear after 24 hours.
  • Reels: Aim for 2-4 reels per week. Reels have a higher chance of getting a wide reach due to their favored status in Instagram’s algorithm.
  • Photos: Posting photos twice per week can maintain a steady presence in your followers’ feeds without seeming excessive.
  • Carousels: Including carousels once a week can boost engagement, as they allow for more in-depth storytelling.
  • Live Sessions: Hosting a live session once every two weeks or monthly can foster real-time interaction and strengthen community ties.

These recommendations provide a starting framework, but you’ll need to adapt based on engagement and feedback from your community.

How Often Should Businesses And Brands Post On Instagram?

For businesses and brands, establishing a strong presence on Instagram can be a vital part of their marketing strategy. The challenge lies in crafting an approach that maximizes visibility and audience engagement while aligning with the brand’s identity. 

The primary goals are often to increase brand awareness, engage with the target viewers, and ultimately drive conversions. With the platform’s competitive nature, brands need to stand out through consistent and compelling content.

Considering these objectives, the recommended posting frequencies for different types of content are:

  • Stories: Everyday stories are recommended. They’re a dynamic way to keep your followers engaged and offer behind-the-scenes glimpses or quick updates.
  • Reels: Posting 3-5 reels per week can help capitalize on Instagram’s algorithm favoring video content, potentially increasing your reach.
  • Photos: Regular photo posts, around 3-4 times per week, help maintain a consistent visual presence and brand narrative in your audience’s feed.
  • Carousels: Incorporating 1-2 carousels weekly can enhance engagement as they allow storytelling through multiple images or videos in a single post, especially if you’re selling a product.
  • Live Sessions: Hosting live sessions bi-weekly or monthly can significantly boost real-time interaction.

Regularly engaging with and responding to your audience across these formats is also key to building a loyal community and enhancing your brand’s digital footprint.

How Often Should Most Content Creators Post On Instagram?

Content creators on Instagram often grapple with the challenge of maintaining visibility and relevance. Their primary goals usually revolve around growing their follower base, enhancing engagement, and establishing a unique brand identity

The key lies in striking a perfect balance between frequent posting to stay relevant and avoiding content oversaturation that might lead to follower fatigue. Creating a well-timed and varied content strategy becomes essential for sustained growth and audience retention.

For effective engagement, content creators should consider the following posting frequencies:

  • Stories: Posting multiple stories daily is highly effective. Stories are a versatile tool for maintaining a constant connection with your fans without overloading their feed.
  • Reels: Given the current favoring of video content by Instagram’s algorithm, posting reels 4-7 times a week can significantly boost visibility and audience reach.
  • Photos: Sharing photos 2-4 times a week allows creators to showcase high-quality, engaging visuals while keeping their feed fresh and diverse.
  • Carousels: Using carousels 1-2 times a week is a great way to tell a deeper story or share more information in a single post, enhancing user engagement.
  • Live Sessions: Hosting live sessions once a week or bi-weekly can create a stronger and more personal connection with the audience, allowing for real-time interaction and feedback.

How Often Should Influencers Post On Instagram?

Influencers on Instagram, often equipped with a substantial following, face the unique challenge of keeping their audience consistently engaged while also attracting new followers. 

Their goals typically involve maintaining their influential status, creating impactful content that resonates with their audience, and creating partnerships with brands

For influencers aiming to optimize their Instagram presence, the following posting frequencies are recommended:

  • Stories: 2-3 Daily stories are essential. They offer a more personal glimpse into the influencer’s life, building a deeper connection with the audience. Try to post more than one a day.
  • Reels: Posting reels 4-5 times a week can be highly effective.
  • Photos: Sharing high-quality photos 2-5 times a week helps in maintaining a visually appealing and consistent feed.
  • Carousels: Incorporating carousels 1-2 times a week allows for storytelling and sharing multiple perspectives in one post, which can increase engagement.
  • Live Sessions: Live sessions are particularly important for influencers, recommended once a week or bi-weekly. These sessions can be used for Q&As, special announcements, or live collaborations, adding an interactive element to their content strategy.

Influencers should continuously analyze their engagement metrics and adapt their posting strategy to align with their audience’s preferences and the constantly changing Instagram algorithm.

5 Key Considerations for Effective Instagram Posting

Before you hit the ‘Share‘ button on Instagram, there are a few important steps to ensure your post is primed for success:

  • Review Your Content: Double-check your post for accuracy, quality, and alignment with your brand or personal image. This includes verifying captions, hashtags, and the visual appeal of your images or videos.
  • Set High-Quality Standards: Prioritize high-resolution images and clear, engaging videos. Quality content stands out and can significantly increase engagement and follower growth.
  • Timing is Everything: Understanding the best times to post is vital. Generally, morning and lunch on weekdays tend to see higher engagement, but this can vary. Pay attention to when your audience is most active by analyzing your Instagram insights.
  • Create a Posting Schedule: Develop a content calendar to maintain a consistent and balanced posting routine. This helps in organizing your content strategy and ensures a steady stream of posts, keeping your audience engaged and informed.
  • Look At Your Instagram Insights: Utilize Instagram’s analytical tools to track when your audience is most active. Insights into user activity times and content preferences can help tailor your posting schedule for maximum impact.

Keep in mind that these guidelines are a starting point. Regularly review and adjust your strategy based on the evolving preferences of your target audience and the Instagram environment.

When is the Best Time to Post on Instagram?

When we talk about the best posting times on Instagram, it’s essential to start by understanding the role of algorithms

An algorithm is a set of rules and calculations that social media platforms like Instagram use to determine what content appears in each user’s feed. Instagram’s algorithm is designed to prioritize content that it believes will be most relevant and engaging to each user based on their past interactions.

The challenge for many Instagram users is figuring out how to work with this algorithm to increase the visibility and engagement of their posts. 

One critical factor in this equation is the timing of your posts. The concept of ‘optimal posting time on instagram‘ refers to the specific times and days when your content is most likely to be seen and engaged with by your audience. Posting at these times can significantly affect your engagement rates, as the algorithm tends to favor posts that receive quick interaction after being published.

These are the recommended times to post on Instagram in 2024, on average.

Best Times to Post on Instagram
Best Days to Post on Instagram
Worst Days to Post on Instagram
Before and after work hours (6 am-9 am, 5 pm-6 pm) Weekdays Weekdays
During lunch (12pm-2pm)

Is It Better To Post At The Best Time On Instagram?

Yes, posting at the best times on Instagram can improve your content’s visibility and engagement. These times vary depending on your audience’s online habits. Experiment with different posting times, track engagement rates, and use Instagram insights to identify when your audience is most active.

Timing is important because the first few hours after you post are pivotal. If your content garners likes, comments, and shares quickly, the algorithm interprets it as engaging and is more likely to show it to a broader audience. This can create a snowball effect, increasing your post’s reach.

Is There A Perfect Time to Post on Instagram?

The short answer is no, there is no universally ideal time that works for every account on Instagram. While some general trends exist around peak engagement times, the specifics ultimately depend on your target audience. Factors like age, location, gender, interests, and work schedules all impact when your audience is most active on Instagram.

With that said, this doesn’t mean you’re shooting in the dark. There are industry standards that serve as a solid starting point. These general guidelines are based on extensive research and can give you a rough idea of when your audience might be most active. 

But here’s the real deal: the key to maximizing your Instagram reach lies in understanding and adapting to your unique audience.

How To Avoid Posting Too Much On Instagram?

To avoid over-posting on Instagram, establish a content calendar and stick to a consistent posting schedule. Pay attention to audience feedback and engagement metrics. If you notice a drop in engagement or negative comments, it might be time to reduce your posting frequency.

Is It Bad To Post Twice A Day On Instagram?

Posting twice a day on Instagram isn’t inherently bad, but it depends on your audience’s preferences and engagement levels. If your content is varied and engaging, frequent posting can boost visibility. However, over-posting might overwhelm followers, leading to unfollows or reduced engagement.

How Much Cristiano Ronaldo Post On Instagram?

Considered the most-followed celebrity with over 616 million followers, Cristiano Ronaldo’s posting frequency on Instagram varies, but is usually around 5 times a week.

As a high-profile influencer and athlete, his posting schedule is likely tailored to maximize engagement while keeping his content fresh and relevant, which is especially important since he charges nearly $2.6 per post!

Should I Copy Others’ Posting Frequency On Instagram?

Copying someone else’s posting frequency on Instagram isn’t advisable as each account has a unique audience with different preferences. What works for one account may not work for another. It’s important to find a posting schedule that suits your content and audience, which may require some experimentation and adjustment.

If you really need help, take a look at multiple other accounts in your niche or industry (as opposed to just one) for more insight.

Here’s what you can do to get started:

  • Start by looking at industry standards for businesses similar to yours is a good starting point.
  • Pay attention to when top brands in your niche post frequently. This gives you an idea of time frames and frequencies that tend to work well.
  • From there, dive into your own account insights. Look at when your existing audience is online and interacting with your content.
  • Refine your posting cadence based on their habits. While a one-size-fits-all time doesn’t exist, you can still determine the best times to post for YOUR audience using this process.
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