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How To Change YouTube Channel Name (Desktop & Mobile)

Are you ready to make a major change to your YouTube channel name? There are some important things you need to know first! Learn how to change your YouTube channel name on desktop and mobile, plus read an important note for verified creators.
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How to change a youtube channel name
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The name of your YouTube channel is an important asset to your brand. It should be synonymous with your content as well as your identity as a creator so that when users see it or want to search for it, they recognize it immediately as belonging to you.

If your YouTube channel name is not exactly appropriate for your brand, your identity, or the direction your content is headed, then it might make sense for you to change it.

It’s possible to alter the name of your YouTube channel from both the desktop version of the platform and the app. In this article, we’ll show you how to change your YouTube channel name step by step using your computer and your mobile device.

But before we get to that, there’s something important about changing your channel name that verified YouTube creators absolutely must know beforehand.

An Important Note for Verified YouTube Channels

Listen up, verified creators! And no, we’re not talking about channels that have verified their identity with 2-step verification. This is something totally different.

Channels that are verified have applied for a verification badge from YouTube. To be eligible for a verification badge, you must have a minimum of 100,000 subscribers (although there are exceptions to this rule). You must also pass YouTube’s review of your profile for authenticity and completeness with flying colors.

Once your YouTube channel gets approved for a verification badge, you get a little checkmark next to your name. This shows viewers that you’re genuine and impresses ad partners.

But if you’re already verified and you’re thinking about changing your channel name, STOP!

If you alter your channel name in any way, you will lose your verification status! Then you’ll have to reapply and go through the review process all over again.

If changing your channel name is that important to you, then losing your verification badge may not seem like a huge loss – especially if you’re able to get it back again after reapplying. But it’s important that you’re aware that you will lose it and have a game plan in place for regaining your status.

Other Things To Consider Before Changing Your YouTube Channel Name

Aside from losing your verification badge, here are a few other things to consider before you go ahead and change your YouTube channel name.

1. Your Channel’s Branding Materials

If you change the name of your YouTube channel, then, for the sake of consistency, you should be prepared to change all your YouTube channel’s branding materials. These include your logo, banner, profile picture, video watermark, About section, and possibly even your video titles.

Basically, anything on your channel that shows your channel name will need to be updated.

2. Your Subscribers’ Awareness of the Change

You should make sure that your subscribers are aware that you changed or are planning on changing your channel name. That way, they don’t become confused or think they’re following the wrong creator when you show up in their feed under a new name.

3. Your other Social Media Accounts 

In addition to changing all the branding materials on your YouTube channel to match the new name, you should also consider changing the names on all your other social media accounts.

Once again, this will help you maintain a uniform image for your brand, so that all your followers and sponsors on every platform will recognize you.

How To Change YouTube Channel Name on Desktop

Now that you know the potential pitfall of changing your channel name if you’re a verified creator, we can move on to how to make the change.

We’ll start by teaching you how to change your YouTube channel name on your desktop.

Step #1: Sign into your YouTube account and go to YouTube Studio.

Click YouTube Studio

Step #2: Select Customization from the left-hand menu.

Select Customization

Step #3: Select Basic info.

Select Basic Info

Step #4: Type in your new channel name and channel description.

Channel Description

Step #5: Click Publish.


How To Change YouTube Channel Name on Mobile App

Next, here are the steps for changing your channel name on the main YouTube and YouTube Studio apps (these steps work for both iPhones and Androids).

YouTube App

Step #1: Tap your profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the homepage.

Profile Picture

Step #2: Select Your Channel.

Select Your Channel

Step #3: Tap Edit underneath your channel description.

Tap Edit

Step #4: Tap Edit next to your channel name and type in the new name.

Channel Name

Step #5: Tap the tick in the corner to save your changes.


YouTube Studio App

Step #1: Tap your profile picture.

Your Profile

Step #2: Select Edit channel profile.

Select Edit

Step #3: Tap Edit next to your channel name.

Your Channel Name

Step #4: Tap Save.

Tap Save

5 Tips for Creating a Unique YouTube Channel Name

Making the decision to change your YouTube channel name could be great for your brand. But you shouldn’t put the cart before the horse! Before you take this step, you should have a unique name to replace the old one with.

You can only change your channel name twice in a 14-day period, so do your best to find one you like the first time and stick with it. Otherwise, you might be stuck with a name you don’t really like for two whole weeks!

In case you’re stumped for ideas for a new, unique channel name, follow these five tips.

1. Use a YouTube Channel Name Generator

The easiest way to brainstorm channel name ideas is to use a YouTube channel name generator. These are free websites that generate random names that you can use for your YouTube channel.

If you don’t want to copy and paste the generator’s results, you can take one of the random names it puts out and personalize it to make it your own. Alternatively, you can use it as a jumping off point to develop something totally new and different out of your own head.

2. Use Your Brand Name

The most obvious choice for a channel name is the name of your brand if you have one. It makes even more sense if your brand is new and represents a change of direction for your video content. Changing your channel name and making it match your brand name can be part of your broader social media marketing campaign.

3. Use Your Own Name

If you’re an influencer, you may want to use your own name for your YouTube channel. You can also shorten it to your first name only, your initials, or a nickname you gave yourself or that your friends and family call you.

4. Use Your Pet’s Name

Using your pet’s name for your channel can be a great way to add a touch of fun to your identity on the platform. It can also help you preserve your anonymity if you want to remain nameless and faceless, but still have an interesting and unique channel name.

5. Include a Word that Describes Your Content

Another great tip that can help you create a unique YouTube channel name is to include a word that describes your content. For example, if you make videos in the Beauty content niche, you can call your channel by your name followed by “Beauty” (e.g., “Jane Beauty”).

Of course, you can use whatever combination of words or names you want. But by adding a word that clues YouTube users in on what your channel is about, you may draw in more interested viewers.


You can change your YouTube channel name to edit an unfortunate mistake, start a new brand, or signal a fresh start for your content. Whatever your reason, it’s easy to make the change. Just follow our step-by-step instructions for changing your YouTube name on your desktop or the mobile app, and you’ll have it done in no time!

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