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How To Clear Cache on YouTube on Desktop & Android? (2024)

Is the YouTube website or the YouTube app on your Android device running slow or sluggish? If so, clearing the cache can help. Read on as we explain how to clear the cache on YouTube to improve your experience with the video platform.
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How to Clear Cache on YouTube
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Whenever you use a web browser to surf the internet or download apps to your mobile device, after a time, you may notice that your favorite websites or apps aren’t running as fast as they used to. 

In the case of YouTube, you may notice that video thumbnails aren’t loading as fast, that your video is taking a long time to start, and everything in general is just slow and sluggish. 

If this happens, one easy solution that may improve your YouTube experience is to clear the cache on your web browser or your YouTube mobile app (whichever one is running slowly). 

Don’t know what a cache is or how to clear it? No problem! This article will explain exactly what a cache is, what clearing it will do to your YouTube experience, and how to clear the cache on YouTube from your computer and your Android device.

What Is a Cache and Why Should You Clear It on YouTube?

Without getting too technical, a cache is a digital storage unit that stores specific types of data for websites and apps that may need to be retrieved over and over again. 

In other words, caches store data to allow websites and apps to load certain elements faster in the future. 

Those elements include files, scripts (which, among other things, instruct websites or apps in what processes they should automatically initiate upon being opened) and images. 

Caches can be extremely helpful for speeding up your use of websites and apps. But when they get too bogged down with data, they can cause those same programs to run slow. That’s why clearing them can sometimes result in platforms like YouTube loading faster and performing better.

How To Clear the Cache on YouTube on the Desktop?

Here’s how to clear the cache for the YouTube website on your computer using three popular web browsers. 

1. Google Chrome

Step #1: Open Google Chrome and click the three vertical dots next to your Google profile picture in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Three Vertical Dots

Step #2: Click History

Tap History

Step #3: Click Clear browsing data

Clear Browsing History

Step #4: Select All time from the Time range dropdown menu and make sure Cached images and files is checked. 

Cached Images and Files

Step #5: Click Clear data.

Clear Data

2. Mozilla Firefox

Step #1: Open the Mozilla Firefox web browser and click the menu button on the top right-hand corner of the browser. 

Click the Menu Button

Step #2: Select Setting from the dropdown menu.

Click Setting

Step #3: Click Privacy & Security

Privacy & Security

 Step #4: Click Clear Data.

Clear Data

Step #5: Make sure Cached Web Content is checked.

Cached Web Content

Step #6: Click Clear.


3. Safari

Step #1: Open Safari and click the Safari dropdown menu from the menu bar. 

Menu Bar

Step #2: Click Preferences


Step #3: Click Advanced


Step #4: Check Show Develop menu in menu bar

Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar

Step #5: Click the Develop dropdown menu from the menu bar.

Click the Develop

Step #6: Click Empty Cache.

Empty Cache

How To Clear the Cache on YouTube Android App?

If the YouTube app on your Android device is slow to load or respond, try clearing the cache on it with these steps. 

Step #1: Open Settings on your Android device.


Step #2: Tap Apps

Tap Apps

Step #3: Find YouTube and tap it.

YouTube Find

Step #4: Tap Storage.


Step #5: Tap Clear cache.

Tap Clear Cache

Will Clearing the Cache on YouTube Delete My Videos? 

If you’re afraid to clear your cache because you’re worried that YouTube will delete your videos, don’t be. That’s not the type of data that the cache in your web browser or apps stores. 

Will Clearing the YouTube Cache Remove My Content Preferences?

Just as clearing your cache won’t delete your videos, it also won’t remove the content preferences or settings that you customized for your YouTube account. You’ll still follow the same channels and get recommended the same videos, and any playlists or videos from other creators that you saved will still appear in your Library.

Do I Have To Sign Into YouTube Again After Clearing the Cache?

If you’re automatically signed into YouTube on your web browser or mobile app, then there’s good news: You can clear your cache and it won’t delete your saved login information. That data is stored elsewhere.

Can I Clear the YouTube Cache on My iPhone?

Unfortunately, you can’t clear the cache on your YouTube app if you’re using an iPhone or iPad. Instead, you may want to try deleting the app or updating it to improve any performance issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Lose If I Delete the YouTube Cache?

When you delete the YouTube cache on an Android, you’ll lose unimportant, temporary files. When you delete the cache on your web browser, you’ll lose temporary files like scripts, fonts, and images.

How Often Should I Clear My YouTube Cache?

Experts recommend clearing your cache at least once per month. At the very least, you should clear it when you start experiencing slowdowns on YouTube.

Will Clearing the Cache Delete My YouTube Password?

No, clearing the cache will not delete your saved YouTube password or username.


No one likes their enjoyment of YouTube content to be interrupted by long load times and slow responses to clicks and taps. Fortunately, clearing the YouTube cache is an easy fix that can bring the YouTube website or app’s performance back up to speed.

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