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How To Create Playlists of Your YouTube Videos (2024)

Making playlists of YouTube videos that you share with your audience can help you rack up more views. Read on to learn how to create playlists of your Youtube videos on your computer or mobile device and discover tips for making your playlists more watchable.
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How to Create playlists of your videos
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YouTube playlists are one of the easiest ways to increase views and engagement for your channel. 

In this article, you’ll learn how to create playlists of your YouTube videos using the YouTube website as well as the mobile app. You’ll also find actionable tips that you can use to make highly watchable, view-generating playlists. 

Why Create a YouTube Playlist?

You may be wondering, why create a YouTube playlist? Doesn’t that involve a lot of time and effort, just to group together your old videos?

It’s true that it can take a while to make playlists for your channel, especially if you’ve uploaded a lot of videos up to this point. But it’s all worth it for these three benefits that YouTube playlists bring to your channel. 

1. Groups Similar Videos in the Same Place

Most YouTube creators use playlists to group similar videos in the same place. For example, you can group all your how-to videos together in one playlist, reviews in another, etc. 

This practice is beneficial because it not only helps you keep track of the videos you’ve made in each category, but it also allows your viewers to easily find more of the same kind of content.

2. Improves Your Channel’s SEO

Playlists can improve your YouTube channel’s search engine optimization (SEO) by containing keywords that your viewers are likely to search for. Improving SEO is essential for helping your videos become more discoverable on YouTube as well as Google. You can insert relevant keywords in the playlist title and the description.

3. Organizes Your Videos on Your Channel Homepage

The third benefit of playlists is they help you organize your videos on your channel homepage. 

When you create a playlist for public view, it’s displayed on your channel homepage. This makes your homepage look fuller and cleaner. It also allows viewers to browse the content categories they’re interested in quickly instead of forcing them to scroll through your Videos tab.

How To Create Playlists of Your YouTube Videos on the Computer

Here’s how to create playlists of your YouTube videos in YouTube Studio using your computer or laptop. 

Step #1: Open your web browser and log into your YouTube Studio account on

Click YouTube Studio

Step #2: Click +Create in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 

Click +Create

Step #3: Select New Playlist from the dropdown menu.

New Playlist

Step #4: Add a title and a description and set Visibility to Public.

Step #5: Click Create.

Click Create

Step #6: Under Channel content, click Videos

Click Videos

Step #7: Check the boxes next to the videos you want to add to your new playlist. 

Step #8: Click Add to Playlist and select the playlist you want to add your videos to from the dropdown menu.

Add to Playlist

Step #9: Click Save.

Click Save

How To Create Playlists of Your YouTube Videos on YouTube App

Now we’ll share an alternative way to create playlists by using the YouTube app.

Step #1: Log into your account on the YouTube mobile app.

Step #2: Tap Library.


Step #3: Tap View all to the right of your Playlists.


Step #4: Tap the three dots in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select Create new playlist.

Select Create New Playlist

Step #5: Tap Next without adding any videos.


Step #6: Add a title and change the Privacy status to Public.

Privacy Status to Public

Step #7: Tap Library again. 

Step #8: Tap Your videos.

Step #9: Tap the three dots next to the video you want to add to your new playlist and select Save to playlist.

The Three Dots

Step #10: Check the box next to the playlist(s) you want to save your video to. 

The Playlist

Step #11: Tap Done.


3 Tips for Creating Watchable YouTube Playlists

Before you start making playlists of your videos, read these three tips to help you create watchable YouTube playlists that grab — and keep — viewers’ attention.

1. Collect the Same Types of Videos Into Separate Playlists

If you create different types of videos on your channel – i.e., vlogs, tutorials, reviews, challenges, etc. – try collecting each type into a separate playlist. That way, if users want to watch more of one specific type, they can easily find a playlist for it. 

2. Create Playlists for Series of Videos

Do you have an ongoing or completed series of videos with multiple episodes or installments? If so, then make a separate playlist for each one to make it more convenient for your audience to continue a series they’re interested in.

3. Add Attention-Grabbing Titles and Descriptions

Both the title and description of your playlist are essential because they let viewers know what kind of videos they can expect to see when they click on it. Make your playlist titles and descriptions as attention-grabbing as possible with all caps and exciting adjectives (while still incorporating relevant keywords for SEO). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Create a Playlist of My Videos Using the YouTube App?

Yes. We provide step-by-step instructions on how to create a playlist of your videos using the YouTube app above.

How Do I Find YouTube Playlists?

You can find your YouTube playlists on the app by tapping Library. View your playlists on your desktop by clicking Library on the left side of the YouTube homepage and then scrolling down.

Why Can’t Other People See My YouTube Playlist?

If other people can’t see your YouTube playlist, it’s probably because the Visibility is set to Private or Unlisted. Change it to Public using YouTube Studio.


Creating playlists of your YouTube videos for your subscribers and new viewers to watch is a smart move for your channel. Use your playlists as a strategy to increase engagement with your content and improve your channel’s discoverability in search engine results.

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