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How to Edit Any Instagram Comment From Mobile or Desktop?

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How to Edit Comment on Instagram
Table of Contents
Key Pointers
You can’t edit a comment on Instagram yet.
The only option is the delete and repost.
If you can find the post on phone: Locate your comment > Tap on comment > Select “Delete” > Write new comment > Post.
If you can’t find the post on phone: Go to hamburger icon > Tap on “Your activity” > Go to “Comments” and find the comment > Tap on it > Write new comment > Go back and select old comment > Hit “Delete.”
On desktop: Log in to your account > Tap on hamburger icon > Go to “Your activity” > Go to “COMMENTS” tab > Find the comment and tap on it > Delete comment and repost.

After watching a heart-melting Instagram post, the perfect thought came to your mind. You rushed to the comment section and started pouring out your appreciation for it.

You hit enter after writing everything… only to notice there’s a typo!

You want to find out how to edit comments on Instagram… and unfortunately, there’s no option for that!

Facebook and YouTube allow you to you edit comments. Even Instagram DMs have the option to edit messages… Why not Instagram comments? Ugh!

Well, don’t worry because we’ve found just the way to counter the issue here!

How to Edit Comments on Instagram on Phone?📱

Unfortunately, Instagram still does not have the feature to edit your comments. So, if you want to fix a comment, you can instead delete and repost it.

Launch the Instagram app, log in to your account, and follow these steps – applicable both on iOS and Android devices.

Note: You can delete and repost replies in the same process. The only difference is that you repost it by hitting on the “Reply” option.

Case I: The comment is on your own post

Step #1: Go to your profile and find the post.

Find the Post


Step #2: Tap on the comment icon to find your comment.

Tap Comment

Note: The comment icon looks like a speech bubble-shaped icon. It is below photo posts and on the right of reel posts.

Step #3: The delete option pops up. Select that and your comment instantly gets deleted.

Delete Option

Note: On the app, the delete option appears as “Delete” with a trashcan icon.

Step #4: Go to the “Add a comment…” section.

Add a comment

Step #5: Type the corrected comment and hit the send icon.

Send Icon

Case II: The comment is on an acquaintance’s or your favorite creator’s post, i.e., you remember their Instagram profile name or handle.

Step #1: On the Instagram app’s home page, tap the “Search (magnifying glass) icon on the bottom.

Step #2: Fill in the user’s profile name/handle. Go to their profile and find the post.

Step #3: Tap on your comment. It shows the “Delete” option.

Step #4: Select it and the comment gets deleted.

Step #5: Now retype your comment on the “Add a comment…” space at the bottom and post it.

Case III: The comment is on a stranger’s post (you don’t remember their Instagram name/handle), and you liked it.

Step #1: Go to your profile and tap the horizontal-three-bar/hamburger icon on the top right.

Step #2: Select “Your activity” under “How you use Instagram” column.

Step #3: Tap on “Likes” under “Interactions.” All of your liked posts on Instagram appear.

Step #4: If it’s a recently liked video, you can search for it manually, as it’ll be near the top.

If it’s quite old, there are different filters on the top like:

  • Newest to oldest: You can also sort by oldest to newest
  • All dates: You’ll get options to filter by different date range
  • All content types: You can filter only posts or only reels as well
  • All authors: To filter based on username/Instagram handle

Step #5: When you find the video, tap on it.

Step #6: Locate and tap on your comment

Step #7: The “Delete” option appears. Select that, and your comment is deleted.

Step #8: Type in your new comment in “Add a comment…” section and post.

Case IV: The comment is on a stranger’s post (you don’t remember their Instagram name/handle), you didn’t like the post, but you shared it on your Instagram story.

Step #1: On your profile, go to the horizontal-three-bar/hamburger icon on the top right.

Step #2: Select “Archive” under the “How you use Instagram” section.

Step #3: Check the top to see whether it’s “Stories archive.” If not, tap on it and select “Stories archive.” Here, you’ll find all of your stories – the newest story is at the bottom right.

Note: You can also filter stories by date: Go to the date tab (middle tab at the top).

Step #4: When you find the story, tap on it. The video replays as displayed in your story.

Step #5: Tap on the story, it shows “Watch full reel >.” Select that.

Note: If the story was a Reply to a friend’s story mention, you can’t access the story. For that, refer to Case VI.

Step #6: Find your comment and tap on it.

Step #7: It shows the “Delete” option. Select that to remove your comment.

Step #8: On the “Add a comment…” section, type the fixed comment and hit enter.

Case V: The comment is on a stranger’s post (you don’t remember their Instagram name/handle), you didn’t like the post, but you shared it on DMs with someone.

Step #1: On the top right of Instagram app homepage, go to the DM with whom your shared it and find the shared message.

Note: If you don’t remember whom you sent the DM or can’t find the DM, go to Case VI.

Step #2: Tap to open the post and open the comment section.

Step #3: Locate and tap on your comment and select the “Delete” option. Your comment gets deleted.

Step #4: Type your new comment in the “Add a comment…” space and send.

Case VI: You only commented on a stranger’s post. None of the other options applies.

Step #1: Go to your profile and press the horizontal-three-bar/hamburger icon on the top right.

Step #2: Choose “Your activity” under the “How you use Instagram” section.

Step #3: Select “Comments” under “Interactions.” It’ll show you all of your comments and replies.

Step #4: Once you find the comment/reply, tap on it. It’ll take you to the post’s comment section.

Note: Since the comment is the only way to reach this post, don’t delete it first. Otherwise, there will be no other way to find the post.

Step #5: Add the new comment to the post while the old comment exists. Check that the new comment is successfully posted.

Note: On mobile devices, you can’t delete the comment if you tap on it after following this method.

Step #6: After that, hit back and go to the page with all of your comments listed.

Note: The new comment may not get listed right away. But don’t worry, it’s already there. If you still want to make sure the comment is posted, hit back again and tap on “Comments.” You’ll see the new comment.

Step #7: Choose the “Select” option on the top right. An empty circle appears beside all comments.

Step #8: Tap on the old comment(s) that you want to delete. A checkmark appears in the empty circle – indicating you’ve selected it.

Step #9: Immediately, a banner appears at the bottom with “Delete (x)” in red – where x is the number of selected comments. Tap the Delete button and your comment gets deleted immediately.

How to Edit Comment on Instagram on Computer/PC?🖥️

Thankfully, deleting a comment is fairly easy on a computer compared to mobile devices. Follow these steps to get it done:

Step #1: Go to and log into your account.

Step #2: Click on the horizontal-three-bar/hamburger icon on the bottom left.

Hamburger Icon

Step #3: Select “Your activity.”

Your Activity

Step #4: By default, the screen shows you the “LIKES” tab. Click on the “COMMENTS” tab and all of your comments and replies appear.


Step #5: Find the comment you want to delete and repost.

The comments are set to the “Newest to oldest” filter. You can also use the “Sort & Filter” option right under the tab names to find your comment.

Find the Comment

Step #6: When you find the comment, click on it. You’ll be redirected to the post. The left-hand side shows the post, and the right-hand side shows comments and other metrics.

Note: If there’s a minor typo in your comment, copy the text on your clipboard.

Step #7: Hover the mouse over your comment in the comment list. A horizontal-three-dot/ellipsis button appears right beside the “Reply” button.

Three Dot

Step #8: Select the “Delete” option and it gets removed immediately.


Step #9: Retype your new comment on the “Add a comment…” space or paste the original comment and make corrections.

Retype Comment

Step #10: Click on “Post,” and it’s posted!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Not Edit Any Kind of Text on Instagram?

No, this is strictly for comments on Instagram. You can edit other texts like post captions, text on your bio, and even messages.

Which Comments Can I Delete on Instagram?

You can delete only your own comments on others’ Instagram posts. On your own posts, you can comment everyone’s comments – your own and others’.

Will My Reposted Comment Time Be the Same as the Original Comment?

No. It will be timed the very instant you add the new comment.

Will there Be Any Record of My Deleted Comment?

No, there won’t be any on the Instagram post. However, if anybody takes a screenshot before you delete the comment, that can’t be removed.

I Followed All the Steps Properly But I Can’t Find My Comment. What Happened?

If the comment is on someone else’s post and this happens, it’s probably because

  • They removed the comment themselves.
  • Instagram has deleted your comment because it violated community guidelines. In that case, the app sends you a notification.

I Can’t Find the Actual Post Where I Commented. What Might Be the Issue?

If it’s someone else’s post and you can’t find it, there are a few possibilities:

  • The post is deleted if you can find the creator but not the post.
  • The creator has blocked you if you can’t find the creator’s account.
  • The creator has made their account private – evident by the text “This account is private.”
  • The creator deactivated their account.

I Don’t Want Comments on My Own Post. What Should I Do?

Depending on your needs, you can take different actions for this, like:

Filter Comment if you want to restrict a few people from commenting. [This feature is not available on the desktop version]

  • Go to your Instagram profile on the app and press the horizontal-three-bar/hamburger icon.
  • Tap on “Comments” under “How others can interact with you.”
  • Select “Block comments from.”
  • Search the Instagram handle of users you don’t want comments from.
  • Hit “Block” beside their handle. [This doesn’t block you from your account.]

Disable Comment if you don’t want any comments in a specific post. [You can’t make this change for all posts at once]

For uploaded photo posts [both for phone and desktop]

  • Go to your photo post.
  • Tap on the vertical-three-dot icon on the top right.
  • Select “Turn off commenting.”

To undo: Follow the same steps and choose “Turn on commenting”.

How Many Comments Can I Post at Most on Instagram?

Instagram’s limit is 60 comments per hour and 500 comments per day for now.

How to See All Comments on a Post?

Tap on the comment icon and scroll down, and all comments will load.

How to Pin a Comment on Instagram?

You can only pin a comment on Instagram on your own content. For this, tap their comment > Select “Pin.”


While it’s not known whether Instagram will add a new feature to edit comments in the near future, don’t let that get in your way.

If you’re a perfectionist and can’t stand silly typos, go ahead and repost it.

Remember, perfectionism is a great trait, especially for a budding creator like YOU. So, be confident and do what you need to maintain a flawless image online!

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