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How to Pin a Comment on Instagram: iPhone & Android Users

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  5. How to Pin a Comment on Instagram: iPhone & Android Users
How to Pin a Comment on Instagram
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Do you know that Instagram is one of the most used social media applications? It comes up with many interesting features now and then to engage the users. One such feature, which came in 2020, was the “how to pin a comment on Instagram”. People post comments on the pictures. In addition, some of those comments are so good that you want them to be highlighted. Before 2020, there was no such way but now you can highlight a comment by pinning it.

Pinning a comment has numerous advantages. It will enhance your post, people will be more engaged and you can easily increase your reach on Instagram. Now, some of you have android phones while others have Apple. In both these, the way of pinning a comment is different. The methods are different but everything else remains the same. Here in this article, you will learn how to pin a comment on Instagram. 

For iPhone users

For iPhone users

For all Apple users the method of pinning comments is slightly different than for android. The steps to pin comments in Apple mobile phones are:

  • Open the Instagram application on your phone.
  • Go to the post that you want to pin comments on. With the search, option find all the comments that you have to pin. The search button is between the like and sends options.
  • Swipe in the left direction to pin those specific comments. A pin sign will appear on the comments that you pin.
  • All the comments you swipe left will be highlighted and visible on the top.

You must have seen the pinned comments on Youtube. Similarly, on Instagram, the highlighted comments will appear on top of all the comments. Now, what if you wish to unpin the comments? The process is pretty much the same. You have to swipe left and select the unpin option. There is a limit on the number of comments that you can pin. On Instagram, that limit is three. You cannot pin more than three comments on a single post.

For Android users

For Android users - how to pin a comment on Instagram

For all android users the method to pin comments is easier and since most people use androids it is known by many. Yet here are the steps to how to pin a comment on Instagram live and normal post.

  • On your android device, open the Instagram app.
  • Go to the post in which you wish to pin a comment.
  • Scroll down the comment and then hold it for a second. An option with “pin comment” will come on your screen.
  • Click on it and your comment will be pinned.

Similarly, if you want to unpin the comment do the process again. Hold the comment for a second and click on “unpin comment”. Your comment will be unpinned. What’s interesting here is that in both iPhone and android, you cannot pin your own comment. You can only pin the comments of others.

If you are unable to pin comments on Instagram then do check the limit. Sometimes you try to pin more than 3 comments. In such a case, the pin comment option will not come. Another possibility can be you trying to pin your own comments which is not possible.

Can you pin comments on live stream?

The pin feature was basically launched as a measure to reduce cyberbullying. Therefore, Instagram does not allow you to pin your own comments. If you are doing a live stream then also you can pin comments. In fact, you can pin your own comments during a live Instagram feed. Just post a comment in the comments section and click on “pin comment”.

When people see the comments they will see your comment pinned on the top. In both types of software, you can pin your comment in a live feed. It is not a device-specific feature. Therefore, for all the live streaming “Pin comment” is an amazing option to spread your message more appropriately. 

Some More Advantages

Instagram comments can also become a source of demotivation and nonsense. In these cases, the best option you have is to disable the comments on your post. It serves two purposes. First is that you will not receive any kind of bad comments or weird replies on your post. Second, you do not have to block or delete individual comments on your post. Just simply use the three dots in comments and click on “turn off comments”

Another advantage Instagram provides is to hide the comments. In order to remove negative comments and hide them from your post you can use this feature. These hidden comments will only be visible to you, not the rest of your followers. If you want a more filtered approach then use advanced filtering, hiding messages and even blocking phrases. 

Instagram provides many features at your disposal. Choose whichever feature is most suited to you and apply it on your post. Make the most out of the comments section to gather more engagement.


Try to pin those comments, which highlight a positive side of your post. Remove those comments, which are negative and can give a wrong message about your post to others. Your Instagram page should be filled with good vibes, positivity and aesthetics. Anything that indicates otherwise should be blocked, removed or hidden. You must control your profile and make it better. Social media is all about showing people the best side of yourself. Negative emotions, comments, and feelings have no space here. 

Remember that: You are responsible about what you show to people. So, be careful. Ensure that your real Instagram followers always see the best stuff. Delete all the bad comments to minimize more bad reactions on your post. Highlight and pin the best comments so people can read them.

Some people reply to the pinned comments also, keep that in mind. Any person who is writing useless comments must be blocked immediately. Pinning comments on Instagram is one of its star features. Use it and make the most out of it in a positive way.

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