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How to Get More Followers on Twitter in 2023

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How To Get More Followers On Twitter

In this section, we will be listing some tips that can help you improve your Twitter game. Twitter has millions of users and every day hundreds of thousands of tweets are being posted on the platform. If you want your tweets to garner good engagement and want your profile to have a lot of Twitter followers you need to follow a few steps and work smartly.

Growing on Twitter may be quite difficult but is not impossible. We have already talked about it in the previous section. These tips can help you fast-track your Twitter journey and gain Twitter followers organically. 

Tips and Tricks To Get More Followers on Twitters:

Have a Strategy

Twitter Strategies

If you want to grow quickly on Twitter or any other social media platform for that matter you need to create a strategy. Without a formulated plan everything that you do will keep underperforming because you are not organized. So, once you have chosen to promote Your Brand on Twitter or an influencer start working on creating a strategy. First, set your goals. You need to know why you are creating this profile or using Twitter as a platform.

Then set your long-term goals, your mid-term goals and your short-term goals. Having that in place allows you to always have something that you can compare your results with. Once your goals are set you need to start deciding on which promotional methods to use and how to use them. Decide on the theme of your Twitter account. What is your profile going to portray to your audience? Who is your audience? What will your tweets be like? How are you going to start bringing in more followers? For how long are you going to give each method? Which feedback mechanism will you use?

Everything should be in place so that when you finally start your Twitter journey you always know what you are supposed to do or rather you should always have some idea about where you want everything to go. Having a strategy means that you will be organised and will be able to make better use of your focus, energy and time. If your strategy underperforms you will know which parts need to be fixed and how you can improve. 

Tweet Regularly and Frequently

One of the key things that you have to remember if you want to grow on social media is that you have to find a way to stay relevant. People are coming to Twitter to spend some time. So, they need more and more content every day to scroll through. If you post infrequently then your audience will not remember you because their feeds are filled with hundreds of tweets that they need to check out. If they do not remember you then you will slowly become irrelevant and will be forgotten.

Whenever you tweet it may not show up high in the user’s feed. Also, since people don’t care about your tweets anymore or have forgotten you it will be very hard to get their attention back. Many companies choose to tweet multiple times a day and you can do that as well. If you keep tweeting frequently then people will remember your profile because they will see your posts multiple times during the day. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you will keep tweeting low-quality stuff. You are not here to bore people.

You have to work hard to not only tweet frequently but to do it adequately. Space your tweets so that you can have more reach. Tweeting more frequently can help you gain more exposure. People or profiles that tweet less generally get less engagement and exposure than people who keep at it. You can use a scheduler to schedule your tweets to make your tasks easier and organized. 

Know When to Tweet

You won’t get much engagement on your tweets if no one sees them. Let’s say you sell toys for kids and you are posting your tweets late at night when most parents and kids are asleep. So, no one will be there to see your tweet. Knowing when to tweet requires a good understanding of who your target audience is. You need to have a good idea about the users you are targeting your tweet towards. Initially, in the planning phase, you may have some idea about your target audience.

You should have a rough idea about the kind of users who are going to respond to your tweets. Once you start tweeting frequently you will get more responses and you can then analyze the engagement happening on your tweets and also analyze your follower base. What are the key demographics and psychographics of the people who are following you or responding to your tweets? Keep fine-tuning this until you have a good idea about which demographic makes up the majority of your audience.

Once you know that you can easily research the best time to post by finding out the time that the majority of your audience is active. Once you have this you can start tweeting more during the intervals where you will get more reach. Doing this will increase the chances of your tweets being seen by more people. This will help you get more exposure and thus, you will get more followers. So, yeah knowing when to tweet can help a lot in growing on Twitter or any other social media platform.

Be Interactive

For you to be confident of your Twitter growth you need a loyal audience base. If you want to get that stability then you need to ensure that your followers want to follow and support you. If your existing follower base is strong then you can build upon it and keep growing on Twitter. But to get to that stage you need to show some appreciation to your followers. You need to let them know that you care about them and you are thankful that they continue to support your or your brand.

One of the ways to do so is by being interactive. Your audience will often reply to your tweets and comment on them. Try replying to a few comments or at least give the comments a like. It will show followers that you care about them and if they comment on your tweets or keep engaging with them then they may get a chance to interact with you. You can also retweet some tweets that you are tagged in. You can respond to the tweets you are tagged in. Be wholesome and promote a culture that has a positive outlook.

This generally works and people are drawn to it. Try to create a positive community around yourself or your brand. Ensure that people feel that they are a part of that community. Encourage your followers to interact with each other. Encourage comments on tweets. Respond to the DMs if you can. If your followers believe that you care about them then they will return the favour and you will have a stronger following and your growth on Twitter will be more stable as more people join your community.

Know How to Use Tags

Know How to Use Tags

The usage of tags has become quite a common thing on social media platforms. Everyone uses them to sort of give their tweet a grouping under some topic. If you want to categorize your tweet as something that talks about a certain topic then you can provide that topic as a hashtag that fits in your tweet. People following certain hashtags or searching for certain topics on Twitter will be, in theory, able to see your tweets. Of course, the engagement of your tweet and your presence on Twitter affects the visibility of the tweet as well.

Anyway, let’s get back to hashtags. Adding hashtags to your tweets will give them more exposure. More people will be able to check out your tweets. You will get more engagement on your tweets as well.

But you need to be optimal in your hashtag usage. Do not randomly spam hashtags in your tweets. They should make sense and be relevant. Twitter only gives you around 280 characters for your tweet. Hashtags should not dilute the content of your tweet. It should rather accentuate what you want to say.

Try to trend hashtags in the sentences of your tweet. So, they don’t stick out like a sore thumb at the end but rather become a part of the tweet. For example – How is your #4thofjuly preparation going? As opposed to – How are you going to celebrate this 4th of July? #4thofJuly. Of course, there will be cases where standalone hashtags at the end make more sense but in general, try to fit them seamlessly in your tweet. If you don’t know which hashtags to put in then use a hashtag research tool.

Ensure that your Profile looks Good

There are a few things that you need to take care of if you want your Twitter profile to look good and inviting. First off, is your profile pic. Your profile picture needs to represent your Twitter profile. It needs to show what your account conveys. If it’s your brand profile then a clean and high-quality image of your brand logo can fit quite well.

If you are the brand yourself i.e. you are trying to promote yourself on Twitter then it is good to have a nice picture of yourself. Try to pick a good image to put as a profile pic. Your face should be visible and the quality of the image should be good. Then there’s the cover image. It is the bigger image that sort of makes the background of your profile.

It needs to be visual because since it is a big image it will attract people’s eyes first. So, ensure that this image is relevant to your brand. Having an image with your employees or coworkers or clients can be good as well. Just don’t mess up the format. The image shouldn’t feel out of proportion.

The aspect ratio is 3:1. So, try to use images that have the same aspect ratio. You shouldn’t stretch the image as it will look bad. Next, is the information. Fill in all the relevant details that you think are important. Also, add a couple of keywords to your profile so that they can come up in relevant search results. Try to pin a top-performing tweet as well. Your potential followers may check it out and maybe if they like it as well they may follow you. 

Provide some value with your Tweets

When you are planning to use social media to promote yourself or your brand you need to understand that people will not follow you or engage with your content if there’s nothing in it for them. People will only start supporting you if they know that supporting you will be good for them as well.

Social media platforms generally provide relaxation, entertainment and information to people. If a person can effectively provide one or more of these things then they are more likely to grow. So, think about your audience. You already did your research and found out a bit about your target audience. Think about what your audience will like and how you can ensure that you can provide them with the content that they will enjoy while staying relevant to your brand or theme. Let’s say you are a musician and you want to use Twitter to get more exposure.

Don’t just ask people to download your tracks. People generally don’t have the time to listen to tracks. They have a short attention span while using social media and will move on to another content if the current one is taking longer to get to the point. So, maybe make more tweets that give small tips to enhance one’s beats or give some tips on how to become better at singing certain notes. Entertain people and provide something that they would want to take a look at.

This will ensure that people would want to follow you and support you. So, if you then promote your tracks people will be more willing to listen to them, share them etc. Just focus on creating something of value for your audience and you will get the attention you deserve.

Use Platforms other than Twitter for Promotion

Growing on Twitter doesn’t mean that you have to only use Twitter to promote your profile. A good way to grow on any social media platform is to cleverly use the entire social media ecosystem and grow your online presence. So, try to use other platforms to promote your Twitter profile. Let’s say you are active on Instagram, YouTube or LinkedIn.

You upload posts regularly on these platforms as well. Once in a while, you can try promoting your Twitter account through these posts. Don’t blatantly ask people to follow you on Twitter. Give them a reason to do so. So, take your top-performing tweets or tweets that you think are funny, entertaining or informative and then share those on different platforms. Then tell people that they can follow you on Twitter as well. This way if someone uses Twitter and likes your tweets on some other platform they may check you out on Twitter as well.

Other ways to promote your Twitter account would be to always provide it as one of the ways to contact you. Put it on your blogs, websites, business cards, Instagram bio, YouTube bio, LinkedIn bio etc. People should know that you are present on Twitter and if they want to reach out to you they can use Twitter as well. Also, provide some incentive to people to follow you on Twitter. Let them know that there is certain kind of posts that you do only on Twitter. This way interested parties can join you there. 

Use Visual Content More Often

Even though it seems that Twitter is all about texts it is not true. Visual content always pulls in a good amount of engagement on social media. This again goes back to the fact that the general social media user comes to the platform for relaxation and entertainment. They don’t want to use too much of their brain and energy. They want to lie down and scroll through their feed. So, if your content is only text-based then it may be ignored as opposed to some more catchy tweet.

Visually appealing content can help grab the user’s attention. The user keeps scrolling through their feed and ignores most posts. They are looking for tweets from profiles that they regularly keep a tab on. If you want to gain their attention and stop them from scrolling one way to do that is via visual content. Colorful images and high-quality videos tend to work well. Try incorporating visual content in your tweets as often as you can.

Lots of brands and businesses use good-quality videos, images, funny memes, infographics etc. to engage the user. You can do it as well. So, incorporate this into your Twitter strategy and see how it affects your engagement. Try incorporating visual elements in whatever you want to convey. You will get consistent engagement on good visual content.

Engaging and Special Posts to Get More Engagement

Certain kinds of posts get people’s attention. These posts generally get more engagement. Giveaways and contests are a couple of them. Giveaways and contests are ways for you to interact with your followers and give them something back. The reason giveaways contests get a lot of engagement are because people like getting free stuff.

Also, a lot of skilled people never really get the chance to showcase their skills. If you provide them with a platform they will feel good about it and will wholeheartedly follow you and engage with your posts. You can create a giveaway and keep the criteria for entering it to be following you on Twitter and retweeting, liking and commenting on the giveaway tweet.

Then select a few people randomly and send them the gifts. You can also host contests that are relevant to your brand or profile. If your business is painting then you can host painting contests and keep the prize as art supplies. If your deals with funny content then create a contest based on that.

These types of tweets will help gain you more engagement and exposure helping boost your growth on Twitter. Other types of posts could be the ones where you ask an interesting question like – what would you do if…? Fill in the blank kind of posts which people love commenting on and having fun.


So, these were some of the tips that you can take a look at and research more about. Try incorporating some in your strategy and implement them. See how it works out for you. Also, it is going to take some time to see the results. The main idea is to stick with what you think is going to provide value to your audience.

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