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How to Log out of Twitter on Your Phone & Computer

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How To Log Out Of Twitter
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Nowadays everyone is on social media, from Twitter to Instagram. Social media is the new trend of this generation. Twitter is such a platform where everyone has an account. From movie stars to tech experts. Now after opening an account it is extremely important to know how to log in and how to log out of Twitter.

In case you have little idea about how to log out from your Twitter account, the information below is going to be extremely helpful. If you ever open Twitter in your friend’s phone or public computers logging out is extremely important to save your personal information. Follow the information step by step to log out from your Twitter account both on the computer and on mobile phones.

Steps of Logging out Twitter:

How to Log out of Twitter on Pc

How To Log Out Of Twitter On Pc

For logging out of Twitter on a computer it is extremely important that you log out of Twitter from any search engines like Opera, Safari etc, separately. 

  • The first step is to open the Twitter website from where you have logged in.
  • The Twitter homepage will appear on your computer screen. From there look to the left side. At the bottom, you’ll find your name and profile picture. Just beside it you’ll find three dots.
  • Select the three dots.
  • Once you have tapped on those three dots you’ll find that another menu will open.
  • From there your job is to select the log-out option which appears near to your username.
  • Then another message will appear on the screen. All you need to do is select the log-out option from that message.

Once you follow all the steps correctly you are completely logged out of your account. Now if you want you can log in once again.

How to Log out of Twitter App

How To Log Out Of Twitter App

Logging out Twitter App on your mobile phone is even easier and requires just a few simple steps.

  • First, open your Twitter app on your phone.
  • After your homepage appears, look towards the top of the left corner. There you’ll find three horizontal lines. Now click on that particular icon.
  • Once you tap it a menu will open. From there you need to look at the bottom, there you’ll find the settings and privacy. 
  • After selecting, you’ll find out that another menu has opened. 
  • From there select the Account option which is at the top of that menu.
  • Now after clicking the Account option, a page will open. 
  • In that page select the logout option.
  • Once you do that another pop-up is meant to appear on the screen of your device.
  • Now on that page click on the logout option again. It means you are confirming that you want to log out from your account.

Finally, you are logged out of your Twitter account from your phone. You can use these same steps in case of both Android and iOS. Next time you wanna open your account all you have to is log in.

Give it A Try

Tech is quite hard and having difficulty in handling social media is quite common. Well for those people who have no idea about how to handle social media, we are taking a step forward to help them out. Also, some processes are quite different in phones and in computers. Well, fear not, our objective is to help you out to handle social media in both phone and in your computer.

In case you have a Twitter account and you want to log out, fear not because the above-mentioned steps are quite simple and are explained in detail for your comfort. All you need to do is do exactly as what they say and you’ll find yourself logged out of your Twitter account, whether it’s in your phone or computer.

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