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  5. How to Mute Phrases or Words on Twitter – A Complete Guide

How to Mute Phrases or Words on Twitter – A Complete Guide

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  5. How to Mute Phrases or Words on Twitter – A Complete Guide
How to Mute Words on Twitter
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This generation is almost incomplete without social media platforms. Twitter is one of those social media platforms which has made its way through the daily lives of millions of people around the globe. No matter if you are ordinary or extraordinary, a corporate worker or a celebrity, the entire globe meets here through tweets and quotes, thanks to advanced technologies. 

There is no scarcity of diverse minds and cultures in this global app as it includes people with almost all kinds of customs. Hence, this is understood that there is no lack of content as well. You’ll find literally every kind of content on Twitter uploaded by various accounts. Be it sports, be it education, be it entertainment, or anything else, Twitter definitely has some good uploads for you no matter what! 

Well, that was all of the good that Twitter offers! Coming to the bad, you might not just want to see some of the content which you think is irrelevant to you! In the case of Instagram, you have the option of muting the posts or stories of someone for this purpose! But what about Twitter? How to mute words on Twitter?

Well, Muting is possible on Twitter as well with advanced Twitter mute options. It allows you to choose whether to mute Tweets that contain specific words, phrases, usernames, emoticons, or hashtags. By muting a tweet, you will no longer receive push alerts, SMS, email alerts, home timeline updates, or replies to tweets. Wondering how? Let me help you through this! 

Basics of Muting Words or Phrases on Twitter

Muting any word or phrase on Twitter is completely case-sensitive. As an illustration: If you add “CATS” to the mute list, then any notifications that contain the word “cats” will be muted.

While muting, you can use punctuation inside a word or phrase. There is no requirement for punctuation at the conclusion of a phrase.

You must use the @ symbol before the name of the account in order to mute Tweet alerts, Tweets in the Main feed, or responses to Tweets that make reference to that account. By doing this, you can silence notifications for Tweets mentioning that account but not the account itself.

Up to the maximum character limit, words, phrases, usernames, emoticons, and hashtags can be muted.

All Twitter-supported languages allow for muting

Generally, the duration of any content that you mute is forever. But in your settings, you can see a list of the muted words and choose to unmute them.

You won’t receive recommendations for content that contains your muted words or hashtags through email or Twitter.

How to Mute Word on Twitter Using iPhone 

How To Mute Word On Twitter Using iPhone - How to mute words on twitter

It’s pretty simple if you’re using the Twitter application on an iPhone:

You have to first press the word you select to mute for long 

From the pop-up menu, select “Mute.”

You’ll be taken to a page where you can select the location (your timeline or notifications), the source (anyone or people you don’t follow), and the time frame for which you want to mute the word (a day, a week, a month or forever) and that’s it!

How To Mute Words On Twitter Using An Android Phone?

How To Mute Words On Twitter Using An Android Phone

Even if you are using an Android phone, you need not worry at all. The Android Twitter customer’s settings allow you to mute specific terms, as well as those from the iPhone Twitter app. Although it’s not exactly as quick as doing it straight from a tweet, it still works.

  • On the top left, click the icon featuring you 
  • “Settings and privacy” > “Privacy and safety” > “Mute and block” are the next steps to be selected.
  • Choose “Muted words.”

Enter the term you would like to mute by tapping the + sign. Then you can conveniently select the duration for which you wish to mute that word.

How To Mute Words On Twitter From Twitter’s Website? 

And finally, you can mute a word if you’re tweeting directly from Twitter’s website. That’s also a really simple approach.

  • Click “More” > “Settings and privacy” > “Privacy and safety” > “Mute and block” from the menu on the left of your desktop.
  • Go to the “Muted words” link in the right column. The + symbol in the top right corner should be clicked.
  • Input the phrase or word you wish to mute. 

And now, you have the same options for muting that particular word from your feed or notifications as you do with the cell Twitter applications. You can also select who you want to mute and for what duration. 

So, now you know all about how to block words on twitter. Don’t you? 

How To Edit Or Unmute The Words?

How To Edit Or Unmute The Words

Now, you know how to mute the words you wish not to come across on Twitter. But, another question that comes up is what is the way back? What if you want to unmute it or edit the mute settings of that word? What do you do then? Well, continue reading as this article will come to an end only after clearing all your doubts. 

Open your “notification” bar 

Tap on the “gear” icon 

Click on “muted words”

Now select the phrase or word which you want to u mute or modify 

You can tap on extend the mute duration and modify the duration. Tap on save to change the settings 

In case you want to unmute any particular word or phrase, select “delete the word” and select “Yes, I’m sure to confirm” next.

And boom! That word will be visible all over again throughout your feed. 


So, that was all about the tech help which will definitely help you out if you wish to mute any content on Twitter some or other day. Twitter is a premium gift of today’s advanced technologies that not only brings us far closer but also enriches you with all the needed information and news. 

So, knowing this application or otherwise called social media platform thoroughly is extremely crucial not just to enjoy the most of it but also to avoid unwanted tech mistakes that can sometimes turn into a big one. I hope this article throughout guided you enough to at least get through the muting procedure without a hassle. So, open your Twitter and mute what you don’t need now! 

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