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How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story With Photos? (2024)

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How To Make a Collage on Instagram Story
Table of Contents

Have you heard of the magical spring that never runs dry? Instagram Story is just like that – a spring that gives Instagram creators infinite opportunities to engage and entertain followers.

But does that mean you should post the same old pictures, videos, or sneak-peeks of upcoming reels? Honestly, when every Tom, Dick & Harry is doing just the same thing, it’s not enough. It’s just not enough!

The solution? Collage.

It’s artistic. It’s free. And attracts engagement like bees to honey. Plus, you can add interactive elements to keep your followers hooked.

So, let’s dive right in to learn how to make a collage on Instagram story, whether with stickers, layout feature, or layout app, and all kinds of questions about it!

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story with Stickers?

Most people don’t know that Instagram has a sticker solely dedicated to adding multiple pictures to the story.

The feature is easy to use and gives you the freedom to position the pictures wherever you want, i.e., no predefined layout will restrict your creativity!

The steps are the same on both iOS and Android devices.

Step #1: Launch Instagram on your mobile device and log in to your account.

Step #2: Right-swipe on the feed or tap the “plus” icon on the bottom.

Tap + Button

Step #3: Select a picture for your story background following any of these steps:

a. To choose from your gallery, click on the photo icon on the bottom left.


b. Or click on “Camera” to take a picture at the moment.

Take a Picture

Note: You can resize the picture by pinching it in or out and move it around with two fingers.

c. If you want a colorful background (not any picture), click on the “Aa”/“Create” icon on the left column. To change the color, tap the colorful circle on the right bottom.

Aa Icon

d. If you want a solid-color background, add any random picture using the “photo” or “camera” icon. Tap the horizontal three-dot button at the top right>“Draw”>Choose the leftmost “brush” icon>Choose any color from the palette on the bottom>Long-press anywhere on the screen>The entire screen becomes the chosen color. The picture gets hidden.


Note: For the background, you can access a vast array of colors other than the assigned circled options. Long-press on any of them, and it will show up. Slide your finger on them without taking your finger off. Raise your finger when you find the right color. Then, long-press at any point.

Step #4: Click on the “Sticker” icon (the square smiley face icon) on the top. A list of stickers show. Swipe up.


Step #5: In Android, find a sticker with “two rectangles with a plus sign.” It’s placed right between the “COUNTDOWN” sticker and the “TEXT” sticker.

In iOS, find a sticker with an “image icon with the background of other stickers.” It’s usually placed between the “<temperature>” sticker and “<weekday>” sticker.

Image Icon

Note: The position of the sticker may change with new updates.

Step #6: All the pictures in your gallery will appear. Choose the desired photo. Resize it by pinching. You can also move around and rotate it with two fingers. This method allows you to add multiple pictures.

Add Multiple Pictures

Pro Tip: You can play around with other stickers, like music, polls, and questions, to make the collage even more attractive.

Other Stickers

Step #7: Once you’re happy with the outcome, post it on “Your Story” or “Close Friends.”

Your Story

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story with Layout Feature?

If you prefer predefined collage layouts, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Infact, Instagram has its own layout feature to help you. Here’s how you can them – applies for both Android and iOS users.

Step #1: Launch the Instagram app and log in to your account.

Step #2: Tap the “plus” icon at the bottom center or right-swipe on the screen.

Step #3: Slide the text at the bottom until it shows “Story.”

Step #4: Tap the layout icon present on the group of icons on the left (the icon is typically a combination of 3 squares)

Note: If you still cannot identify which icon it is, tap on the down-directed arrow at the bottom of the line of icons. The name of each icon will appear.

Step #5: After tapping on the icon, another 6-grided new layout icon appears. Press that to find more layout options. Now, select a design of your choice.

Step #6: Start adding pictures in each grid.

To add pictures from your gallery, tap the bottom left photo icon and click on the picture you want in the collage.

Note: You can only add one picture at a time and up to 6 images.

Or, tap the “camera” icon in the bottom center to capture real-time photos [like how you take photos on your phone].

Step #7: Once you’ve created the collage, click on the “check” button, which appears under the “camera” icon.

Step #8: Next, you can add any other extra elements, such as text, stickers, effects, and music. These appear on the top line of icons. To adjust placement, drag the pictures around. Adjust border (if any) thickness according to preferences.

You can also draw/save the collage. These are available in the horizontal-three-dot icon on the top right.

Note: There are also more options for each of them. Explore them to find what suits your taste!

Step #9: Once you’re satisfied with the collage, post it on “Your story” for all followers. If you want a select few to see it, choose “Close Friends.

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story with Layout App?

Instagram now also has its own app for creating collages – Layout from Instagram: Collage. You can find it on the Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).

Step #1: Search for the app on the Play Store or App Store and tap “Install” or “Get” for Android and iOS, respectively.


  • This app isn’t available for all versions of Android.
  • There are lots of dupes for this app by non-legitimate developers. So, before downloading ensure the creator name below the app name is “Instagram” on Android or “Instagram, Inc.” on iOS.

Step #2: After downloading, launch the app. It shows a short tutorial about using this app. Then the screen will prompt you with the button “Get Started.” Press that.

Step #3: The app asks for access to your gallery/photos. Give access. This opens the gallery within the app, where you can start making collages.

Step #4: Tap and select all the photos you want in the collage. The maximum limit is 9.

Step #5: While you choose the pictures, the app shows different layout formats on the top in a scroll bar. Slide and select whichever appeals the most to you.

Step #6: Then it shows different ways to edit the collage:

  • Resize them by dragging the edges.
  • Move them around by tapping and dragging.
  • Use the editing options available below: Replace, Mirror, Flip, and Border.

Step #7: After creating the collage, click on “Save” or “Next” to save it in your gallery.

Step #8: Click on “Share” to post the collage directly from the app. If you don’t want that, close the app and manually upload the collage on Instagram story.

How to Make a Collage on Instagram Story on Desktop/PC?

You can only post a story on Instagram via computer/pc. You can’t create a collage on the Instagram desktop, unlike on mobile devices. If you have already created a collage using other apps or software, here are the steps to upload it:

Step #1: Go to and log in to your account.

Step #2: Right-click anywhere on the screen.

Step #3: Scroll down on the drop-down list and click on “Inspect.”

Step #4: Tap on the device icon left to the “Elements” tab.

Step #5:Dimensions: Responsive” appears on the top. Change that to any iPhone choice.

Step #6: Refresh the feed. A “plus” icon appears in the top right corner.

Step #7: Click on the “plus” icon > “Story” to upload a story.

Note: This method is not smooth at all. For a seamless experience, it’s always recommended to upload stories from the mobile app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Post the Collage on My Feed Instead of My Story?

Of course.

Once you’ve made the collage on your story, click on the “horizontal-three-dot” button > Click “Save.” This saves the collage on your gallery.

If you don’t want to post the collage on your story, hit Back. Then choose either of these:

  • Discard – It completely deletes the story.
  • Save as Draft – The collage gets saved on Instagram and gets auto-deleted after 7 days.

Then, you can post the saved collage from your gallery on your feed.

Are there other Apps to Make a Collage on Instagram Story?

Yes. You can use any collage-making app for this. The most popular ones are:

  • Canva
  • Adobe Express
  • Fotor
  • StoryChic
  • Unfold

How to Get the Photo Sticker on Instagram?

If the photo sticker isn’t available on your app, update the app. Then, check through all the stickers. The position of the sticker may change with new updates. However, if you still can’t find it, log out and log in to your account a few times.

If you still don’t find it, the feature might not be available for your OS version or device.

Can I Make a Photo Collage for My Feed?

As of March 2024, there’s no such feature on Instagram. You can only upload multiple photos at a time.

However, you can easily make a collage using the story – refer to FAQ#1.

Can I Add Videos to Instagram Story Collage?

Instagram hasn’t rolled out such a feature yet. However, you can use third-party apps like Canva and Fotor for this.

How Do I Make My Instagram Collage Story Even More Engaging?

Use interactive and fun elements, like polls and questions, hashtags, countdowns, add yours stickers, GIFs, music, clickable hotspots, and swipe-up links.

“I Can’t Add Multiple Photos to My Collage.” Why?

It can be because of the following reasons:

  • Technical fault
  • App version is outdated
  • Feature isn’t available in your region
  • Device is incompatible
  • Temporary change in features

How Many Pictures Can Be Posted in an Instagram Story Collage?

If you use the layout feature, you can add up to 6 photos. In the Layout App, you can add up to 9. If you use stickers or other apps, you can add many more. However, make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing; otherwise, what’s the point?


Don’t just randomly dump pictures in a collage and post them in your story. Always take your time to create something interesting. For instance, narrate an incredible story or create a short tutorial through pictures alone.

Remember, your story must add value to your followers’ lives. So, choose the collage subject wisely. Try out different approaches and understand what your audience likes.

Once you crack the code, you’re all set for an engagement boost and a favorable algorithm!

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