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How To Post A Long Video on Instagram Up to 4 hours (2024)

If you love creating video content for Instagram but are tired of the 60-second limit, you're in luck! You can now post Instagram videos up to 60 minutes long, making the platform even more exciting.
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How To Post A Long Video on Instagram
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To upload a long-form video to your Instagram feed: Open the Instagram app > On the bottom of the screen, click the (+) icon > Choose a video from your camera roll, then select Next > Choose a filter, add a caption, or trim your video (to trim, click Trim) > When complete, tap Done > That’s it!

There is a maximum video length limit of 60 minutes on your Instagram feed, 4 hours with Instagram Live, 90 second on a Reel, and 60 seconds for a Story.

If you want to upload longer videos, you can break them up into multiple posts.

Why Would I Want To Post A Longer Video On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for users looking to share their lives with their followers. While originally known as a place where users could post pictures of their daily lives, the app has transformed into a beloved spot for uploading videos and connecting with others in a more meaningful way. There are currently four ways to upload videos on Instagram: on your feed, Reels, Story, and Live. Each method has length limits attached and is used for different purposes.

  • Instagram Live Video – Users can go Live on Instagram and record their video for up to 4 hours.
  • Instagram Reels – An Instagram Reels video can be up to 90 seconds long.
  • Instagram Story – Users can post up to 60-second long Stories.
  • Instagram Feed Video – You can make a video post up to 60 minutes long.

While using shorter videos for your Story or Reels is a popular choice, there may be times when you want to use longer videos. Some users choose to upload their videos on multiple platforms like YouTube and Instagram for maximum exposure and to help their accounts grow quickly

How To Upload Long Videos on Instagram?

There are multiple ways to post long videos to Instagram, both on your feed and through Live. You can also upload multiple videos consecutively on your Story and on Reels to make one long video in total.

To Upload Videos Up to 60 Minutes Long to Your Instagram Feed:

Step #1: Open the Instagram app

Step #2: On the bottom of the screen, click the (+) icon

click the (+) icon

Step #3: Choose a video from your camera roll, then select Next

Select Next

Step #4: Choose a filter, add a caption, or trim your video (to trim, click Trim)

Choose a filter

Step #5: When complete, Tap Share

Tap Share

When you post a video on your Instagram feed, it will appear on your profile page and will remain there until you remove it. All uploaded videos must be between 3 seconds and one hour; if it is shorter or longer, Instagram won’t allow the post.

Another way to post a long video on Instagram is by using Instagram Live. This method allows you to broadcast videos up to four hours long and repost them to your feed. If you want to record videos longer than four hours, you can simply end the Live and begin another one. You can do this as many times as you want, as long as the videos don’t exceed the four-hour maximum time limit.

Note – You can only repost Live videos to your feed that are over 15 minutes long.

To Upload an Instagram Live Video Up to 4 hours:

Step #1: Open the Instagram app

Step #2: Click the (+) icon at the bottom of the screen

click the (+) icon

Step #3: Find and select Live option

select Live

Step #4: Click Title to add a title, then select Add

Add a title

Step #5: Tap the center button on the bottom to begin recording


Step #6: Once done, select Share Live video

Share the Live video

Creating A Long Video From Instagram Reels and Story

Instagram only allows you to upload short videos to both your Reels and Story, but there is a way to upload longer videos if you desire. Posting consecutively will allow you to upload longer total content, but it will be harder for your followers to watch. While this method can work, it’s not ideal for posting videos longer than two or three minutes; it’s best to stick to your feed or Live. 

How Do You Make a Long Video Fit on Instagram Stories?

If you’re posting a long video on your Instagram feed, you can alert followers by making a preview of your Story. To do this, you can Trim the video down to a 60-second snippet and upload the shorter edited version. Posting a preview to your Story is a great way to increase engagement, attract new followers, and increase your views.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Videos Can You Post on Instagram 2024?

When uploading your long-form videos to Instagram, you want to ensure they're the right size for optimal results. You use an aspect ratio between 1.9:1 and 16:0 and 1080p X 607p resolution.

Does IGTV Still Exist?

One way users could upload longer videos to Instagram was through Instagram TV, which allowed videos between 15 minutes and one hour. However, in March 2022, the platform discontinued the feature, switching to Instagram Video instead.

What is the Highest Video Length For Instagram?

The longest video length on Instagram is 4 hours through Instagram Live, followed by 60 minutes on the feed.


Instagram isn’t just for posting pictures or short-form videos anymore; it’s a great place to upload longer content as well. Using either your feed which allows up to 60-minute videos or going Live, where you can record up to 4 hours, you can create longer videos your followers will love. Grow your audience and increase engagement by posting longer videos to your Instagram today!

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