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How to See “Sensitive Content” on Twitter? (Latest Updates)

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  5. How to See “Sensitive Content” on Twitter? (Latest Updates)
How To Watch A Sensitive Content On Twitter
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Among all the advanced tools and technologies that have made life easier and more fun in today’s world, Twitter is no doubt a significant one. It has become one of the most popular and competent platforms that attract a huge audience in minutes. Be it sports, education, entertainment, or current affairs, with this platform, you can stay up to date with all that is happening around the globe. Hence, it is nowhere a topic of doubt that Twitter has unlimited varieties of the content of every possible genre, even adult and violent content. Well, that’s where the concept of “sensitive content” on Twitter comes in. I bet everyone has found such blocked content on Twitter some or the other day and wondered why! You would’ve also wondered how to see sensitive content on Twitter.

Well, if you are one of those who want to know all of it but are unsure how to view sensitive content on Twitter, then my friend you have reached the right destination. Continue to read to know the most easiest and effective hacks for it.

What is Sensitive Content on Twitter?

Sensitive Content on Twitter

Basically, on Twitter, images, films, and gifs with explicit language, violence, or other adult-themed content are referred to as sensitive content.

Twitter has pretty strict privacy guidelines to distinguish potentially problematic content from the rest, the social media network has rules. The app utilizes sensitive content warnings on accounts with the default safety settings to make sure that children’s content does not appear in the same Twitter stream as adult content.

Twitter categorizes delicate material into the following groups:

  • Brutal violence
  • Mature content
  • Aggressive sexual behavior
  • Gratuitous violence
  • Hateful pictures

Why Does it Show as “Sensitive” in Some Contents on Twitter?

Twitter’s Sensitive Media Policy states that as long as the item is labeled as sensitive media, you can post graphic violence or pornographic content that has been produced with consent. Nonetheless, violent sexual behavior, excessive graphic violence, and hateful imagery are not permitted on Twitter.

Additionally, the business modifies and limits content according to the type of media and the location where it’s being viewed. For instance, if someone tweets offensive images, Twitter will hide the content immediately, and there is a possibility that the account would be permanently banned.

Hence, Twitter provides its users an option to choose whether they would like to view such content or not. That’s the primary purpose of the warning.

How to See Sensitive Content on Twitter? 

How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter

Now, you might wonder what is the way to see such content. Is it all about Twitter’s privacy policy? Then, how to change privacy settings on Twitter? Well, we have ensured the right way step by step for your easy access.

In case you are opening Twitter through the web then you need to:

  • Visit Twitter’s website and sign in using your login information.
  • Click the “More button” when you log into your account. It is located on the home screen’s left side. Three dots arranged in a circle stand in for it.
  • Pick the “Settings and Privacy” option from the menu that follows.
  • Next, select “Content you see.” you can find this option right on the right side of the screen.
  • Check the box directly next to the statement, “Show media that may include sensitive content” at the top of the window to stop being warned about potentially sensitive tweets.

In case you are scrolling your Twitter on your Android or iOS phone, then: 

  • Open your Twitter application
  • Reach the profile section, tap on “more”
  • Scroll down to find out the option “settings and privacy”
  • Tap “privacy and safety”
  • Tap on the checkbox saying “Display media that may contain sensitive content”

This way, you will be able to access all kinds of hidden content on Twitter without violating any kind of Twitter-sensitive content setting.

How To Allow Twitter Sensitive Contents on your searches? 

How To Allow Twitter Sensitive Contents on your searches

To enable sensitive content on your search list on the Twitter application you need to go to your Twitter website. And follow the steps:

  •  Sign in to your Twitter account
  • If you’re using an iPhone or another smartphone, hit your profile picture in the top left corner. If you’re using a Mac or Windows computer, you may also click the More button, which is directly just above Tweet on the left.
  • Go to Support and Settings.
  • Choose Privacy and Settings.
  • Choose Safety and privacy.
  • Tap the content you see now.
  • Choose Search options.
  • Uncheck the box saying “Hide sensitive information.”

You may now look for Tweets or profiles that may be posting sensitive material.

Now, another question might cross your mind: what if your tweets are under the tag of “sensitive content”? Well, worry not! You have a way out if Twitter is labeling your tweets as featuring “sensitive content.”

The Steps you must take are as follows:

  • Launch the Twitter program.
  • To see more possibilities, click “More.”
  • Enter it and select “Settings and Privacy.”
  • To change your privacy-related settings, click on “Privacy and Safety.”
  • Go to the “Your Tweets” option to change the way of handling your tweets.
  • Label Content You Tweet as Having Content Which Might be Sensitive by unchecking the corresponding checkbox

Although you need to be cautious as Twitter might just block this facility for you if it finds out that you are misusing this option in anyways.


Twitter’s privacy policy strongly deals with inappropriate content, like all the other social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. But Twitter doesn’t remove all content from your feed, rather as a user it provides you the choice of what you want to see and what you don’t. Thus, Twitter just adds a protective layer on the sensitive content that reads, “This Tweet Could Contain Sensitive Information,” providing you with the option of watching it or not.

Well, with that this article comes to an end. We hope the information provided will help you handle your Twitter account how to see sensitive content on Twitter not just to watch sensitive content on the site but also to post your content no matter if it comes under sensitive content or not!

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