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How to See who Shared Your Instagram Post?

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How to See who Shared Your Instagram Post
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Key Takeaways

There’s no feature to see who shared your post on Instagram.

You can instead check photo and reel insights by switching to a business/creator account.

Check photo post insights (Phone): Choose any photo on profile > Select “View insights” > Check shares.
Check reel post insights (Phone): Go to reel tab on profile and open a reel > Tap the vertical-three-dot button > Select “View insights” > See shares.
Check photo/reel post insights (Computer): Go to > Open a photo/reel post > Select “View insights” and check shares.

You can also check Reshares (Select vertical-three-dot button on post > Choose “View Story Reshares”) when anyone shares your post on a public story.

If you’ve been consistently posting incredible content on the ‘gram, you might wonder…

Does anyone find my content appealing?

Will my page ever reach the 1M clan?

Drowning in self-doubt, you might even lose the will to post content anymore.

In this time of crisis, you may desperately want answers to “How to see who shared your Instagram post?”

only to find out that there’s no way to do that!

However, we want promising creators and businesses – like YOU – to never stop chasing their dreams.

For that, we’ve researched every nook and cranny of this platform and are here with answers!

How to See who Shared Your Instagram Post?

Instagram’s privacy policy doesn’t let anyone see who shares their posts. But you can see how many people have shared your post.

This feature isn’t available for personal accounts. So, you must switch to a Business or Creator account type!

The process is the same for Android and iOS devices. The steps are almost similar on a computer or PC as well. Differences are mentioned wherever applicable.  

Step #1: Launch the Instagram app, log into your account, and go to your profile.

Click Profile

Step #2: Click on the horizontal-three-bar/hamburger icon on the top right. If you’re on the desktop, click on the horizontal-three-bar/hamburger icon with “More” on the bottom left and click on “Settings.”

Click Three Horizontal Lines

Step #3: Scroll down and click on “Account type and tools” under “For professionals.”

Account Type And Tools

Step #4: Go to “Switch to professional account.”

Switch to Professional Account

Step #5: Choose the “Category” that defines your profession and select “Done.”

Select a Category

Step #6: If your account is private, there will be a prompt that your profile will become public. Click on “OK.”

Step #7: Choose “Creator/Business” and tap “Next”>“Next.”


Step #8: Next add your contact details in the designated space and tap “Next.” If you don’t want to add contact, tap “Don’t use my contact info.”


Step #9: The next step asks you to “Log in to Facebook.” Add a Facebook business account if you have one. If not, select “Skip.”

Log in to Facebook

Step #10: Next, you’re shown a few more optional questions. You may answer those. If you’re not interested, click on “X” to skip. You’ll return to your profile.

Click on “X”

Once you have changed your account type, a new feature – “Insights” – is added into your account.

The “Insights” feature shows several significant metrics, like the number of shares, accounts reached, accounts engaged/content interactions, profile visits, and follows.

Let’s learn to check some insights here!👇

1. Photo Posts Insights – On Phone

Step #1: Go to your profile. Click on any of your photos on your profile.

Step #2: Look for a “View insights” link under them on the left. Go to “View insights,” and you’ll find all the metrics, including shares, under a paper airplane icon.

2. Reel Posts Insights – On Phone

Step #1: On your profile, go to the “Reels” tab – it’s right on top of the grid of your posts.

Step #2: Open any reel of your choice.

Step #3: Tap on the vertical-three-dot icon on the bottom right. A menu swipes up from below.

Step #4: Go to “View insights” from the menu and you’ll find all metrics including number of shares under a paper airplane icon.

3. Photo & Reel Posts Insights – On Computer

Step #1: Go to your profile on Instagram.

Step #2: Select the photo you want to check. For a reel, go to the “Reels” tab – it’s one of the icons just above the posts grid. Click on the reel of your choice.

Step #3: The photo/reel maximizes and is displayed on the left side. Comments and other details are shown on the right side. Towards the bottom, locate “View insights” in blue text.

Step #4: Go to “View insights,” and all metrics are shown. Shares are indicated by a paper airplane icon.

4. Story Reshares

Similar to Insights, there is another feature that helps you track shares — “View Story Reshares.” This feature is usually available when someone shares your photo or reel posts on their public Instagram story and lasts 24 hours from the time of the sharing.

Different users have different experiences with this:

  • Some say the feature appears on their post every time someone shares it on public stories.
  • Some never find it, even if people post it publicly.
  • Others noticed that this feature doesn’t appear in posts with multiple photos.

As Instagram hasn’t yet publicized the feature, it’s believed that it is still under test. So, it may reappear and disappear from time to time.

To find it:

Step #1: Go to any photo/reel, and then the vertical-three-dot icon at the top right for photo posts and bottom right for reel posts.

Step #2: Click on “View Story Reshares.” It also shows you all the users who shared your content on public stories.

Unlike “Insights,” “Reshares” shows you the exact user profile that shared it in their public story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Turn My Account Back to a Personal Account?


Follow these steps on mobile devices:

  • Launch the app, go to your profile, and tap the three-horizontal-line/hamburger icon on top right.
  • Tap “Business/Creator tools and controls” – depending on whether you have a Business/Creator profile – under “For professionals.”
  • Go to “Switch account type”>“Switch to personal account”> “Switch to personal account.”

To do the same on a desktop:

  • Log in to your instagram account on the browser.
  • Click on the three-horizontal-line/hamburger icon on the bottom left.
  • Depending on whether you have a Business/Creator profile, click on “Business/Creator tools and controls” under “For professionals.”
  • Click on “Switch to personal account”>“Switch back.”

Can I See who Shared My Post as a Message?

No. Instagram doesn’t have any feature that will allow you to do that yet.

Is there Any Third-Party App that Shows me who Shared My Post as a Message?

Instagram has strict user privacy guidelines. It doesn’t let you access such information through other apps.

Even if you find an app that offers this functionality, don’t use it. Otherwise, your account will violate Instagram’s terms of service. It may even compromise your account security. These apps might collect sensitive information from your account.

Will Instagram Notify me Every Time My Posts are Shared?

No. Instagram does not send direct notifications for shares on your post. Instead, you can keep an eye on the metrics according to the steps mentioned above.

Is there any other way to know if People Shared My Content?

The only other legitimate way to know whether anyone shared your content is when they mention your username in the description or comment.


There’s no way to find exactly “who” shared your Instagram posts – other than public story reshares. However, with the help of Insights and Reshares functions, you can still track the numbers and get a rough idea about your content popularity.

So, make the most out of these features and keep the momentum going. On top of that, have faith in your hard work.

Even if the shares are low today, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be the same forever. Stay at it, and you’ll soon see the numbers soaring.

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