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14 YouTube Video Ideas for a Gaming Channel (2024)

Do you want to grow your audience? Level up your channel with these 14 YouTube video ideas for a gaming channel.
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YouTube Video Ideas For Gaming Channel
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Worldwide, there are 2.7 billion gamersand many are on YouTube. If you game, you can create a channel, build a following, make money and meet countless other people that share the same passion that you do.

But where do you start with your channel?

We’re going to share YouTube video ideas for gaming channels that will help inspire you to begin your own channel and start filming interesting content that people will watch.

14 YouTube Video Ideas For a Gaming Channel

1. Livestreaming

One of the organic options for your gaming channel is to go on YouTube Live and play. You’re going to play the game anyway, so you might as well go live. Going live means that you’ll:

  • Play in front of a live audience
  • Reply to comments 
  • Engage with others

You can keep your live stream as a video on your channel, too. Livestreaming is a great option for gamers who have a fun personality and don’t mind being live. Many creators are intimidated by live streams because you don’t have the opportunity to go back and edit the video.

However, you can amass a large following by just going live.

Click here to find out who is live right now to get inspiration for your first stream.

2. Gaming News

What’s the latest news in the gaming world? You can report on the news and help others catch up on the:

  • Newest game releases
  • Most anticipated games
  • Gossip in the industry
  • Controversy in the industry
IGN is one of the leaders in gaming news (view their channel), but you can see people like AsmonGold who reported on the biggest corruption in the gaming industry. You can scour Twitter (X), Reddit or Discord to start getting some gaming news to talk about.

Afraid that others already covered the topic?

Don’t be. 

People love hearing unique opinions from creators, so you can cover many of the same news topics that others have, but you need to put your own twist on things.

3. Game Reviews

Game reviews are searched thousands of times per month. If you want to jump on a hot trend, consider the following videos:

  • New release game reviews
  • Sign up for beta releases and review the game (adhering to NDAs)
  • Reviews of the top X genre games of the year

Honest and raw reviews are some of the best-performing videos for a gaming channel because people value honesty. Hate a game? Explain why. Love it? Explain why.

4. Game Analysis

Game reviews and analysis are very similar, but when you create an analysis video, you go much further in-depth than a basic review. You may focus on:

  • Specific characters in the game and analyze them
  • Key changes to toons
  • New aspects or features in the game

For example, you could analyze the difference between God of War Ragnarök and God of War (2018). You can compare the difference between Kratos’ and Atreus’ abilities or synergies. If you play World of Warcraft, you can analyze the new changes for your Warlock and show people:

  • How much you’ve been buffed (with stats to back it)
  • How much you’ve been nerfed (stats, too)

Analysis should focus on games that you love to play and already know a lot about.

5. Tutorials 

Gamers love to learn. If you’re an amazing player, you can teach people how to do anything in the game. For example:

  • Teach people how to play CS:GO
  • Show people how to play arena in WoW (with your preferred class)
  • Create a beginner’s guide for Final Fantasy 16
  • Show people how to get to the Forgotten Foundation in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

When you’re playing your next game, consider which areas of the game can be made into tutorials and how you can show others to get through difficult parts with greater ease.

6. Speed Runs

A viral content idea for your next video is to create a speed run. Speed runs show people how you beat a game with crazy speed.

Some of the top-speed run videos on YouTube include:

You’ll find thousands of speed runs, and the views for them are crazy. However, you do need to be amazing at the game and have a way to speed run through it that gets people’s attention.

7. Game Secrets

Do you have any game secrets that you can share? If you know of any boss battle secrets or Easter eggs in games, share them. People love learning about hidden bits of information or finds in games. 

If you happen to be the only one talking about these finds, you could attract a lot of views and followers.

Gameranx’s 10 Video Game Secrets That Were Never Found video received more than 1.3 million views. The video covers some interesting game secrets and Easter eggs, along with the stories, rumors and speculation surrounding them.

8. Top 10 Games

What are your top 10 favorite games? What are your favorite games of the year? Create a video that shares your top picks and why you love these games.

There are so many top 10 game lists you can create, including:

  • Favorites of all time
  • Bestsellers right now
  • Titles for each genre

Get creative with your lists. You could even create a controversial video on the top 10 worst games of all time or for the year.

You can include clips of gameplay if you want. Share your tips and tricks or any secrets that you’ve learned about these games.

Sharing your top 10 favorite games will help attract views and may even help your video go viral. 

9. Favorite Characters Discussion

As a gamer, you likely have your own favorite characters in the games you play. You could create a video of your top 10 favorite characters of all time or even your favorites from particular games.

You can discuss all of the things you like about each character and why. Maybe it’s their story arc, combat style or banter. You could even turn this into a live event where your viewers can also share their favorite characters and you can discuss your thoughts on those as well.

Choosing newly released or popular games will help you attract more views and better engage with your audience.

IGN released a video on the best video game character of all time that got more than 55,000 views. With this video, fans were polled to choose the top character.

You could do something similar on your channel. Poll your audience to find out their favorite game character, and create a video talking about their pick.

10. Unboxings and Product Testing

Gaming peripherals can enhance the gaming experience, and gamer YouTubers can review these products on their channels. Unboxing and product testing videos make great content for YouTube. 

Be sure to share your honest opinions about the products you review and provide your viewers with insightful information. Ideas include:

  • Unboxing new gaming PCs
  • Testing new headsets
  • Trying out new gaming chairs

You can use the funds from your Patreon account or ad revenue to purchase these products. There’s also the possibility that a sponsor may provide you with accessories, games or consoles to test out.

11. Mobile Gaming Channel

Mobile gaming has become the most popular form of gaming in the world – even more popular than PC and console gaming. If you’re a fan of mobile games, why not make this the focal point of your channel?

Try your hand at playing the most popular mobile games. Give your opinion on the game or provide tips and tricks to improve viewers’ gameplay. 

Focusing on popular mobile games is also a great way to get your videos seen in the search results and attract more viewers.

12. Retro Gaming

Do you have retro games that you love playing on old consoles? Why not make videos of your playthroughs and share them with your viewers?

You can play popular titles on Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, GameCube and more.

Retro gaming is a great way to create unique content for your channel and to get your viewers interested in old-school games and consoles. 

13. Q&As 

If you have a following on YouTube and receive messages and comments from viewers, you can create a question-and-answer (Q&A) video. In your video, you can answer questions and respond to comments. 

Q&As give you an opportunity to provide insightful tips and advice to your viewers. It also gives your followers a chance to get to know you.

14. Collaborations or Guest Appearances

Another great idea for a video is to collaborate with another YouTuber or have them on as a guest. You can discuss games, have a live Q&A or even play together. 

A collaboration is a great way to expand your reach and boost your views, especially if you choose a YouTuber with a big following.

If you’re starting or growing a gaming channel, these 14 video ideas can help you create content that viewers love and will attract views. 

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