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What Does SMT Mean on Instagram? (3 Meanings)

Have you ever come across the trending hashtag or acronym “SMT” on Instagram and wondered what it stands for? Discover 3 possible definitions that answer the question, “What does SMT mean on Instagram”
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What Do SMT Mean on Instagram
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If you’re often on Instagram (which, if you’re an influencer or an entrepreneur, you probably are), then you’ve likely come across a trending hashtag that reads, “#smt.”

SMT doesn’t just appear in hashtags, though. It also appears in usernames and profile names. It’s extremely popular. There are more than 300K Instagram posts with #smt in their captions right now (the lowercase version is the most popular way to spell it)!

In some cases, SMT is used as an acronym for a business or a brand. But most of the time, it means one of three things which we’re about to share with you.

3 Possible Meanings of SMT on Instagram or TikTok

If you’re wracking your brain and asking, “What does SMT mean on Instagram?” you can relax. We’ve got the definitions – three of them, to be exact – that you’re looking for below.

1.“Send Me This/That”

The number one definition for SMT on our list is, “Send me this.” “This” can be replaced with “that.” It’s a code phrase that people use to ask another user to send them something.

When To Use It: This term might be applicable in a giveaway situation, where you ask your followers to comment, “SMT,” to enter a contest that you’re holding. That way, you can pick a winner by using an automated Instagram giveaway picker tool and filtering for that acronym. 

It may also be a good hashtag to use if you’re promoting a product from a brand. Saying, “Send me that,” is a way to build hype and excitement among your audience by making the product seem highly sought-after.

2.“Sucking My Teeth”

This one sounds a bit weird, but don’t worry, there’s a real meaning behind it. “Sucking my teeth” is a slang phrase that expresses irritation, annoyance, or frustration with something.

When To Use It: You can use #smt to say “sucking my teeth” any time you’re feeling upset about something on social media. For example, you can use it when you’re reacting to news that you don’t like or to someone else’s bad behavior.

3.“Smiling To Myself”

You can also use #smt to mean, “Smiling to myself.” This is an expression that indicates you’re having a pleasing thought or moment that you’re enjoying all on your own.

When To Use It: “Smiling to myself” is a great phrase that works for posts in which you think you know something that others don’t, you’re remembering a sweet memory, or you think that something another person said was funny. 

Just be careful when using #smt in this way! Depending on the context, it could be interpreted as coy or clever, but also as condescending or mocking. It could also be mistaken for one of the other two meanings, which could cause unwanted confusion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Most Useful Acronyms Like SMT on Instagram?

Some of the popular and most-used acronyms on Instagram are:

  • FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out
  • TBT: Throwback Thursday
  • MK: Mmm, Okay
  • DW: Don’t Worry
  • DK: Don’t Know
  • IG: Instagram
  • DM: Direct Message
  • TBH: To Be Honest
  • SMH: Shaking My Head
  • OP: Original Poster

Why Do People Use Acronyms on Social Media?

People use acronyms on social media for several reasons, like:

  • To save time while typing
  • To help followers read quicker
  • To make their messages/comments/captions shorter and save character length
  • To seem edgy and cool


Now that you know what SMT means on Instagram, you can take advantage of the hashtag’s popularity to boost engagement for your own posts (when appropriate). And since you have three definitions to go on, the possible applications for this hashtag are nearly endless! 

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