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11 Best YouTube Ad Blockers to Enjoy YouTube Without Ads

Tired of having your enjoyment of a YouTube video interrupted by periodic advertisements and Skip Ad buttons? Try these 11 best YouTube ad blockers to get rid of those annoying commercials for good – without paying for YouTube Premium!
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YouTube Ads Blocker
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YouTube thrives off advertisements, as you can probably tell whenever you try to watch a video that’s 8 minutes or more in length. 

In the first fiscal quarter of 2023 alone, the social media app brought in $6.69 billion in ad revenue, 55% of which it shared with creators in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). 

Believe it or not, though, that huge number is actually a marked decline from the earnings in the same quarter in 2022, in which YouTube made $6.87 billion. Q1 2023 was also the third quarter in a row that the video app lost ad revenue.

That would explain why you see so many ads play throughout almost every single long-form video you try to watch on YouTube. They’re called mid-roll ads, and there’s no telling how many you’ll be forced to watch or skip. This is because YouTube analyzes every monetized video on its platform to find natural breaks where it can seamlessly insert a new advertisement. 

YouTube might be struggling to match its ad revenue from previous years, but that doesn’t mean you should have to have your viewing experience interrupted by endless commercials. 

It’s time to fight back. It’s time to break out a YouTube ads blocker!

11 Best YouTube Ad Blockers in 2023

An ad blocker, which can be available either as software or as a browser extension, blocks ads on YouTube videos. That means you can watch your favorite long-form videos without having to sit through irritating calls to action for buying products you don’t even want!

We scouted out the internet and came back with 11 of the best YouTube ad blockers for you to try.


1. AdLock


Chrome Extension

AdLock pulls double duty as an ad blocker for YouTube and a security system to protect you while you’re surfing the internet. It protects you from harmful links; protects your browsing data; and traces spyware that might be tracking you. Plus, with ads gone, webpages will load faster than ever!

To use AdLock, you’ll need to choose from three different subscription plans. Their most hyped bundle is 5 Years/5 Devices, where you can block ads on up to 5 separate devices and only get billed $63 once every 5 years.

2. Ad Block

Ad Block

Chrome Extension

What’s cool about AdBlock is it supports multiple browser platforms. So, whether you’re a confirmed Chrome fan, a Firefox user, or prefer Safari, you can still get the ad-blocking capabilities you need with this extension. 

Another cool feature is you can choose to continue playing ads on your favorite creators’ videos to support them with ad revenue. It’s a small thing, but it helps keep the content you love coming.

3. TotalAdBlock


Chrome Extension

TotalAdBlock doesn’t just block ads for YouTube. It also prevents pop-ups, banners, and other types of advertisements from loading wherever you go in your browser. It also prevents third parties from tracking your data, and who doesn’t love increased privacy? 

There is one catch: this software isn’t free. TotalAdBlock costs $29 for the first year after you sign up. After that, the premium could go up as high as $119 a year. But if you like the sound of zero ads on your computer, iOS, or Android device, as well as improved internet privacy, then the investment may be worth it.


4. AdGuard


AdGuard is an app for iOS devices only. Not only does it automatically remove ads from your YouTube video, but it also allows you to manually remove ad elements that the app may have missed. 

You have the option to download and use AdGuard free of charge. But if you want extra features like a DNS server and custom filters, upgrade to their Premium plan for $0.99 per month.

Chrome Browser Extensions

5. Adblock for YouTube

Adblock for YouTube

Don’t want to spend money on an ad blocker for YouTube? We hear you. Instead of subscribing to a robust ad-blocking system like TotalAdBlock or AdLock, you can download a browser extension like Adblock for YouTube. 

AdBlock for YouTube is a free-to-use Chrome extension that claims to block all advertisements on the video platform. That includes banners, pre-roll ads, annotations, and even ads on a website where a YouTube video is embedded. It’s highly rated in the Google Play store, so go give it a try!

6. AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

Want some extra protection while you’re browsing, as well as no ads when you watch YouTube videos? All for free? Try AdBlocker Ultimate. This Chrome extension doesn’t cost anything extra to use, and it blocks all ads on YouTube – no exceptions! It also blocks malware and trackers from monitoring your movements on the internet. 

7. Fair AdBlocker

Fair AdBlocker

Here we have another ad blocker Chrome extension that blocks ads on YouTube, as well as other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It gets rid of pop-ups, interstitial ads, autoplay video ads, overlay ads, and more. It also protects you from getting tracked by third parties. 

8. Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker works for all websites on your Chrome browser, but especially for YouTube. Its greatest feature is it removes those pesky ads that you’re not allowed to skip – you know, the ones you’re forced to sit and watch before you can get back to your video. 

9. AdBlocker for YouTube™ by AdblockLite

AdBlocker Lite

If you prefer the Firefox web browser over Chrome or Safari, then the AdBlocker for YouTube by Adblock Lite is the solution you’re looking for. This browser extension will remove all video and display ads from your YouTube experience so that you can watch content and not commercials. 

Keep in mind that you need to download Firefox first before you can use this extension.

10. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is free to download and will perform all the basic functions of a proper ad blocker: remove YouTube video ads, block banner ads and pop-ups on other websites, and prevent ad malware from infecting your computer. It also lets you “whitelist” sites that you don’t mind seeing ads on. Finally, if you have any issues with your experience, Adblock Plus offers constant support.

11. Video Ad Blocker Plus

Video Ad Blocker Plus

Video Ad Blocker Plus blocks all YouTube ads on your Chrome browser. It even helps you stay away from adult content on the platform by giving you context warnings before the video begins. For that reason, it may be a good option for families with kids.

How Do YouTube Ad Blockers Work?

Ad blockers may seem like they work by magic, but the process is actually quite straightforward.

Basically, ad blockers analyze the domain names of the elements on a given webpage. Then they cross-reference those names against a list of known ad servers. If the domain is a match, then they block the element. This is how they identify which areas of the webpage is hosting an ad.

This system isn’t perfect. Each ad blocker has a vast list of domains that it tries to filter out, but there’s always a chance that a few will slip through. That’s where the option to block ads on specific sites or to manually remove ads can come in handy. Most YouTube ads blockers come with the former feature, but not always the latter. 

Alternate Method: Block YouTube Ads Using VPN

If you don’t want to download an ad blocker for YouTube, you can always try an alternative method: a VPN. 

A VPN, or a virtual private network, is a network that encrypts your data and hides your IP address from prying eyes while you’re surfing the internet. Some VPNs can also block advertisements on YouTube.

When shopping for a VPN, read their features and reviews carefully to determine if they block YouTube ads or not. If it turns out they don’t, you may still want a VPN for your own protection. You can always download an ad blocker browser extension or a separate software. 

Do I Need YouTube Premium if I Use an Ad Blocker?

YouTube Premium is YouTube’s subscription service which gives members access to exclusive features on the platform – all for the price of $13.99 per month. One of those features is no ads. 

But if your only reason for signing up with YouTube Premium is to eliminate advertisements, we recommend you reconsider. Any one of the 11 YouTube ad blockers we listed above – many of which are free – would be an excellent alternative. Plus, you’ll avoid having to take on yet another monthly subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I Still Have to Pay to See YouTube Premium Content If I Use An Ad Blocker?

Yes, you’ll still have to pay the YouTube Premium subscription price of $13.99 per month if you want to view Premium content. Your ad blocker will only remove ads, not give you access to paid features on the platform.

What are the Risks, If Any, That Come With Using a YouTube Ads Blocker?

There are few risks involved with using a YouTube ads blocker. Just be sure you only download an ad blocker that is well rated and appears reputable.

Is Every YouTube Ads Blocker Free To Download And Use?

Not all YouTube ad blockers are free, but many of them are. For example, most ad blocker browser extensions don’t cost anything to use.


Why continue to suffer through countless ads while you’re trying to watch a YouTube video, when you could easily go ad-free? That’s what the 11 best YouTube ad blockers in this article are for! Find the one that suits your device and your needs best, and then prepare to enjoy long-form YouTube content without getting interrupted.

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