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Top 12 YouTube Growth Services to Grow Fastly (2024)

Buying YouTube growth services is a popular marketing strategy that creators use to kickstart growth for their channel. But not every provider is created equal! Read on to learn the top 12 best YouTube growth services on the internet.
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YouTube Growth Services
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Growing your YouTube channel and increasing engagement with your content is essential for achieving many important goals. 

For example, you must have a certain number of subscribers and public watch hours to become eligible for monetization. Also, having a large following can attract the attention of potential sponsors who may want to pay you to try out or advertise their products. 

But when you’re just starting out on YouTube – or even if you’re a veteran, but you’re stuck in a slow period – expanding your audience and gaining the engagement needed to meet your goals can seem like a monumental challenge. 

That’s where growth services come in. These are websites where you can buy packages for generating different forms of YouTube engagement, including subscribers, views, likes, and comments. 

Buying YouTube growth services can boost your engagement metrics quickly. Simultaneously, it can lead to long-term, organic growth for your channel. (We’ll explain how that works in a moment.)

However, there are a lot of growth services providers out there, and not all of them offer the same products or the same benefits. To help you choose a safe provider that’s worth investing in, we handpicked a list of the top 12 best YouTube growth services. 

Before we dive into that list, let’s explain how YouTube’s growth services work.

How Do YouTube Growth Services Work?

YouTube growth services work exactly how their title implies: they help you grow your YouTube channel. 

Specifically, they help push your videos out to more users on the platform, which in turn helps you convert more viewers and subscribers. The methods they use include promoting your content through YouTube ads and sending engagements to your channel directly.

When you buy a growth services package for YouTube, you receive several different types of engagement that stimulate growth in a multi-pronged approach. Most of the time, you can choose your package depending on your budget and the number of engagements you want.

After you check out, the provider either sends the engagements you purchased directly to your channel or the YouTube video you specified; or they promote your video on YouTube (as well as other social media platforms) to generate engagement organically. 

Using these methods, you could see your engagement metrics rise to new heights within hours of placing your order. 

But the growth doesn’t end there. 

The more engagement your content accumulates, the more the YouTube algorithm is likely to recommend it to other users or rank it higher in relevant searches. 

From there, you can use other strategies like social media promotion, YouTube SEO, and consistent, quality content creation to build on that initial momentum and create long-term, sustained growth – even after the growth services campaign has ended.

12 Best YouTube Growth Services

Now that you know how YouTube growth services work, all that’s left is to find a good provider. That can be tough because there are many providers to choose from, but, as we mentioned earlier, they don’t all offer the same advantages. Nor are they all legitimate.

That’s why we put together this list of the 12 best YouTube growth services. Below, we discuss their prices, benefits, and unique features, which will empower you to make the choice that’s best for you. 

1. UpViews


UpViews provides YouTube creators and influencers with an impressive array of options for growth services. The lowest package is extremely affordable at just $6.99, while the most expensive offering is $69.99. 

With each growth services package from UpViews, you receive a certain number of high-quality subscribers, views, and likes. You also get 4-7-day delivery and 24/7 customer support. Plus, all the engagements sent to your channel are real, not fake, meaning they come from real users and not bots.

Overall, UpViews is a great choice for buying YouTube growth services that are comprehensive as well as effective.

Prices: $6.99-$69.99

Unique Features: 

  • No fake subscribers or engagement
  • Delivery within 4-7 days
  • 24/7 customer support

2. Tubekarma


Tubekarma is a professional growth services provider that makes growing your subscribers seem simple and easy. Even more impressive, their unique strategy is 100% organic.

Here’s how Tubekarma works. First, you tell them who your target audience is. Next, based on the size of the growth services package you choose, they will create 40-200 accounts on Reddit, Instagram, and Twitter. Using those accounts, they will send direct messages to social media users who are part of your target audience, asking them to subscribe to your YouTube channel. 

According to Tubekarma, you can gain thousands of free, real subscribers using this method. 

Prices: $69-$199 per week

Unique Features: 

  • 100% real and organic subscribers
  • Targets your audience and users who watch your competitors
  • Compliant with YouTube Terms and Services 
  • Ensures your account is up-to-date with the latest YouTube algorithm updates
  • Uses AI to optimize your digital marketing strategy
  • Dedicated account manager

3. A1 Republic

A1 Republic

A1 Republic helps you grow your YouTube account by promoting your channel and videos all across the internet. They promote through other YouTube videos, blogs, Facebook groups, Reddit threads, and anywhere else that they can best reach your target audience. They will even take out high-converting ads to boost your channel even further. The goal is to get organic users to view and subscribe to your content. 

Prices: $99-$1499 per month

Unique Features: 

  • Organic subscribers
  • Shares/promotions on other platforms
  • Targeted organic views
  • YouTube Ads
  • Help with video descriptions and tag optimizations
  • Natural increase in engagement

4. Social Hackettes

Social Hackettes

Social Hackettes’ YouTube Growth plan promises several hundred organic, real subscribers for your channel per month, plus other benefits that make paying $99 a month a worthwhile investment. Their main method of growing subscribers for your channel is to promote your content on Reddit subthreads, Facebook groups, forums, blogs, and other places on the internet where your target audience can be found. 

Price: $99 per month

Unique Features: 

  • 300-500 new, real subscribers per month
  • Approximately 300-500 views per video
  • SEO assistance
  • Unlimited video tag requests

5. Social Growth Engine

Social Growth Engine

Social Growth Engine revs up growth for your YouTube channel by offering month-to-month subscription packages for likes, shares, and comments (for an extra fee, you can also tack on subscribers from the US, the UK, and Canada). The engagements, which are grown organically through social media promotion, only apply to a certain number of videos on your channel per month. Keep that in mind when deciding which subscription you want to take out. 

Prices: $90-$499 per month

Unique Features: 

  • Organic engagement growth
  • Monthly views, likes, and shares
  • Channel specific comments
  • Flexible month-to-month subscription plan

6. Sociobo


Sociobo offers YouTube growth services packages that are guaranteed to provide you with monthly increases in subscribers, views, likes, and custom comments. Plus, you get to consult with their experienced growth managers and get strategy updates based on changes to the YouTube algorithm. All this, for as low as $99 per month.

Prices: $99-$649 per month

Unique Features: 

  • Growth consultations
  • YouTube algorithm updates
  • Monthly subscribers, views, and likes
  • Custom comments on every video

7. The Influence Booster

The Influence Booster

The Influencer Booster wants to (literally) boost the influence of your YouTube channel by sending views, likes, comments, and shares to your amazing content. The number of videos you can receive engagement for, as well as the number of engagements, is up to you. The Influence Booster has several options for packages to meet your budget and your channel growth needs.

Prices: $79-$1449 per month

Unique Features: 

  • Views, likes, shares, and comments on a certain number of YouTube videos per month
  • Delivery starting within an hour of posting a new video
  • Setup within 48 hours with an account growth manager
  • No contract

8. GrowMyProfile


If you’re looking for a worry-free way to grow your channel, GrowMyProfile might be the growth services provider for you.

It enables you to grow your YouTube channel without even thinking about it. Simply choose one of their monthly subscription plans, send them the link to your YouTube channel, and let their automated software do the rest. 

Here’s how it works. GrowMyProfile instantly monitors your channel 24/7 and instantly detects when you post a new video. This way, it can start promoting your content and delivering subscribers, views, likes, and other forms of engagement right away. 

Best of all, It is affordable. It also comes with other great benefits, like dedicated client support and promotion for an unlimited number of videos.

Prices: $49-$999

Unique Features: 

  • Real subscribers
  • Views, likes, and other engagements on all your new videos every month
  • Dedicated client support
  • Strategy consulting call (for Business and Enterprise plans, only)

9. Top Page World

Top Page World

If simply buying engagement isn’t cutting it for your channel, then Top Page World may be the more in-depth solution you’re looking for.

Top Page World isn’t just a growth services provider. They are a full-fledged marketing agency. To grow your YouTube presence, they deploy strategies like content creation, social media post management, SEO, channel creation and maintenance, and more. 

In addition to YouTube growth, Top Page World also web design, video and animation, business reputation management, and several other helpful services. Their prices aren’t listed, but you can choose which services you’re interested in and get a custom quote on the final cost.

Price: Get a quote

Unique Features: 

  • SEO
  • Content creation
  • Channel creation and maintenance
  • Social media post management and scheduling
  • Marketing, sales, and business development solutions
  • YouTube video ranking improvement

10. Prodvigate


Prodvigate is unique in that they only use YouTube Ads to promote your videos, and only to YouTube users in your target audience (down to their genders, ages, and countries of origin). That means your videos reach more people who are likely to view and comment on your content and subscribe to your channel. It’s a smarter way to spend your YouTube marketing budget.

Prices: starting at $49 per promotion

Unique Features: 

  • Week-long YouTube video promotion
  • Promotes your content using YouTube in-feed video ads only
  • Targets your audience via age, gender, interests, and country of origin
  • Target subscribers to channels similar to yours
  • Grows your subscribers and engagement organically

11. Sprizzy


Sprizzy generates new subscribers and engagement for your channel by running high-converting YouTube Ads that promote your videos. They filter out viewers with low engagement potential and only show your ads to audiences that are likely to be interested in your content. 

But what’s most unique about Sprizzy is the fact that you can create your own custom marketing campaign. You can choose how much you spend and even how long it will run. Sprizzy will provide realistic expectations of how many subscribers and other engagements you can expect to receive, based on the parameters you set.

Price: Flexible

Unique Features: 

  • Promotes your videos via YouTube Ads
  • Promotes your content to target audiences who are most interested in it
  • Customizable promotional campaign
  • Flexible pricing

12. Ads Can Help

Ads Can Help

Ads Can Help is another growth services provider that enables you to grow your channel by designing your own custom, budget-friendly promotional campaign. 

In just three minutes, you can set up a Google Ads campaign based on your target audience and the amount of money you’re willing to spend. From there, you can set growth targets, launch the campaign, and watch the results roll in from Ads Can Help’s real-time analytics dashboard.

Prices: Starts at $49; flexible

Unique Features: 

  • Promotes your channel through Google Ads
  • Targeted audience
  • No bots or click farms
  • Real-time analytics
  • Fast setup
  • Flexible pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Which YouTube Growth Service Is the Best?

Top Page World offers the most comprehensive YouTube growth services plan, and uses several different digital marketing strategies to ensure success.

Are YouTube Growth Services Organic and Legitimate?

Yes. Most YouTube growth services providers generate organic subscribers and other engagement through legitimate means, like social media promotion.

Is It Difficult to Grow My YouTube Channel on My Own?

Yes, it can be a challenge to grow your YouTube channel without any help. Buying growth services helps you reach your goals faster.

Will Anything Bad Happen to My Channel If I Use Growth Services?

No. The only time growth services will affect your channel negatively is if you purchase fake subscribers or engagement.

Which Organic YouTube Growth Services Provider Is the Fastest?

Ads Can Help lets you launch a promotional campaign for your YouTube channel in as little as 3 minutes, making it one of the fastest providers from our list.

Do Successful YouTube Creators Use Growth Services?

Yes. Growth services is a common strategy used by big and small channels, newbies and veterans, and even celebrities and influencers.

How Long Will It Take for My YouTube Channel to See Any Growth?

You could start seeing growth for your YouTube channel within hours after purchasing growth services.

Is There a Free YouTube Growth Service Provider?

No. All growth services providers charge a fee, although the price varies depending on which package or subscription tier you choose.

Will Growth Services Help My Videos Go Viral?

Growth services can help your videos go viral, but it is not guaranteed.

Will They Need My Password and Other Sensitive Details From My YouTube Account?

No reputable growth service will require the password to your YouTube account or similarly sensitive information.

Will I Still Need to Buy YouTube Subscribers, Views, and Likes After I Use a Growth Services Provider?

You may need to continue to buy subscribers, views, and likes if you want to speed up the growth of your channel.

Do YouTube Growth Services Guarantee Success For My Channel?

Buying YouTube growth services doesn’t guarantee success for your channel. You must also focus on other strategies, like creating engaging content and social media promotion.


Buying YouTube growth services could be the best decision you ever made for your channel! Refer to our list of the top 13 best YouTube growth services to help you choose a provider that’s legitimate, affordable, and provides the channel targets you’re looking for.

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