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Latest YouTube Monetization Requirements in 2024

The YouTube monetization requirements have recently changed. In this article, we’ll show the ways that the YouTube Partner Program has become more accessible to more creators, plus which eligibility requirements remain the same.
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YouTube Monetization Requirements 2023
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YouTube has long provided creators on its platform ways to make money by joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). But before you can join the YPP, you must become eligible by meeting some strict requirements.

Until recently, there were only two ways for YouTubers to become eligible for the YPP. But in June 2023, YouTube rolled out new requirements that open up monetization to more creators. These requirements are easier to meet, but it’s important to note that they only give you access to some of the monetization methods in the YPP, not all. 

In case you’re unfamiliar with the YouTube monetization requirements, we’re going to cover all of them in this article, including the newest ones that were launched in June 2023.

What Are YouTube’s Monetization Requirements in 2024?

Let’s start with the easiest (and newest) YouTube monetization requirements to meet. 

Here are the channel thresholds that creators must meet to get access to monetization via the YouTube Partner Program. It allows you to earn money directly from your viewers or subscribers.

  • You must have 500 subscribers
  • You must have 3 public uploads to your channel in the last 90 days
  • You must have 3000 public watch hours on long-form videos accumulated in the last 365 days OR 3 million public Shorts views accumulated in the last 90 days

Now, let’s compare the above to the original monetization requirements, which are still in effect. If you meet these channel thresholds, you’ll get access to the full YPP, which includes monetization streams like ad revenue and YouTube Premium.

YouTube’s Monetization Requirements

  • You must have 1000 subscribers
  • You must have 4000 public watch hours on long-form videos accumulated in the last 365 days OR 10 million public Shorts views accumulated in the last 90 days
As you can tell, the new requirements are easier to meet than the old ones. However, it can be a challenge to generate even 500 subscribers, much less 3000 public watch hours or 3 million public Shorts views. It’s still a huge accomplishment if you can do it!

What Ways Can You Monetize Your YouTube Content?

To understand the differences in outcome between the two tiers of YPP eligibility, we need to look at the ways that you can monetize your YouTube content.

Fan Funding

  • Channel Memberships: Memberships that viewers pay for to get access to exclusive content from your channel, such as emoji and badges.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers: Features that viewers can purchase during live streams on your channel to highlight their messages in the live chat or upload special animations.
  • Super Thanks: A way for viewers to express their thanks to you for your amazing content by sending you money.
  • Shopping: A way for you to display a link to your merchandise directly on your YouTube video. You can also promote products from other brands, providing your channel has at least 20,000 subscribers.

Ad Revenue

  • Watch Page Ads: Ads that appear on the same page as the video you’re watching.
  • Shorts Feed Ads: Ads that appear in the Shorts feed.

YouTube Premium

A subscription service that gives YouTube users access to special features on the platform. When a YouTube Premium user who is also one of your subscribers watches your videos, you will receive a small percentage of their subscription fee.

As we mentioned earlier in the article, meeting the lowest channel thresholds only gets you access to YouTube Partner Program. You still have to meet the original monetization requirements to access ad revenue and YouTube Premium streams. 

Pros and Cons of Meeting Lowest YouTube Monetization Requirements

In light of YouTube’s new low monetization requirements, is it worth it to only strive to meet these and not try to become eligible for the full YouTube Partner Program? 

Let’s find out with a pros and cons list for meeting the lowest YouTube monetization requirements. 


Enables creators with a smaller following and fewer watch hours than the old requirements allow to start earning money on YouTube.
Gives qualifying creators access to four different ways to earn money: channel memberships, Super Chat and Super Stickers, Super Thanks, and Shopping.
Having access to YouTube Partner Program can help you grow your subscribers and engagement metrics faster, so you can meet the requirements to earn money from ad revenue and YouTube Premium.


Only gives you access to YouTube Partner Program as a monetization method.

Clearly, meeting the lowest requirements for YouTube channel monetization comes with a lot of benefits. But don’t let them be the limits of your ambition. Meeting the higher requirements will enable you to make more money from your content and grow your channel more effectively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Monetize YouTube with 500 Subscribers?

Yes. YouTube’s new monetization requirements make it possible for creators with 500 subscribers to get limited access to the YouTube Partner Program.

Can I Monetize YouTube Shorts Without 1000 Subscribers?

Yes. In June 2023, YouTube rolled out new monetization requirements that allow creators with only 500 subscribers to monetize their YouTube Shorts.

How Many Videos Do I Have to Upload to Get Monetized?

You must have uploaded at least 3 public videos in the last 90 days, as well as meet other requirements, to get monetized.

How Many Subscribers Do I Need to Get Monetized on YouTube?

To get monetized on YouTube in 2023, you need at least 500 subscribers.


Getting monetized on YouTube is easier than ever in 2023, thanks to YouTube’s lower YouTube Partner Program eligibility requirements. Just be aware that meeting their new criteria will only allow you to make money on the platform from YouTube Partner Program. You’ll need to meet their original, higher requirements to achieve full monetization for your channel.

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