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How To Get 1 Million Followers on TikTok? (10 Strategies)

Struggling to get 1 million followers on TikTok? We share expert strategies to elevate your following and help you go viral.
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How To Get 1 Million Followers on TikTok
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TikTok is a tool that you can use for your business, personal brand or just for fun. Who doesn’t hope that when they post, their content doesn’t go viral? You deserve to have every post be seen.

And more importantly, your posts are the answer to how to get 1 million followers on TikTok.

If you strategically post great content, you’ll gain more followers instead of losing them.

We’re going to outline the exact steps that others have used to go from a few hundred followers on TikTok to 1+ million. You’ll need to put in a lot of hard work and understand that:

  • Your posts need to evolve to better meet your audience’s needs
  • Getting 1 million followers will take time, so be patient
  • Remain consistent if you want to see true, lasting results

Now, we’re going to share our number one secret for getting more followers on your account, especially if you have an account that seems in “limbo” and isn’t experiencing positive growth.

1. Buy TikTok Followers

Are you stuck with either a handful of new followers every day or gaining and losing a few followers weekly? We’ve seen this trend for a lot of accounts over the years, and it’s often due to the algorithm not promoting your content enough.


We’re not sure. One method that seems to push these accounts up and help them get a lot of followers is to buy TikTok followers. If you have just $6.99, you can buy 250 followers from us and up to 10k followers.

It’s a small number of followers compared to the 1 million you’re trying to reach, but it helps:

  • Get accounts that are seemingly shadowbanned back on track
  • Increase your reach and engagement
  • Provide a solid foundation for follower growth

High-quality followers, not bots or fake followers, will help you grow your account organically. We’ve seen great results using this exact step with new accounts because it seems to get the “ball rolling” and help the account grow faster.

2. Create Content for Your Audience and Niche

Your niche has content that it’s dying to see, and if you create it, you’ll explode your account’s popularity. But how do you bridge that gap between creating content that you “think” people will love and content that you “know” your audience will love?

It’s an art that requires two things:

1. Research
2. Data Analytics

You can begin learning what your audience wants to see based on comments. If you have a lot of followers already, read through the comments for insights into what people want to see.

If someone says, “I would love for you to do a video on XYZ,” and the comment has a ton of engagement, listen to your audience.

Additionally, TikTok Analytics will help you dissect your own posts to see what people like and don’t like. If you don’t have Analytics, you’ll need to switch to a Pro account by following these steps:

  • Go to Privacy and Settings > Manage My Account
  • Tap Switch to Pro Account and follow the steps

Once your account is Pro, you can then tap on your profile picture and go to View Analytics.

Inside of your analytics, you’ll be able to learn more about your:

  • Content
  • Audience
  • Etc.

Review the analytics to learn which posts are performing well and try to understand what makes these posts resonate with your audience. You might make better use of hooks or transitions, and you can add more of these elements into future videos.

But What If I Just Started My Account and Don’t Know What My Audience Wants to See?

If you don’t know what your audience wants to see, you have quite a bit of work ahead of you. We recommend doing the following:

  • Identify your niche or what your content will revolve around.
  • Identify the age of your ideal audience.

When you have a niche that you’re confident in and want to focus your content on, you can then make the jump and start researching. Try this:

  • Find 10 influencers in your niche
  • Find 10 posts from each with the most views and engagement
  • Study these videos and understand the topic, video style, transitions
  • Create 3 – 4 post ideas based on these videos

You never want to copy someone’s unique idea, but you can use the ideas as inspiration. If you follow this step, you’ll have hundreds of ideas for content that you can now begin producing.

A few other options for ideas for your niche content are:

  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • X
  • Facebook

If you spend enough time in the places that your target audience spends time, you’ll be well on your way to creating posts that have viral potential.

But you can’t just focus on creating posts in mass and not on the quality of your posts.

3. Get Serious About Your Quality and Delivery

Professional level video and writing is what separates amateur creators from professional ones. You want to keep your quality high, and the delivery needs to be on point.


You need to have professional level writing and video. For writing, you can start by scripting out your videos on your own and editing them. If you write scripts, you can work on the flow and hook of each video.

There are also plenty of great writers who will be more than happy to help you on:

  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Other freelancing platforms

If you create faceless videos, you can always try using a voice changer, too. Creating professional videos will require you to focus heavily on your editing. Take a course on editing or watch YouTube videos to learn the basics.

You can use multiple editing platforms to help refine your posts:

  • CapCut
  • Movavi
  • Canva
  • InShot

Lighting will also help you improve your video quality, but if you film outside, there’s no need for other lighting sources. Instead, if you film indoors, consider a ring light to improve your video quality instantly.

As your TikTok grows, consider outsourcing these tasks. Your time is better spent on creating great posts and letting a professional take over the editing for you.

4. Create Your Own TikTok Challenge

You’ve done a lot so far, and if you’ve followed every strategy already, you’ll start seeing your follow count tick up and up. But it’s time to try and go viral because if one post gets 4 million views, it can lead to hundreds of thousands of followers.

One strategy for going viral that is semi “evergreen” is to create a challenge.

If you have a decent amount of followers who will join in on the challenge or even share it with others, you’re well on your way to going viral. You want to:

  • Create a challenge
  • Create a hashtag for the challenge

For example, perhaps you’re a beauty influencer who can recreate your favorite celebrity’s look. You can create a challenge showing yourself doing all of the makeup and share it with your followers.

Ask others to take the challenge to see if they can recreate the celebrity’s look.

And if you don’t want to create your own challenge, consider hopping on a trending challenge. You’ll find plenty of community challenges. Join in on these events and you’ll have your posts seen by a massive audience.

You also want to time your challenge posts much in the same way you do your content posts to gain the most traction.

5. Publish Your Content at the Right Time

Best Time to Post on TikTok for Every Day

We’re not saying that you can’t share a random post where your personality shines and people get to know the “real” you. Social media is all about being raw and real, and you should post at random times when creativity strikes.

But you do want to use concrete data to your advantage to grow your account, such as posting at times when most people are on TikTok.

Getting 1 million followers on TikTok is easier when a lot of people see your posts. We have an entire guide on the best time to post on TikTok, but the summary is:

  • Tuesday and Thursday
  • Weekends are worst for engagement
  • Early morning and 4 PM – 11 PM seem to work well

If you post your TikToks at the right time, you’ll notice that you receive more views, followers and get higher engagement.

You also want to do the little things that help a video gain traction, such as adding the right hashtags to your post.

6. Choose the Right Hashtags

Use Popular Hashtags

Hashtags will help other TikTok users find your videos, but if your goal is to get more followers, you need to use the right hashtags.

Your tags should be:

  • Relevant to your audience, niche and content
  • Popular – you don’t want to add tags that never get views

You can find hashtags in multiple ways:

  • Use our free TikTok hashtag generator tool
  • Start typing in relevant hashtags and seeing what pops up
  • Check relevant videos on the FYP to see which tags they’re using

When adding hashtags, don’t go overboard – it will look spammy. Add just 3-5 of the most relevant tags to your posts.

7. Create a Multi-Part Series

Want to keep viewers hooked on your content? Create a multi-part series. You’ll entice viewers to follow you because they’ll want to see what happens next or to learn more about whatever topic you’re focused on.

Shopify is a great example of how to put this strategy into action. They created a series of several videos focused on “hot tools you need to know about.” 

Each video in this series focused on one specific tool, which makes it really easy to create videos and publish them fast.

You can take this same approach to whatever niche or industry you’re in. Let’s say that you’re in the fitness niche. You can create a series on “best exercises for leg day.” Each video can focus on one specific exercise, and you can give pointers for each one.

Creating a series will not only entice viewers to keep watching your content and follow you, but it will also give you more opportunities to get recommended to more people.

8. Analyze Your Growth and Create More of What Works

If you’re trying to grow your account to a million followers, then TikTok analytics will need to become your new best friend.

Your analytics data will help you understand what your audience likes and whether you’re targeting the right people.

Pay attention to your stats to see:

  • Which videos had the most reach and engagement
  • Where people are finding your content (FYP, your profile, etc.)

Use this data to create more of what works. For example, if your reaction videos tend to get the most views and likes, then try creating more of this type of content. You don’t need to go overboard and only create reaction videos, but adding more into the mix can help you get more engagement and views.

9. Use Duet and Stitch Features

Use Duet and Stitch Features

Engaging with other creators and brands will help you get more followers on TikTok. One of the best ways to do this is by using the Duet and Stitch features.

  • Duet allows you to post your video alongside another creator’s video. Both videos play at the same time in split-screen mode, allowing each creator to get an equal amount of exposure. Reaction videos are a popular way to make use of the Duet feature, and these types of videos can easily go viral. You can also use Duet for challenges and dance videos.
  • Stitch is a collaboration tool that allows you to combine or stitch videos together to create a longer video. You can stitch on your own video to another creator’s video, or you can create videos that encourage other TikTokers to add their own endings or takes on a topic.

These collaborative tools can help you get more views and followers. We also recommend enabling Stitch and Duet on your own videos because it can help you get more exposure (you will get credit for the original video).

10. Be Yourself

If your goal is to get 1 million followers on TikTok, then you have to be genuine. Be yourself and let your personality come through in your videos.

If you’re truly enjoying what you’re doing and having fun with your content creation, you’ll have no problem attracting new followers.

But if you take TikTok too seriously or try to be something that you’re not, people will pick up on that.

How can you be more genuine?

  • Share your real experiences or opinions
  • Offer advice that’s worked for you
  • Let people see your real, unfiltered life

Your personality is unique, and it will help you stand out from other TikTokers. That uniqueness is what will lead new followers to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Too Late to Start a TikTok?

It’s never too late to start a TikTok. In fact, the platform continues to grow every year. With that said, there is more competition on TikTok, which means you’ll need to put in more work if you want to get views, followers and engagement.

At What Time Do TikToks Go Viral?

Posting when your audience is most active will give you the best chances of going viral. Our research shows that the absolute best time to post on TikTok is at 6 AM on Thursday.

Other experts recommend posting on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday at 6 AM, 10 AM, 7 PM or 11 PM.

Can My First TikTok Go Viral?

The right content posted at the right time can easily go viral, even if you have a new account. It doesn’t matter if it’s your first TikTok or your 100th – anyone can go viral.

Is it easy to go viral with your first video? No, but it’s not impossible.

How can you increase your chances of going viral?

  • Share something unique
  • Hop on trends
  • Participate in TikTok challenges
  • Use trending music
  • Add hashtags
  • Start with a hook

There are so many users out there competing to get views, so you’ll need to find a way to make your content stand out in the crowd.

Why Do Some TikToks Take Longer to Get Views?

Some TikTokers seem to get thousands of views overnight, while others get virtually none, even after days or weeks of posting. Why?

Like any other social platform, TikTok uses its own algorithm to determine which content to promote. And no one really knows the inner workings of that algorithm – at least no one outside of TikTok. We have a few ideas and best guesses based on content performance, but that’s about it.

So, if a video is taking longer to get views, it may be because it wasn’t sending the right signals to the algorithm.

If you have a new account and a low engagement score, you may need to post several videos before you start seeing some traction. TikTok wants to know that you’re serious about posting content. Once you’ve proven that, it may start sending more views to your videos.

That’s why we recommend buying views. It will send signals to the algorithm that people are watching your videos. TikTok may then start showing your content to more people, so you’ll get more views organically.

Does TikTok Push Your First Few Videos?

TikTok is known for promoting a user’s first few videos heavily. They tend to show new content from new users to more people than usual before the algorithm kicks in. It’s a way to give new creators a chance to start building up an audience and getting engagement.

If you’ve just started your TikTok, you have a unique opportunity to jumpstart your account. Don’t waste it! Focus on making your first few videos shine. They should be high-quality productions that are highly relevant to your audience. If you capitalize on this initial boost, you’ll find that it’s much easier to keep the momentum going.

Put your best work out first to show the algorithm that your account is worth promoting.

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