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How To Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Instagram

Do you want to become friends with a celebrity and have them follow you on Instagram? You can get on their radar, but you’ll need a blueprint to get them to respond. We'll share our blueprint with you.
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How to Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Instagram
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If you’re trying to grow your Instagram account, celebrity followers can be a huge boost to your efforts. Whether you’re trying to up your influencer game or build your brand, celeb followers will instantly help you get more followers without even having to do much work.

But how do you get the attention of celebs? We’re going to show you how to get a celeb to follow you on Instagram.

How To Get a Celebrity to Follow You on Instagram

Getting a celebrity to notice you and follow you isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. You just need the right strategy and to be persistent. Follow these tips to learn how to get celebrities to follow you back on Instagram. 

1. Be Yourself

If you’re trying to get celebrities to notice you and follow you back, you need to stand out. How do you stand out? Be yourself. You have a unique personality, so show it off.

Give celebs a reason to follow you. Do you have a unique perspective, talent or sense of humor? Make sure these unique qualities come out in your content.

Try this strategy of being yourself and creating unique content, and then check your recent followers on Instagram to see if any celebrities have started following you.

2. Find the Right Celebrity

Not every celebrity will be a good target for your “follow me” campaign. It will be much harder to get the attention of mega-celebrities with tens of millions of followers than a celeb with 500K or fewer followers. 

The celeb’s status isn’t the only thing to consider either. If you want to get someone to follow you back, you should choose a celebrity who would find your content appealing.

For example, if you’re in the skincare niche, you may want to focus on celebrities in the beauty industry.

While most mega-celebrities probably won’t respond, there are a few that do, like:

  • Justin Timberlake
  • Taylor Swift
  • Chrissy Teigen

These celebs are worth reaching out to and engaging with to see if you can start building a relationship and get them to follow you.

Finding the right celebrity is key, so take the time to create a list of potential people who would be a good fit as a follower. 

3. Engage with the Celebrity

If you want to get a celebrity to follow you, you have to engage with them. You can be yourself, you can create unique content, but celebrities may not notice you – even if you have a massive following.

How can you start engaging with celebrities?

  • Send DMs. Be personable and genuine. Make sure that you have something interesting to say that goes beyond, “Hey, I love your work” or generic comments like these.
  • Comment on their posts. Give them feedback or spark conversations. Ask a question and see if they respond.
  • Share their content and tag them. They’ll be notified and will be more likely to check out your profile.

Engaging with a celebrity is one of the best ways to get their attention and entice them to start following you. Just make sure that your engagement is genuine and isn’t spammy in nature. Don’t go overboard with DMs and content shares, either. Only comment or send messages when you have something to say.

4. Share Posts that Get You Noticed

How do you get the attention of celebrities and get them to follow you? Being yourself is a great first step. But you also need to create content that gets you noticed.

Create unique content that will show up on their radar.

  • Be controversial
  • Share a unique perspective
  • Use the right hashtags

If you focus on creating content that will go viral and get you noticed, it will be much easier to get celebrities to follow you.

5. Repost Your Favorite Celebrity’s Photos

If you want to get a celeb’s attention, repost their photos to your Stories. They’ll be notified when you share their content, and they may check out your profile and start following you.

You can add your own little commentary, stickers, hashtags and other things to expand your reach and increase the likelihood of that celebrity following you.

Make it a habit to repost the celeb’s photos regularly and they may just start following you.

6. Tag them on Your Posts

Want to know how to get a celebrity to notice you? Tag them in your posts.

Whenever you tag someone in your posts, they are notified and can view your post with the tap of a button.

If you want to get their attention, make sure that you’re tagging them in posts that are:

  • Relevant. Don’t just start tagging celebrities for no reason in your posts. Make sure that the content is relevant to them.
  • Interesting. The more unique and interesting your posts are, the more likely the celebrity will be to engage and follow you back.
  • Intriguing. Try asking the celebrity a question. They may be more enticed to reply.

Tagging the celebrity in your post will make it far more likely that they’ll see your profile and start following you. 

7. Send them a DM

Shoot your shot and DM the person. You have to imagine that celebrities receive a ton of messages from fans, so you need to:

  • Send the DM the moment the person posts a post.
  • Write something interesting or inspiring in the message.

You can DM the celeb any time they post with a question about the post or an insight.

For example, if they just went to your favorite restaurant, you’ll have a much higher chance of receiving a response if you say, “Hey, I love that restaurant. Jim is always our waiter, and he has the best recommendations. Did he recommend trying the new line of Pinot to you?” instead of a generic message, like, “Hey.”

8. Create a Fan Page

Fan pages are a hit or miss with celebrities. You’ll post content that is copyright-protected and can get your account banned. However, some people still take the risk and run fan accounts that celebrities will:

  • Follow
  • Engage with

If the fan account may be misrepresented as an official account, it can lead to a potential lawsuit against you. 

However, if you post about the person, create awesome drawings or caricatures, it can certainly help you get noticed and avoid potential lawsuits in the process.

9. Be Persistent But Respectful

Persistence wins. But you don’t want to be the person who comments, “Hey, please reply,” every day and thinks the person will reply. No one is going to appreciate the spam, and it will likely lead to your being blocked.


  • Create compelling comments that entice the person to reply.
  • DM the person to show your support
  • Be a true fan of the celeb.

You may have luck and the celebrity replies to your comments or decides to follow you.

10. Collaborate with the Celebrity

If you have the chance to collaborate with a celebrity, do it. A celeb collab can lead to more celebrities following you, helping you explode your credibility on Instagram. We recommend building up your friendship with the person:

  • Comment on their posts.
  • DM them.
  • Build a friendship.

And then you can ask the celebrity to do a collab and have a chance of them accepting.

Maintaining the Momentum Post-Follow

If you have a celebrity follow you, don’t stop the momentum. You can get even more people to follow you if you keep up the momentum. What does this mean?

  • Comment on the celeb’s posts.
  • DM the celeb.
  • Follow the person’s other social accounts.
  • Keep creating content that attracted their attention in the first place.

When a celebrity responds to your DMs, try keeping the conversation going by asking intriguing questions.

What to Do When a Celebrity Follows You on Instagram?

Celebrities on Instagram that follow back are a big deal. If you get one of the 70 most followed people to follow you, that’s even more impressive. You can do a few things if you have a celeb among your followers:

  • Do nothing. Celebs are people – just like you and me. The celebrity may not want to stand out among your followers.
  • Create a Story about it. Screenshot the person among your followers and let the world know that they follow you.

Which choice should you make when a celeb follows you? It’s up to you. You can just let it be normal or you can tell the world about it.

If you want to gain a little clout, you can always comment on the person’s posts and see if they comment back or comment on your own posts.

Can You Tag Celebrities on Instagram?

Yes. You can tag a celebrity, or many celebrities, in your post. You increase the odds of getting on a person’s radar and having your account seen by tagging them, but remember:

  • Celebs may miss your notification
  • Mega celebrities are very unlikely to see who tags them
Note: You do want to avoid spam-tagging celebrities. Spamming is against Instagram’s guidelines.

Why Would a Celebrity Follow Me on Instagram?

The definition of a celebrity varies from one person to another. If the “celeb” is really an influencer who has 20,000 followers, they may:

  • Follow accounts
  • Unfollow accounts once the person follows them back

Sometimes, bots may mimic celebs and follow random people in the hopes that they follow the account back. You may also have a real celebrity follow you. Verify that the person is real by seeing if they’re verified.

However, keep in mind that there’s a difference between an influencer celebrity and someone like Kim Kardashian, David Beckham or Selena Gomez. Your social presence can skyrocket if one of these high-profile celebrities follows you.

A few of the reasons a celebrity may follow you are:

  • They like the content that you’re posting.
  • The celebrity likes your brand.
  • You have a unique story that inspires the person.

How to Get a Celebrity to DM You Back

Even if you know how to get celebrities to follow you on Instagram, that doesn’t mean they’ll reply back to a DM. You can try doing a few things to see if the person replies:

  • Message them with a crafty and curious post that compels them to reply.
  • Use humor to see if the person replies.
  • DM them randomly, on occasion, but don’t spam.
  • Make sure that your account is legit and that you post often.

Unfortunately, there’s no secret to getting a celeb to DM you back. Many celebrities are overrun with messages that having them DM you back is unlikely.

Do Celebrities Reply on Instagram?

Sometimes. You’ll see some celebs reply to random comments and others will even block comments on their own posts because they don’t want hate from some followers or to reply to people. Britney Spears is a prime example of a celebrity who doesn’t allow comments on her posts anymore, so you can’t expect her to reply to them.

You may tag her, but with fame at that level, it’s almost impossible to be seen in her notifications.

You can always tag a celeb or reach out to them and see if they reply back. What’s the worst that can happen? They don’t reply?


Getting a celebrity to follow you is never a 100% sure thing. Your message or comment to them may intrigue them and lead to a follow. However, if you’re not creating great content and putting yourself out there, no one will follow you.

Just think about it: would you follow a profile with no posts or bio?

Not unless you know them. Celebrities are the same and will not follow an account with no content unless they know the person personally.

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