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How To See Recent Followers on Instagram (2024)

Do you want to see someone’s most recent followers on Instagram or the people you recently followed? We share the top ticks and tricks to see recent followers.
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How to See Recent Followers on Instagram
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Table of Contents

Key Takeaways

Your recent followers are in chronological order, meaning the most recent follow is the first on your followers list.

You can see the followers that both you and another account follow, but viewing the person’s follower order is not 100% accurate.

You can see the accounts you most recently followed on the Instagram app using the sorting feature.

Growing an Instagram account takes a lot of work and effort. You need to engage with your followers and the people who follow you. Missing a notification from a new follower is easy, with the average person receiving 46+ notifications per day.

We’re going to teach you how to see recent followers on Instagram so that you can track who follows you, who you’ve recently followed and can follow the account back.

How To See Your Most Recent Followers on Instagram?


Seeing your own most recent followers is easy. You’ll need to open Instagram on your smartphone app or in your browser. Follow these steps👇to see who recently followed you by:

Step #1: Tapping or clicking on your profile picture on the bottom left (desktop) or right (app)

Click Profile

Step #2: Click on “followers” underneath your username and near your picture

Tap Followers

Step #3: You’ll have your followers list pop up with the accounts listed in chronological order. The top account on the list is the one who most recently followed you. If you wish, you can also.

Top Account on the List

Step #4: Click “Follow” next to the person’s name to follow them.


Step #5: Click “Remove” to remove you from the person’s followers list.


If you do remove a person, Instagram will not alert them. The person can try to follow you again in the future unless you go to their profile and block them.

How To See Someone’s Most Recent Followers on Instagram?

Curious who recently followed one of your friends on Instagram? You can also view who most recently followed the account by:

Step #1: Opening up Instagram.

Step #2: Searching the user’s account name and clicking on it.

Searching user’s Account

Step #3: Click or tap on “followers.”


Step #4: You’ll see a long list of followers, starting with your own account if you follow the person.

Your Own Account

Next, you’ll see other accounts and whether you’re following them or not. The account order list is a little odd and will be something like below:

  • Your account, if you follow them
  • Accounts that you both follow
  • Accounts that you don’t follow

However, the list may or may not be in chronological order at this point. Some users state that the follower list is now sorted by people who you’re most likely to interact with, but it can also be in the order of recently followed.

How To See Your Recent Follows on Instagram?

What if you want to see who you recently followed on Instagram? The Instagram app makes it easy to see the accounts you recently followed.

Here’s How:👇

Step #1: Open the Instagram app.

Step #2: Tap your profile picture at the bottom right of the interface.

Click Profile

Step #3: At the top of the interface, tab the “Following” tab.


Step #4: Underneath the Categories list, you will see the list of the people you are following.

Step #5: The list will say “Sorted by Default.” Tap this header.

Sorted by Default

Step #6: You will have the option to sort by Default, Date followed: Latest, and Date followed: Earliest.

Step #7: Choose “Date followed: Latest” to see the accounts you followed most recently.

Date Followed Latest

Unfortunately, you do not have the option to sort your followers on the desktop version of Instagram.

Instagram instead lists accounts at the top of your followers list that you are most likely to interact with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Check My Recent Followers?

Checking your recent followers on Instagram provides you with several insights about your account growth and followers’ preferences for your content. Other than that, here are a few more reasons:

1. Curiosity

You might be just curious about how many people have hit the follow button and who they are. This might help you create a strategy for expanding your follower base further.

2. Networking

You can identify potential collaborators, influencers, or significant connections in your industry or community. So, it also helps you network more effectively.

3. Competitive Analysis

When you check someone else’s and your recent followers, it gives you a rough idea about the growth of your Instagram account performance compared to theirs.

4. Engagement Tracking

A list of recent followers is an important metric for tracking engagement. It shows whether your content is relevant and effective for viewers.

5. Security

When you check your recent followers, you can also check for unwanted and suspicious activities. If you notice any fake or bot followers, you can get rid of them immediately.

What is the order of Someone’s Followers List on Instagram?

The order of others’ Instagram followers list keeps changing. For now, if it’s a personal account or a small page, here’s the order:

  • Your own account if you follow them
  • People you follow that follow them (sorted based on accounts you interact with the most)
  • Accounts that you don’t follow (not in alphabetical order)

On the other hand, when it comes to popular pages or professional accounts, the algorithm prioritizes:

  • New users who recently followed them
  • Recent followers
  • Followers that engage with that particular page the most, i.e., share, comment on, and like their posts.
  • Other popular Instagram users or users with high followers

Are Recent Followers at the Top?

Yes, your recent followers are on the top on Instagram.

Why Am I at the Top of Someone’s Following List?

If you’re on top of the following list of

  • A personal account or a small professional account – because you follow them
  • An established professional account – because you interact with them the most or are a recent follower

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how to see recent followers on Instagram, you can try it for yourself. Instagram makes it a little tricky to filter followers, but in most cases, followers are listed in chronological order.

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